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HATE IN WILLIAMSBURG: Suspect Assaults Hasidic Man, Instant Arrest Made Thanks To Shomrim And NYPD [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

There has been another unprovoked assault against a Hasidic in Williamsburg on Thursday, and it was all captured on video.

The attack occurred at 11:45PM in front of 716 Myrtle Avenue.

The NYPD say that 32-year-old Steven Sotomayor walked up to the 21-year-old victim and slapped him in the face with an open hand. No words were exchanged prior to the attack.

Williamsburg Shomrim was on the scene in seconds, followed by the NYPD who took the suspect into custody.

Video footage of the attack was immediately secured by Shomrim and handed over to police.

On Friday morning, the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force announce that they were investigating this as an “anti-Semitic assault”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Watching this video is really upsetting there are lots of people around and nobody makes any effort to tackle him why are we a bunch of sissies? that is the problem, maybe if we stand up for ourselves they wouldn’t be doing this

  2. to all the guys who say they have to stand up for themselves, watch as the victim actually starts advancing toward his attacker and is stopped by the good Samaritan on the side. Kudos to that man who stood up for what was right as the video seems to show!
    In ACTUALITY, it is NOT a good idea to confront an attacker. The result here B”H IS the way it supposed to be.

  3. Worst part of this video is the 2 Yidden nearby who run away. There was 3 of them against one sheygatz. We need to stand up for purse!

  4. I would love to (a) beat up the attacker, and (b) then go home to my family. I regret that if I try (a), I won’t be able to try (b). That’s why we have shomrim and police. And, all things considered, the shomrim and police are sufficient. The assault was more of an indignity that physical harm. And the assailant, if caught and prosecuted and sent to jail, will suffer far more physical harm and indignity that he gave.

  5. Hoodie guy has a walk and look as though he can get away with it because no one does anything. In other parts of the country, when it’s not even a hate crime, I often read about people fighting back, but even more than this, I lost count of the amount of times the bystanders run over, and pin the guy until police show up! I’m not even talking about self-defense!
    The fact that in a segment of the country people who call themselves good members of another religion all rally around and tackle guys like this at every opportunity, and here in the video another part of the country another group cowers while folks play games and swagger off baffles me. I don’t want to see these things turn into kung fu fights and such, but the way everyones stand there and the guy is invincible is a cultural problem.

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