SHOCKING VIDEO: Black New Yorkers Explain Why They Are Attacking Jews


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While elected officials continue to point fingers at President Trump for the more than 150 hate crimes in NYC, YWN has consistently pointed out that unless young black teens have joined the #MAGA train, there is nothing further from the truth.

To prove this point, journalist Ami Horowitz went out to the streets of Brooklyn to find out what’s motivating the recent anti-Semitic attacks in New York.

The results in the following video are simply shocking.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Rising rents and housing costs increase hatred. Blacks and Jews have been affected by rising housing costs. Jews even more, because of religious obligations, like tuition, simchas, etc. To learn the hatred, Jews who are affected by this, should join with blacks who are affected.

  2. They are attempting to excuse their hate..
    They are poisoned and ignorant and fed by the Bernies, the Omars etc.
    All funded with Soros filthy money.
    When Rudy Giuliani said he is more Jew than Soros….. Who can find fault with that statement.?
    PLEASE take the time to read this very important article
    it explains lots. Read it through till the end.. it’s important to understand what is happening.

  3. I watched this video several times and cannot fathom that these blacks are actually justifying the behavior.

    On the other hand, this is what they have been fed by many of their spokesmen, leaders and churches. It is absolutely chilling because there are no significant consequences and that gives them license to accelerate these attacks.

    I watched the march today and as far as I am concerned that whole front row of mealy-mouth politicians is partially to blame for these attacks.

  4. Cue the “mah yofis” yidden who will agree with everything these resho’im say.

    So let me get it in first: We have NO OBLIGATION to take care of them. If someone owns property it’s because he worked hard and earned money and invested it instead of wasting it, and he’s entitled to the income from his investment. He did not get rich at their expense, and he owes them nothing. מפרנסין עניי עכו״ם עם עניי ישראל מפני דרכי שלום is a heter, not a mitzvah, and the gemara is very clear that one gets no reward for it. So their resentment is not justified and not understandable; it is pure envy and it is wicked.

    And although we are in golus, the United States is our country as much as it is anyone else’s. We are not guests here, we are equal partners and owners, and we have no reason to be embarrassed about it.

  5. So you found two black antisemites. Mazel Tov. What does that prove?

    Meanwhile, you’re stoking racism in the frum community. There are MANY Black frum Jews who find your reporting insulting.

  6. Yep, that’s what happens when the IQ is so low, they don’t even sound normal! I mean, they should be sharing what exactly? We should work our entire lives, work hard buy property and “share” it? With whom? These idiots are always expecting everything to be handed to them, for nothing. Live on welfare and landlords also need to “share” with them! Wow, just wow. But brainless AOC and the rest of those clowns, along with DeBlasio will all justify their arguments- just like that dog on the Jersey City BOE did. What gets done? Nada.

  7. As an educator, I always have parents contacting me concerning issues their child may be having in class or with other children. The first thing I tell parents is we must validate what the child is saying, If the child is complaining there must be a reason. Its usually nothing, but sometimes where there is smoke there is fire especially if a few children are complaining about a situation. Watching these videos we see them complaining about the same issue. Maybe there is a problem. I personally had bad experiences with brokers and landlords (usually investors) when I was looking for apartments for my children. Many landlords (investors) and brokers are in real estate because it looks like easy money and they don’t have another job. Many don’t know how to deal with other people. Wrong or right some brokers come across as money-hungry vultures. Maybe these people are right. Perhaps there should be some mandatory course you need to take before you become a broker or landlord.

  8. Don’t ignore them. Do lots of PR to show them that Jews are helping them. A lot of the locals in Jersey City agreed that Jews coming in made their lives better, renovated deteriorated housing and made it available to the locals at affordable prices and the like. There’s a lot that could be done her to improve Jews’ image with the locals and it should be done.

  9. So I’m sure everyone realizes that about 65 years ago most ‘black’ communities were mostly white (Jewish) and it’s the blacks that were kicking or forcing out the original inhabitants and made it into a ghetto/hood……..

  10. 1. We don’t know how many people Ami had to ask to get such responses.
    2. At least they are honest. At the same time they are very ignorant. So instead of ripping them lets educate them.
    3. If we flipped the script and Ami Horowitz went into a very Frum neighborhood and asked what do they think about African Americans what do you think would happen? If he did it for a few hours he would get some not great responses.
    4. I also think everyone is not understanding what they are saying. What they may be trying to say (albeit ignorantly) is the Jews own lots of Real Estate and their apartments suck. The heat may not work or is too low. The homes may be rat /bug infested. Bottom line if someone Frum and owns real estate, and you treat your tenants like you don’t care about them then you give all of us a bad name. They then think all of us are bad (again albeit ignorantly).

