SEE IT: Animal Rights Activist Cries & Weeps As She Holds Chicken By Kaparos


A female animal rights activist was captured on video weeping and crying as she held a chicken by a Kaparos Center in Brooklyn.

In the video below, watch the unnamed woman as she holds the chicken as if she is holding an infant.

Many of these “animal rights activists” are the same type of folks who attend BDS rallys, Occupy Wall Street, RESIST, “Not My President”, and chant “Free Free Palestine” at anti Israel demonstrations. YWN has in previous years confirmed the same faces seen at all different venues of protest.

You can be sure that these activists didn’t protest the Hamas use of birds to carry bombs into Israel [as was reported by YWN in July in 2018].

YWN notes that the very same people that are so overly concerned for the lives of chickens, have no problem killing unborn human babies.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. while I disagree with these people we should acknowledge that not all are BDS supporters and some truly are animal rights activists who believe its wrong to kill animals. i have seen chickens not treated well at kaparos and do it on money for that reason.

  2. During WW2 in I think Minneapolis, where there were I believe a large number of German immigrants, there was a draw bridge that some ducks had laid a nest on. The whole city came to watch that nest and boats were re-routed so that draw bridge would not be opened so those eggs could hatch. Meanwhile, the crematoriums were taking lives every day and there was not one word.

  3. Her compassion is misplaced. As long as the chickens are treated humanely, there is nothing wrong with them being slaughtered, as the meat from Kapparos goes to fed poor people. Kaparos is a ceremony of CHARITY, not cruelty.

  4. Did Yeshiva World say that there was no tzaar baal hachaim or that the way the animals were treated at this kapparos center was a kiddush Hashem and there was no need for animal rights people to protest?

    It doesn’t matter what other causes the animal rights people support or don’t support. It only matters if what frum Jews are doing is tiferes LiOseha and tiferes lo min haadam.

  5. This woman needs to go to China on June 21st and rescue live dogs @midsummer feast, who are flayed alive and cooked alive. Then her crying would be more meaningful.

  6. So because a nation of terror uses animals for terror ,means we should not care about tzar balley chaim on chickens etc. Watch how rav kanievsky holds/handles a kaporah chicken vs the klall. Education never hurt anyone!
    Many gedolim spoke and still continue to speak about the blatant TBC which goes in many kaparos centers through out the world.

  7. The article is very true…..weeping for the chicken setbfor slaughter but not for the Jews attacked……Can she be blamed when sinas chinam causes the same lack of indifference across the board? Sinas chinam does not have to translate as baseless hatred but rather baseless indifference, there is no greater hatred than indifference

  8. If it upset her so much as to make her cry over the poor plight of the chicken that she couldn’t handle shlugging with a chicken, why didn’t she just do it with money?? Why put herself through this?

  9. So the non jews consider us jews lower than animals, what’s the chiddush? We all know eisav soineh yaakov, that’s how most of the non jews are. We need to stop relying on non jews caring for us and protecting us from themselves and place greater bitachon in Hashem and get closer to Am Yisroel.