Satmar Rebbe: Don’t Bring Smartphones – And Do Not Tour Eretz Yisroel On Upcoming Trip

Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg

Ahead of the visit of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg to Eretz Yisroel, the Rebbe issued a statement to his Chassidim speaking about the reason behind his visit. The speech was given at the wedding of his grandson in Williamsburg.

“We are planning to travel soon to the holy city of Jerusalem and to the land of Eretz Yisroel. It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of our trip is to strengthen the faithful of Eretz Yisroel, who live with self-sacrifice, physically and financially, in order to live in accordance with the lifestyle that we have received from our Rebbe (the Divrei Yoel). That is to say, not to benefit in anyway from the Zionist entity nor of its money.”

The Rebbe continued and spoke about the use of smartphones. “There are some among us, whom for whatever reason are forced to utilize certain devices that have the stamp of “Meshumar” on them. When we travel to Eretz Yisroel, these are not to be taken along or used. That is because for the Jews we are going to strengthen this is considered a breaking down of barriers. Therefore, smartphones should not be brought and only the older version of phones, that are not smartphones can be used.”

The Rebbe concluded by saying: “In Israel, one has to be careful where they travel. We are not going to tour the country, rather we are going with the sole purpose of strengthening the holy community there, with their holy institutions, and with no other purpose whatsoever.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How many Zalmanites typically tag along with the rav on these trips to EY?? If the purpose is to provide chizuk to his chassidim living in EY and not to provide a tourism opportunity for his troops in Willy, than not clear why does he have to provide instructions to a seemingly large group versus the Rav himself and one or two gabboim.

  2. not to benefit in anyway from the Zionist entity According to the simple interpretation of this phrase, no Satmar can reside in Israel, because residency in Israel is only so easily available nowadays grace of the incredible Zionist Medinat Yisrael.
    I am old enough to remember the days of the British Mandate and the Turkish Empire, when we Jewish people weren’t able to immigrate to Israel haShem YeRachem.

  3. Just curious as to how the Satmer rebbe plans to land and get around since the airport and the highways are products of the Zionist entity he refuses to benefit from. What about electricity?

  4. He plans to land with the help of the Zionist air traffic control system and the Lod Airport staff. He will then drive to the Holy City with a fleet of cars and Zionist Police outriders.

  5. You must be a newbie here….it was explained in prior new stories that when either Rav Zalman or Rav Aron travel to EY, they rely upon Star Trek type “transporters” which as you know are high-tech teleportation devices that convert a person into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then “beam” that individual to a target destination, where he is reconverted into matter (rematerialization). Thus, the Rav may arrive at the airport and then he and his gaaboim are first beamed to the Satmar beis medrash and subsequently beamed from one of their mosdos to another to provide chizuk (and cash donations) without ever having to rely upon the treifah infrastructure of the treifah medinah.

  6. Anonymous Jew, 147, are you as learned and ehrlich as this Rebbe that you can argue like that with him? I live here in EY and take Bituach leumi and ride the subsidized buses etc. but we should not forget for one second what resha’im the Zionists are. They are apikorsim and anti Torah. Just because it’s easier for Yidden now in EY it does not make it right to take from them as we do. It’s also right to try to remember that it’s not a good thing that we have to take from them. It would be better if we could not rely on them for a cent. The Rebbe is a very smart person and understands what he is seeing. His chassidim are lucky to have such a leader.

  7. As a staunch Satmar chasid from Rav Yoel Z”L I must call out the hypocrisy.
    While not condoning smartphones for idol use, a smartphone is a tool to parnasah for a majority of decent people. One must use it wisely.
    In any case, going to EY and creating this movement of “going with the Rebbe” is against the Shiite unfortunately only few hold so dear. Many people that never stepped foot into EY because of the right reasons are joining all for the false narrative “az m,geit mit d Rebbe”. This is not what authentic Satmar stands for. It doesn’t matter which part of Satmar one associates with; May it be With R Aron or with R Zalmen Leib. Creating such a wave of visiting EY is absolutely against the teachings of our holy Rebbe Z”L.
    Now all you Satmar haters jumping up and judging that Rav Yoel also went. All you out there; please dont compare apples and prunes.

  8. Quaboardwarrior, go study some history. Jews trying to get into Palestine AFTER the fires of the Holocaust were prevented by the British from emigrating to their homeland. The British colonial rule on Palestine ended in 1948 and the British army was on Israel’s soil until the end of their rule.

    For a little entertainment I made this cheshbon 2019-1948 is 71 years ago that the British were still in Palestine. If poster 147 can remember something that happened between 71-74 years ago then he/she must be at a pretty impressive age…ka”h.

  9. devorah, i assure you that Acher was a bigger talmud chaham. for that matter, le’havidi elef peomim le’havdil so was rav kook ztl and rav hertzog ztl.