  11. What is so uncomplimentary in this clip is the dearth of intellect. Nary a word of truth. Jews own the buildings because they worked hard and bought them. Not a single Jew took them from the blacks, who did not own them in the first place.

  12. Rising rents and housing costs increase hatred. Blacks and Jews have been affected by rising housing costs. Jews even more, because of religious obligations, like tuition, simchas, etc. To lessen the hatred, Jews who are affected by high rents or homeowners affected by higher taxes, should join with blacks who are concerned too.

  13. Soon we’ll have a whole gaggle of comments by the Jew bashers how we need to be nicer to blacks and because we treat them “so badly” that’s why they hate us…

  14. Are these people for real? What country are they talking about anyway? I’m not sure exactly what neighborhood this is but it’s likely Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville, East New York, etc… ALL these areas were Jewish before they became black… If they have grievances against certain landlords or individuals by all means address them legally. But to condone violence and stereotype? Can you imagine if this was the other way around?????

  15. Similar to Hallel’s excellent point, it would be interesting to interview middle class (and higher) blacks and see what they are thinking. The resentment of poor people is as old as history. However, if wealthier blacks feel the same anitpathy, it’s clearly a racial sentiment.

  16. The video is obviously edited to include only outrageous comments in keeping with the objective of Mr Horowitz. We have no idea of how many people he had to interview to find a handful of anti Semites nor where these street interviews took place. While there is anti Antisemitism among Blacks the anti Semites are a minority and are in similar percentages to the general population.

  17. What the fools in this clip are saying is that the attacks are not about hate – which is why they excuse it. It is about JEALOUSY. They follow a system that does not press the virtues of hard work and earning money. That’s why we watch the rampant problems of poverty, homelessness, addiction, and crime. The remedy for jealousy, as per the mental midgets of the liberal Democrats, is to spread the wealth. Take from those who worked and earned, and give it to those who are lazy, and wait for the government to feed them. It is shame that these people waste their lives on that. They can choose to have fewer televisions, fewer devices, and find work. There are plenty of jobs today, thanks to Trump. Their choice to remain stuck in poverty is one that we do not need to pay for.

  18. its the Dems who are subsidzing all this garbage housing owned by “the Jews” section 8 etc, if these people worked, saved and owned their own homes they would take care of their housing, its always somebodys fault in the hood.

  19. John Doe:

    I have no clue about the percentage of anti-Semites among the Black population. It would be worthwhile for there to be sort of scientific study so that we can speak from a position of knowledge, not assumption. Having noted that, we must address something with pure honesty. We are not finding blacks being attacked, neither verbally, physically, or violently by Jews. Rather, there is frightening black-on-black crime that is being ignored (as it fails to support the liberal narrative). Meanwhile, the spike of attacks by blacks on Jews grows daily, and the reason to fear walking down the block or to shul grows every day. And this clip is the list of excuses for legitimizing violence. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t wash. The ones sitting home can be depicted as allowing the others to do their dirty work for them, sparing them the need to run around in the cold looking for a Jewish victim. I can’t say that’s true, but those questioned in this clip suggest that they have a right to engage in crime.

  20. MoisheInGolus-who said your wrong….
    Eisav sonei es Yaakov BUT there are ways to lower the hatred level. Not saying their right-duh of course their not but we need to do our part!

  21. @milhouse, your point of view is rather distorted. Irrespective of whether it is a מצוה or not, חז”ל are telling us that we SHOULD help them precisely because if we don’t we will NOT have דרכי שלום, as seems to be the case. I believe it is your thinking that a major cause of hatred.

  22. Wonderful!
    No antisemitisim!
    He says he was there for two hours.
    And in that entire two hours, no more than a handful of people justified the attacks!

    My question is: Isn’t it just as racist to make it seem like two minutes’ worth of video represents an entire community, especially when you were filming for two hours?

  23. Ah Yid, justifying and validating this garbage is dangerous, Just because you had a bad experience with your own children in rental situations dont take it out by permitting widespread hatred and antisemitic actions. As a teacher would you allow violence simply because the child is allowed to vent? The antisemitic attacks were random, without reason or provocation and not directed at landlords. Courts today take the side of the renters anyway. People hate Trump, Trump is Presbytarian, No increase attacks on Presbyterians/ or their houses of worship….

