OUTRAGEOUS! Was Anti-Chareidi Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi Elected On The Basis Of A False Accusation?


“They attacked me,” she shrieked. “They scratched me. Ron, look.”

The video featuring a 17-year-old secular resident of Tiveria claiming that she was violently attacked by Chareidim because she wasn’t dressed modestly, was the linchpin which brought Ron Kobi into the mayor’s seat.

Kobi, then an unknown contestant hoping to become mayor of Tiveria, grabbed the girl’s story with both hands and ran with it. He based his campaign for mayor on a platform of vitriol against Chareidim. Those familiar with Tiveria politics say that the video of the girl’s story is what propelled Kobi into the mayor’s seat.

Earlier this week there was a shocking development to the story – the story of Chareidim attacking the girl never happened and was a complete fabrication. Kan News published a report on Sunday during which they broadcast a recording of the girl admitting that the story of her being attacked by Chareidim was a lie.

“I’ll tell you the truth. No one besides Kobi, you – and him now – know that it’s not true,” the girl is heard saying on the recording. “It’s the first time I’m admitting it and saying that it didn’t really happen.”

The Kan News report also presented proof of the fabricated story from a recording of the girl’s mother speaking: “Her father came and told her what to say. She called Ron [Kobi] and then he brought the media and the police. The story [of her being attacked] never happened.”

The girl’s parents are divorced and are not on amicable terms. The father responded to Kan News that his daughter’s story is true and the recordings are just an attempt to harm the mayor.

In another conversation, a Tiveria resident is heard speaking with the girl.

Resident: And what about marks [of the attack]?

Girl: What do you mean?

Resident: Do you have any type of marks from the day that they “so to speak” attacked you?

Girl: Maybe my shirt?

Resident: You made yourself marks like that?

Girl: Yes, yes.

Resident: You made yourself marks? Why should you make yourself marks? Why? For what purpose? I, as a normal person, understand that someone asked you to do this. You didn’t initiate this yourself – it doesn’t make sense.

Girl: You’re right.

Tiveria mayor Ron Kobi refused to comment to Kan News on the incriminating report.

The police stated that it wouldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Outrageous yes, the girl should in jail with a stiff fine and made to work 200 hours in a Chareidi setting. Who will ever believe another woman who claims to be attacked? Kobi should step down for supporting a criminal like her. What he did was far far worse than Litzman .