The attached video will make your heart stop, and is nothing short of a Chanukah miracle.

This happened on Wednesday morning in Monsey near Horton Drive and Bates Drive.

Watch how the child runs to his bus, with the driver not noticing him. The bus closes his door and drives away – knocking the child down – never noticing him.

The bus drives away, with the child in between the two wheels. Bichasdei Hashem, the child escapes with minor injuries.

What appears to be a sister or mother runs and picks up the child and carries him to the sidewalk.

Truly a Chanukah miracle!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Chasdai Hashem ki lo samnu…
    With the proliferation of video footage today it can help us to appreciate the countless times Hashem guards us and does wondrous things for our benefit. It should helps us to appreciate the countless times Hashem does similar things that are not caught on tape or would not be noticed (ex: imagine if the child would have tripped 30 feet away from the bus. The yeshua would have been the same but never would have made it to YWN)
    May Hashem continue to guard us all and may we recognize how he is always look out for us.

  2. Wow, truly heartstopping! That this child is alive is a miracle! That said; this child did something extremely dangerous. And why is the bus already driving away while having just shut his blinking lights? And he seems to be driving too fast for pulling away from a stop. It’s difficult to understand how he didn’t see this child running. Clearly , he did not look in both directions before hitting the gas pedal. Unacceptable.

  3. @NotGettingInvolved…
    I dont kow what the “am” of the driver was, but all i saw is people commenting that it is a neis the boy was ok. Why is that in any way a double standard? strawman fallacy if i ever saw one

  4. WHAT THE HECK?! Can anybody make out the school this bus is from? Have the authorities been notified? How did YWN get this vid, and are YOU going to forward it to the Ramapo police? Yikes.