  10. To, Miriam/Devorah = Joseph,
    So when is the brother from KJ going to copycat this trip? If you have inside info, kindly post. A loving Satmar family affair would make us all qvell.

  11. Whatever you believe and wherever you belong…. this Rebbe has sent multi-millions to frum families and moisdos in E”Y.

    Many people donate large sums of money to moisdos, hospitals or shuls where their names can be prominently displayed on the buildings. Hardly anyone single-handedly has given so much money over the years to poverty-stricken chareidi families in E’Y. It is the number one thing for which he fund-raises.

    The reason for his trip to Yerushalayim now is because they are making a Chanukas Habayis for the newly rebuilt Satmar shul there.

  12. ” …. He will then drive to the Holy City with a fleet of cars…”

    I doubt it. He’ll take the train instead. His uncle took a Zionist train from Budapest.

  13. Oh my goodness, every comment here is obnoxious. Obviously, pushing away the state is symbolic. In any modern society, one has a dependency on the general society. But if you reject the values of that society, you push away where you can. Satmar along with many gadolim, believe that the state is a mistake. And they have a good argument. It has brought 4.5 million Sabbath violators to the land. Unless you have your head in the clouds, you have to acknowledge the problem with that. So Satmar does and rejects the state. Credit to them for being principled. You have a different perspective. Fine. But don’t be obnoxious about it.

  14. Devorah
    You don’t want to rely on the Zionists then get a job.
    Loksun kugel
    They follow civil law? Then why all the cheating sec 8 , cash business etc.

  15. ziongate, the level and intensity of anti-zionism expressed, is likely the result of that infamous train ride, leaving his flock to be slaughtered, saved by those reshaim gemurim.

  16. Given their aversion to accepting most funding programs from the Israeli government (not enitirely true), the PRIMARY focus of both Zalman and Aron Leb is to manage a highly efficient transfer payment program whereby they collect funds from their chassidim in the U.S. (and elsewhere) and distribute those funds to financially struggling Satmar yeshivos and other mosdos in EY. Yes, the absolutly provide significant funding to certain mosdos in the U.S. (I have been at a hospital for an seriously ill relative where the only kosher food accessible was from a “koseher kitchen” in a supply room stocked by Satmar chassiddim who also provided incredible chizuk during a very trying time). However, a very substantial percentage of their energy and funding is focused on mosdos in EY who will not accept government funds. Thus, just think of how much they could accomplish if somehow (i) the brothers could declare a truce and unite their charitable efforts to eliminate redundant administrative and operating costs and (ii) they could find some accomodation with a limited set of government programs that would allow them to accept government funding without compromising on their underlying opposition to recognition of ANY Israeli government prior to zman moisiach.

  17. @devrora,, if it was not for the ‘Reshaim” keeping the STATE safe from our enemies you’d be burning in the ovens now. Go back to Europe, who needs you,.
    As afar as the ” Satmar rebbe” is concerned it’s all a scam, it’s a cult which he uses for his own benefit. Haman in disguise.
    Look at other Chasidim , how proper they are , not haters of Zionists. They love Torah and ALL Jews even ones with smartphones.
    It’s people like the Satmar that turn me off as an orthodox (not modern 🙂 Jew. But as my holy friend once told me it’s between you and Hashem. Let the others spew their garbage, they will get theirs.

    PS The minute he steps off the plane he’s supporting the state. I love it.

  18. His uncle took no “Zionist train”.
    His uncle; the revered Rav Yoel Zatzal wldve never been on the train had the Zionists have their way. The Zionists tried to hinder the Rebbes rescue but G d was on his side.
    In any case, R ZL trip of today has nothing with the Rav Yoel Zatzal. If he wanted to be mechazek the mosdos in EY, he can send them All the money he raised or will raise. Or going with a few people and not creating a mass wave would be just about right. Bringing on throngs of people to EY is the opposite what “his uncle” would’ve ever okayed.
    His brother also visited but with less mass hysteria. Whichever way, anyone assuming the Satmar Rebbe title should never create such a mass exodus to the Zionist State regardless of what good can or will be done.

  19. I find this disheartening. Jerusalem sits on Mt. Zion hence to go “home” to Zion is, to me a Zionist. And yes the Torah is amazing.

    Yet, sadly to spit upon Jews who are not of the same ritual beliefs as Satmars is giving the enemies of humanity entertainment. How soon you all forget that there was an “Amelek” in the 20th Century by the name of Hitler (may the memory be erased) that would had murdered anyone being Jewish and that included the Satmars!

    I may not be knowledgeable in Yiddish /Hebrew as many of you out there but I am proud to be a ZIONIST, supporting Israel despite the very reform-like attitude of the government and love the idea that should an Amelek become stronger and threaten my faith as a Jew, I will make Aliyah to a land of miracles.

    Shabbat Shalom to all Jews despite the labels!