UPDATED SUNDAY MORNING: Ramapo Police: Brutal Stabbing Of Jewish Man Was NOT Hate Crime


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Ramapo Police say the stabbing of an orthodox Jewish man on Wednesday was not a hate crime.

As YWN was first to report, the Hasidic man was critically wounded when two men jumped out of a car, and then brutally beat and stabbed him while he was on his way to Shul at 5:45AM.

On Friday afternoon Ramapo police released a statement which said that there is no evidence to support that it was a hate crime.

Authorities have stepped up patrols as they continue to search for the attackers.

On Thursday night Chaveirim of Rockland asked YWN to warn people about an individul who was ringing doorbells in the area of the crime and asking to see their camera footage.

The rumor-mill is in full force and WhatsApp and social media have exploded with rumors about this incident. Stay with YWN as we bring you the latest updates.

Please continue to daven for Mordechai ben Bracha.


Statement from Chief Brad Weidel.

I am aware of much of the chatter which has been on-going on social media and in the community regarding the stabbing and assault in Monsey this past week.

Unfortunately RPD can not make any public comments yet. As I write there are investigative efforts occurring on multiple levels.

As soon as we can, RPD will provide the public with an update as to what we have learned and the direction the case is going.

I reiterate my original remarks made at the press conference-that RPD has no evidence to support the legal requirements of a hate crime in this case.

I remind everyone of the $10,000 reward posted by the Anti-Defamation League and our requests for information, including anonymously.

Call 845-357-2400 or you can use the TIP411 app.

Chief Weidel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The headline is misleading. All the police said is that for now there is no evidence it is a hate crime, which, since they haven’t arrested anyone yet, is true.

  2. Your headline is misleading. They did not say it was not a hate crime. They said there is no evidence at this time to support the contention that it was a hate crime. That is very different.

  3. We can all say to YWN ‘welcome to the fake news media’
    Ramapo police did never confirmed if it was a hate crime or not
    All they say that they cannot confirm as of yet that it was a anti-Semitic act they’re waiting for the victim to recover so they can get his detailed information
    For all those rumors I can say If that was a personal incident we wouldn’t have so many police patrolling over Shabbos
    For YWN to say Ramapo police: it was NOT a hate crime Is truly FAKE NEWS

  4. Why would the rumor mills not be in full force when we get such updates? What on earth is this supposed to mean – ” no evidence to support that it was a hate crime”??! I know you’re just sharing info but what in heavens name does it mean? If they have reason to suggest it was NOT hate crime, please state so. Otherwise; a frum man (I believe a kollel yungerman, so not s/o doing biz with the mafia hopefully) was randomly beaten and stabbed. Until provided a better explanation, I’m gonna believe it is hate. We’ve been through a few thousand years of this, it’s not new to us.

  5. Webster dictionary: Definition of hate crime: any of various crimes (such as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (such as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation).
    What part of this definition doesn’t apply here? If 2 thugs jumping out of a car and beating an obviously looking Jew to a pulp at 5:45AM isn’t a hate crime, what is?

  6. Initially when I heard the Ramapo Police were not investigating this crime as a hate crime I thought there was more to this story. However as of now I think the fact that Ramapo Police is not looking at this as a hate crime is because they are influenced by such haters and politicians in Ramapo like Ed Day.

    The FACT is that this person is not a businman only a kollel yingerman and the likelihood of someone like him being involved with the mafia or such other criminal gangs is almost nil.


    The FACT is that the vehicle has been driving around the area for hours searching for a victim. If the actual victim was the intended one they wouldn’t have to drive around for hours- they’d go right there following a GPS device.

    So I definitely feel at this point that it’s a hate crime and Ramapo Police don’t want to investigate this crime as a hate crime because of the many anti-Semitic politicians ( and hopefully no anti-Semites in the police department itself…) that are influencing this investigation.

  7. avi732

    What if we choose to hate people because they wear fur hats or knickerbockers Or have lice in their hair

    your definition is little more than political 2019 postmodern legalism

  8. Sandy Schlez, that’s what I first thought as well. But the way the perpertrators of this crime went about until they comitted the actual crime does not seem to be mafia-like.

    I’m not saying that I think it for sure was a hate crime but at this time that seems to be the only motive and the Ramapo Police needs to investigate it as such unless they specifically come up with information that this crime was not racially motivated.

