Netherlands Votes To Halt Aid to the PA Due To Terrorist Payments


On Wednesday, the Netherlands announced that their parliament voted to halt all of the aid that they had previously been giving to the Palestinian Authority (PA), due to the PAs continuing policy to pay salaries to convicted terrorists and their families.

The vote is monumental as it is the first European country to make such a bold move against the PA and hold them accountable for funding terrorists. Dutch parliamentarians wrote that they object to any money being paid to the PA as they are aware that a portion of these funds is used to pay terrorists and their families a monthly stipend.

This is the second decision made by the Dutch parliament against the PA in recent days. On Tuesday, the Parliament also decided that Dutch representatives will begin campaigning within the EU parliament against the law of requiring products made by Israel in Judea and Samaria to be stamped. the Dutch have come to recognize that this is “discriminatory in comparison to other areas of conflict.”

The Dutch parliament agreed to stamp Israeli products according to the new EU law only when all produce that comes out of any conflict area be stamped. According to a report that appeared in Yisrael HaYom, this achievement came about through Christian-Zionist groups lobbying against the law set down by the EU.

Aviv Shir-On, the Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands praised the decision, “I hope that the EU will follow the Dutch example, at least Holland will not label Israeli goods.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)