OUTRAGEOUS $50K BAIL! Brooklyn Judge Frees Alleged Drunk Driver That Dragged Jewish Man To His Death


A judge has freed an allegedly intoxicated man who dragged a Jewish man to his death. He was freed after posting just $50,000 bail.

According to the NY Post, David Cruz, 55, was arraigned Saturday by Judge Robin Sheares in the Thursday night incident that killed a 69-year-old Coney Island man.

“This judge is putting the public in danger by releasing this murder suspect, and she set such low bail that he could well flee to evade justice. Her decision is shocking and irresponsible,” a law-enforcement source told The Post.

NBC New York reports 55-year-old David Cruz allegedly ran over 65-year-old Gavriel Mardaknayevy after a fender bender in Brooklyn Thursday night, dragging the victim for roughly two blocks before leaving him to die in the road in front of his wife.

The New York Daily News reports the initial confrontation occurred in the parking lot of Costco on Second Ave. near 37th St. in Sunset Park, where the victim had been shopping.

Police say the suspect’s van and the other vehicle, which the victim’s wife was driving, were involved in a minor fender bender. The suspect then fled the scene.

The victim hopped in his car and gave chase, catching up with the suspect’s electrical workers van at the intersection of 65th Street and Third Avenue, shortly after 9 PM.

The 65-year-old man, identified as Gavriel Mardaknayevy, of Brooklyn, got out of his wife’s car and tried to confront the 55-year-old driver of the other vehicle. He had walked in front of the suspect’s van when the suspect allegedly accelerated, striking Mardaknayevy and dragging him for at least 2 blocks, authorities say.

Cruz was arrested and still had a blood alcohol level of 0.109 percent four hours later, according to a criminal complaint. The legal standard for drunken driving in New York is 0.08 percent.

He was charged with second-degree murder, drunken driving and reckless driving.

The victim died at NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.

Chessed Shel Emes was at the scene on Friday to ensure Kavod Hames.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This minority judge was just reelected. The da Eric Gonzalez a fellow Latino doesn’t want this guy deported so he made this low bail.so he can flee.

  2. This is such low quality reporting. At least some attempt should be made to cover both sides. The quote from the NY Post article is accurate; however the NYP at least carried on to present the other point of view. In general a sensible person’s muskal rishon is that the judge probably knows what they’re doing and doesn’t automatically assume the opposite. Does YWN think their readership is more interested in outrage-provoking stories than the thought-provoking kind

  3. Here is the other side, from the NY Post:

    “But Cruz’s lawyer, Michael Farkas, argues the Bay Ridge run-in that left victim Gavriel Mardakhayev dead wasn’t murder at all.
    “This case appears to have been overcharged. What happened here was tragic, but not intentional. It was not murder,” Farkas said in a statement.
    “Just from listening to the witnesses who spoke with the media, and looking at the video of a portion of the event, it is entirely likely that Mr. Cruz did not realize that he had struck, much less dragged, someone,” he claimed.”

  4. gavriel613, the guy fled the scene of an accident! ידו על התחתונה immediately! As for the judge, the incident happened of the anniversary of KristalNaacht – the celebration day of Jewish blood is free! Any juxtaposition! Just speculative!

    If the judge kept him for more mail that would have shown respect for the family. A mere $50k indicates contempt – REGARDLESS IF THAT WAS HER KAVANA!

  5. Americaisover: Where in the article does it state the amount of bail requested by the DA? Maybe the DA asked for him to be remanded or even a higher bail and the judge disagreed? Don’t blame the DA until you know this information.

  6. Clearly Jewish blood is cheap.to ” gavriel613″ as this judge would never set such a low figure if it was a black killed as her boss Sharpton would be outraged, this judge comes from the club of Brooklyn boro.pres. Eric adams.

  7. @Yaapchik because he fled from damaging a car as he didn’t want to pay, therefore ידו על התחתונה and he must be a murderer? seems a little harsh to me

    And if you’re suggesting that the judge purposely set low bail because it was the anniversary of kristalnacht and thought Oh good one less Jew – well thats just ridiculous, if it can be shown that she set bail lower than would normally be set and she can’t give a good reason and looks like the reason is as you suggest, then she’s risking losing her job

    I’m sure there are plenty of factors which go into the decision of how much bail – how much the suspect can afford, is he a big flight risk, etc. For people who aren’t familiar with all the details it seems a little ridiculous to make such grave accusations

  8. Clearly gavriel613 is a liberal and a reader of fake news, this judge just got reelected she IS an anti Semite as are a good chunk.of the black.judges in kings county criminal.court, her chances of “losing her job” are smaller than our dear president of getting impeached for collusion that never happened.

  9. People people people we live in a world where finding justice is Merely impossible. The man was upset and he really should of have confronted that van and let it go. Take a picture of license plate and go to police and report the van.. but what can u do. ?? !!

  10. If the person does not have a record of “jumping bail”, and has some sort of community connection (a permanent dwelling, a job, etc.) then the bail is reasonable. He hasn’t been convicted of anything, and is innocent until proven guilty. The problem is that the criminal justice system routinely demands unreasonable bail, which was, BTW, prohibited by the Bill of Rights. People who have not been convicted are supposed to normally be “at large”.

  11. Akup believes that a white who killed a black would vet the same? Clearly never been to Jay st. Where black judges reign and play defense not judges this is why crime is at acc. To Deblasio at fake news ” historic lows”

  12. Takingabreak….

    SMR was NOT charged with any physical assault or harming anyone (putting aside questions of any harm to the banks he defrauded or the illegal aliens that were hired in his name). SMR’s case has very little in common with this tragic case so perhaps check you facts.

  13. @BP101 see above https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/featured/1401405/outrageous-50k-bail-brooklyn-judge-frees-alleged-drunk-driver-dragged-jewish-man-death.html#comment-1333057 and the comment after

    fake doesn’t only mean complete falsehood. Also deliberately choosing to only cut and paste half of the story and leave out the other side of the story completely. To quote wikipedia: “Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead … often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention”. So for example a headline with the word “OUTRAGEOUS” in it which then only mentions one side of the story would be sensationalist, exaggerated and misleading.

    And you’re just confusing me because of your own comment in another article https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/featured/1394030/leading-flatbush-askonim-endorse-kalman-yeger-city-council.html#comment-1331382

  14. While I believe that the sentence against Rubashkin is outrageous, he was convicted and sentenced in a Federal court. This is a State issue, and it seems that he wasn’t even indicted yet. It could very well be that once he is indicted that the bail will be increased.

  15. We need to stop playing the race card and for goodness sake Stop bringing up rubashkin. It’s such a non comparison it’s not even worth discussing. That being said this bail looks awfully low but let’s wait. He may even get acquitted at the end! Save some shock!!