  9. YWN, please change the misleading headline. They are not saying it was definitely not a hate crimes. All they are saying is that as of yet ther is no evidence that it was. Very different things

  10. why is YWN proud they didnt call it a hate crime? are they trying to prove they are impartial? what else would you call this crime ? his wallet wasnt taken they just picked on him only because he was dressed as a religious jew . what does it take for a crime to be labeled a hate crime ?
    below is the NYS penal code on definition of hate seems pretty black and white as to what this crime is

    . A person commits a hate crime when he or she commits a specified offense and either:

    (a) intentionally selects the person against whom the offense is committed or intended to be committed in whole or in substantial part because of a belief or perception regarding the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person, regardless of whether the belief or perception is correct, or

    (b) intentionally commits the act or acts constituting the offense in whole or in substantial part because of a belief or perception regarding the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person, regardless of whether the belief or perception is correct.

    2. Proof of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of the defendant, the victim or of both the defendant and the victim does not, by itself, constitute legally sufficient evidence satisfying the people’s burden under paragraph (a) or (b) of subdivision one of this section.

    Moderators Note: “why is YWN proud they didnt call it a hate crime? are they trying to prove they are impartial? what else would you call this crime?”

    We will tell you in a few days. This is no hate crime. Nothing close.

  11. Lets daven for the complete recovery of the victim. and, like the article concludes, if you have reason to believe it is a hate crime, call the cops.

  12. Philosopher- there is clear evidence of this and the story does add up. Regarding ramapo police and local politicians you are definitely can correct. I believe that there is cover up here as it’s a very sad story of two Jews with a business dealing gone sour and how they went about things

  13. Sandy Schlez, I heard that rumor too. But there’s no substantiating evidence at this point. I think that because Ramapo Police wanted it to be a criminal investigation from the start instead of a hate crime, people started pointing fingers straight-away. I want to see EVIDENCE that a hit man was hired, not hearsay.

    And it doesn’t make sense that hit men would attack a victim just because he lives in the vicinity of the man they were supposed to take down. And I highly doubt they would stab the victim 18 times and assault him. Hit men have guns, they don’t stand around beating and knifing victims.

  14. Sandy Schlez is a troll spreading motzi shem ra. Please remember, everyone: commenters are anonymous and are NOT reliable sources for ANYTHING.
    I think it’s just that unless the attacker yelled “Heil Hitler” or something it doesn’t count as a hate crime.

  15. YWN: Of course they cannot YET conclude that it was a hate crime – because they have not YET interviewed the victim and they have not YET questioned any suspects!

    SIMPLE LOGIC: This does not mean it was NOT a hate crime, just that it is too soon to say that it was.

    You might want to adjust your headline to reflect this obvious logic and not YET jump to conclusions that it was “NOT” a hate crime.

  16. I’m not a fan of hate crimes. Instead of having to prove an assault or murder, prosecutors must prove (1) an assault or murder, and (2) hate in the perpetrator’s mind or heart. Too complicated and not necessary for security.

  17. Bottom line: in order for something to be legally termed a hate crime there has to be certain evidence. The police do not at this time have the necessary evidence. If they get the evidence later they will declare it a hate crime but they can’t do it at this time. The law works in other ways than personal opinion.

  18. The cat is out of the bag. It seems it has to do with hired hit men to kill or maim a get refuser, but they got the wrong guy. They beat the daylites of an innocent man.

  19. So throwing eggs at Jews, slapping the in the face and other harrasements are considered anti-Semitic acts, but stabbing and beating is not… If there’s no reason the victim should have been stabbed and beaten then it’s an anti-Semitic act. If they have proof to the contrary is one thing, but if they’ll decide it’s not anti-Semitism based on lack of evidence then that itself is anti-Semitic. No one stabs and beats someone up without a motive.

  20. I also don’t know for a fact. But people in his neighborhood say that he lives in one building with a get refuser. also leaves about this time every morning and it was a mix-up of the Hit man .ordered by The get refusers father-in-law. And that this is the connection by someone going around asking for camera footage in the neighborhood and deleting them.

  21. Everyone (the government) is always quick to claim it isn’t a hate crime. But, isn’t that worse for the general public? So, if I were not Jewish, instead of saying that’s too bad, the whole population should be in a panic that groups are running out of their cars stabbing random folks for no reason at all!
    Reagan was right, I’m from the government and I’m here to help is the worst thing you can hear!

  22. Not to make light of the situation but is this man in a middle of a divorce and refused his wife a Get. If not my apologies and he should have a complete refuah and Hasem Ynkom his attackers.

  23. Why is there no official update on this issue the whole town knows at least part of the story how come there’s no official update and spill the beans there is no point in hiding the truth. The public has a right to know.

  24. Thanks for posting the comments so efficiently sometimes it takes a day or two before I see that a comment was posted. Let’s get the latest update as soon as possible.

  25. I hear this afternoon the police will be giving us the information of the attack. Looks like it was an internal story, and not the original get theory… (unfortunately it seems its with yidden calling on a hit man!!) and then getting the wrong guy!! How sad of a world do we live in??