THE JEW-HATER TRAVELS TO MONSEY: Holds Sign That Reads ‘Stop Multiplying’



The anti-Semite who was seen in Lakewood on Tuesday afternoon has now made his way to Monsey. The man was holding a sign which read “stop multiplying”. He was seen on a major Monsey road at around 3:00PM – precisely the same time he was seen in Lakewood on Tuesday – as reported by YWN.

On Tuesday, the man was stopped for questioning by Lakewood Police but was not taken into custody. It is unknown if he was stopped by Ramapo police on Thursday .

It is interesting to note that the man is holding the same exact sign – and wearing the same exact clothing as well. It was unknown what the man’s identity is, or if he has a job.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. AMAZING! A SIMPLE PAPER SIGN , and you get media coverage worth thousands of dollars for free . a lesson in how to get your message across . why are we publishing this , imagine the frum sites didnt cover it , it would be gone with the wind like a panhandler w a sign – this guy is loving the publicity same w neturei karta ywn ,scoop… your coverage encourages this

  2. Someone should get his name and address. He should be sent mailings with the lists of simchos in all the major neighborhoods where such lists are circulated. He should see the lists of Shalom Zochors, Kiddushim, and he can even get invitations to Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. Poke his eyes out with our G-d given gifts that we celebrate.

    If he lays a finger on anyone, he should be beaten to a pulp. Then let the local police find his body. As long as he is making a fool out of himself we should help him, and we should make a fool out of him.

  3. Still wishing someone would stand next to him with a big sign that says “STOP DIVIDING”. Would be especially nice if a whole bunch of obviously ethnically diverse people would hold stop dividing signs.

  4. I dont see anyone getting so hyped up when the naturei karta wishes on israel to be destroyed and kisses up to jew killers. Besides , how do u know his sign is not referring to mexicans or blacks?

  5. Takes 2, people do get upset about Neturie Karta and this has nothing to do with that issue. I don’t see commenters getting very upset about it, they are just putting in their 2 cents. And if you really think he meant Mexicans or blacks then…He’s a total anti-Semite, that for sure.