BREAKING IN MONSEY: FBI Impounds Car Possibly Used In November Stabbing – Belongs To MOTHER Of Suspect Grafton Thomas


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The maniac charged with storming into Rabbi Rottenberg’s home on Chanukah and stabbing five people is getting closer to being charged with the vicious and brutal assault and stabbing of 29-year-old Mordechai ben Bracha (Schlesinger) in November.

Sources tell YWN that the FBI has located the Honda Pilot that was seen leaving the stabbing scene in November. The vehicle allegedly belongs to the mother of Grafton Thomas.

Additionally, the FBI is reportedly in possession of the bloody knife allegedly used to stab Mordechai Schlesinger as he walked to Shul early one November morning.

Our sources tell us that the FBI is awaiting DNA testing to confirm that Grafton Thomas is the man behind the November stabbing as well.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea why this resident of Harlem was focused on going to Monsey to attack Jews? Aren’t there other locations closer to home?

    I am glad the FBI is involved. If this was up to state or NYC, this perp would have been walking away with a gift card and tickets to a ball game. Obama would be calling him the son he could have had.

  2. Oh wow! What happened to all theories promoted here by commentators and even YWN staff?!

    YWN Knew to report “Brutal Stabbing Of Jewish Man Was NOT Hate Crime” (

    Although Ramapo Police said they don’t have supporting evidence that it was a hate crime YWN knew to report as a fact that it was ‘something else’ emboldening the conspiracy theories and the people who push them.

    When commentators pressured YWN about their fast conclusion this was their response:

    ‘Moderators Note: “why is YWN proud they didnt call it a hate crime? are they trying to prove they are impartial? what else would you call this crime?” We will tell you in a few days. This is no hate crime. Nothing close.’

    Now that all evidence points to Grafton Thomas, a crazy Jew-hater antisemitic we know how well spirited those theories were.

    What makes it even more ugly is the fact that those conspirators (including YWN) might be complicit in the Forshay stabbing attack and here is why:

    When it comes to such type of incidents, law enforcement agencies go where the leads take them and by leads it also has to do how the local media and community responds to the incidents and the amount of pressure they put on the local law enforcement agencies.

    When people start pushing agenda’s that he or she was behind the November stabbing attack the law enforcement agencies will start to look into it and try to figure out if they know what they are talking about because they know the people who were allegedly involved and they might know something that law enforcement agencies don’t know.

    It could simply be that because of the rumors spread on social media as well as YWN the cops went after the wrong people, tried investigating wrong motives, and therefore did not look at the correct leads which would take them to the real suspect.

    The cops interviewed Grafton Thomas BEFORE the Forshay attack and let him go. This could simply be because he did not fit the description of a professional “Hit-Man” and the conspiracy.

    I’m not sure the people who pushed this narrative could easily say they don’t have blood on their hands, Grafton Thomas might have been arrested a while ago if not those conspiracies.

    Now that all evidence points to Grafton Thomas, will you at least apologize to the people who were blamed for crimes they didn’t commit?

    Now that all evidence points to Grafton Thomas, will you at least apologize to the people who were injured or worse in the Forshay stabbing that might have been saved if the despicable Grafton Thomas was arrested before?

  3. Does it take a rocket sceintist to see that these events had nothing to do with anti-semitism? Long ago the FBI stated that the first attack was not a hate crime. Apparently this guy had targets. I dont know if he got the right ones. But when a deranged guy drives down from Greenwood Lake to a specific house in Monsey???? Use your sechel guys. I think once they get this monster to talk a bit, we’re gonna see fireworks!

    And YWN, stop screaming Anti Semitism before u have your facts straight. This kind of rehtoric is probably the biggest cause of Anti Semitism. The more you yell about it, the more copycats you create R”L

  4. I’ve been saying it was a hate crime all along. The stupid Ramapo police and anti-Semitic politicians couldn’t identify something that was as clear as day. The driving around the car for hours before the stabbing was with the intention of searching for a victim and the numerous stabbings indicated hate and anger. And of course, the supposed “mistaken identity” idea is ridiculous if they were hired thugs then it’s almost never a case of mistaken identity. If it would be an inside job then there would be mostly a beating, not stabbings.

    Whoever started spreading stories placing blame on specific people has to ask mechila from those individuals.

  5. Your use of the word “maniac” in the article implies that the writer of the article has accepted the accused’s familiy’s argument that he is insane (rather than a criminal or terrorist motivated by hatred). It will be for a court to decide if he was in fact merely meshuganah, and YWN should not jump to that conclusion.

  6. What bothers me is that in the days following that attack, we were told – very passionately and with great confidence and 100% certainty- that it was not a hate attack. We were told so by the Chief of Police of Ramapo. We were told so by YWN, in fact you said it was “not even close” to a hate attack and that you’d give us the true story “in a few days”. Somehow, no such updates ever came until this attack when the question was raised if this animal was possibly connected to the first attack as well.
    So what exactly was the Chief talking about? What was YWN talking about?? Would love some clarification.