Chassidic-Owned Video Company Live-Streams Wedding From Gaza to Israel and Back


The video company C-Live, who films events and live-streams them on the internet, has opened up a new chapter in its event filming portfolio: streaming events from the Gaza Strip to Israel and vice-versa.

The company that that has so far made its mainstay by filming the funerals of Chassidish Rebbes in Israel and broadcasting them to Chassidim around the world, as well as the more common celebratory events such as weddings and bar and bat mitzvos, has turned opened a new chapter that so far has not been done by other companies.

The company, which is owned by a Chassidish Avreich in Ashdod, filmed a wedding that was taking place in Gaza and had it streamed by family members of the newlyweds who live in Ramla. They simultaneously filmed the celebration of the family in Ramla and showed it at the wedding hall in Gaza.

“There are families who live in Israel, mainly Arab families, who have members of their close family stuck on the other side of the border,” explained one of the companies Directors to Israeli media outlet Charedim 10. “For example, a mother lives in Lod, but the rest of her family lives in Gaza. Tonight the wedding was taking place in Gaza and the mother hasn’t seen the child who lives in Gaza for 20 years.”

“We film both sides. The couple gets married and here in Israel, the family holds a mini-wedding celebration – while on the screen in Gaza they get to see the event in Israel. The mother gets the chance to dance, via a live feed, with her son who is getting married. Here in Israel, they see the celebration in Gaza.”

This works in the following way: “In Gaza, they bring a company that also deals with live video footage, it’s similar to mine but not exactly. They film from their phone to the internet, and I am technically able to double-host both videos. That way both in Israel and Gaza the viewers will see what is happening at the other location. This is all via the same server. This way both the Groom and his mother can dance next to the screen and see one another. They can even be put on the same screen dancing even if they are in different locations. During tonight’s event that wasn’t possible due to the technical issues they had there, but in the future, it will be.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)