  24. yaakov doe[fus] January 6, 2020 10:53 am at 10:53 am
    The video is obviously edited to include only outrageous comments in keeping with the objective of Mr Horowitz. We have no idea of how many people he had to interview to find a handful of anti Semites nor where these street interviews took place. While there is anti Antisemitism among Blacks the anti Semites are a minority and are in similar percentages to the general population.

    The same excuse for violence has been used throughout this long and bitter galus.
    From the Crusades, to Chmielnicki’s Cossaks, from the Polish clergy to the Nazis, to the Blacks in Crown Heights, Brownsville, etc., for the past 60 years.
    Please brush up a bit on your history before spewing your hatred and ignorance.
    The editing of the video is “obvious” only to people like you.
    While i’s possible that it took several of these creatures to express their hatred to Horowitz’s liking, it took no more than ONE video to get you to express yours.

  25. מפרנסין עניי עכו״ם עם עניי ישראל מפני דרכי שלום

    Whether or not it is a chiyuv or a heter is irrelevant, Chazal recognized and understood the need for it. Yes they are jealous and we need to recognize it and deal with it, otherwise we get hurt.

    I am a staunch Republican and will continue to vote for Trump, but we must understand the other side’s point of view. The reason why people blame Trump is because in their opinion his rhetoric he is creating an atmosphere of hatred. Dems are at fault for following his lead.

  26. It’s all irrelevant whose fault and yadi yada. This is the bitter reality of what exile is which is a cleansing process for Jews. We have to accept hashem’s messages bc nothing happens without reason. We also have to do our best to protect ourselves. By watching out from antagonizing non Jews and being in their faces. Which unfortunately chassidim who are super confident don’t seem to understand.

  27. There is another glaring difference here. The Jews have always been go-getters, and have worked to make their lives better. There may have been losers along the way, as there always are in a free enterprise system. But there was NEVER a mission to damage anyone else. That cannot be claimed with any conscience to apply to the current or past waves of anti-Semitism. The blacks are not doing anything to protect their culture, their neighborhoods, or to advance their case. All they are doing is victimizing others for the sake of it. Sorry, but that doesn’t work in any system that morality at its core.

    And to those in the black community who are working to advance themselves, your work is appreciated and praiseworthy.

  28. A gadol in Eretz Yisroel was once asked if a guard is needed at entrance to the yeshiva, or if the Torah learning was sufficient to protect the Yeshiva. The gadol answered that the Torah leaning is sufficient to protect. When the questioner turned to leave, the gadol said, “one minute. Do the boys have cell phones?” He answered that they do. The gadol then said “get a guard”.

    What fools the commenters here are. Anti-Semitism doesn’t make sense. It never has and never will. It is certainly not the fault of Democrats or anyone else or anything else. There is only one reason for anti Semitism and that is to wake us up to do teshuva. It is also a reminder to us that we are in galus.

  29. So sad to see hate;
    But there is a message there : Why are jew’s so rich? I have the same question.
    Obviously not every one is rich , yet we all act like we are . We lease cars and mortgage homes that we cannot afford. We give our kids every thing they ask for regardless of our budget. This raises the bar for everyone , so we all have to walk the walk and talk the talk so we can fit in . Are we really doing ourselves a favor ? The goyim hate us , our kids are spoiled and selfish, and we are in big debt . It is time to stop the downward spiral and live simply, happiness cannot be bought.

  30. MoisheInGolus – common that is ridiculous. Seems like your arguments are getting personal. No one is excusing ANY ANTISEMITISM but there has always been a rule that when we forget that we are in galus they remind us. Sorry if it’s not something you like to hear but it’s the truth. There is a HALACHA-that eisav hates yaakov
    Will they burn for it-yes but that is not up to me.
    What we can do is tone down a bit and stop shoving our successes in their faces. LOOK AT PEOPLE’S SIMCHAS , HOMES, CARS, VACATIONS….I think you get it….

  31. The reality today in America, as has been the case for many decades, is that the black population is highly anti-Semitic, far far more than the white population as many surveys have demonstrated, and physical anti-Semitic violence against American Jews has come mostly from the black population. They are highly highly overrepresented in anti-Jewish violence compared to their proportion of the American populace.

  32. Nothing “shocking”, reality that’s quite obvious, but no way justifies violence.
    Similar to Jackson & Tom’s River residents against Lakewood expansion, clashing life-styles, resenting taking over their areas, compounded here with blaming us for their failings. Wrong as it may be, it’s not at all “shocking”.
    And in the end, we all know that it comes from Above – as it says (Tehillim 105:25) הפך לבם לשנוא עמו .

  33. perhaps if a law was passed that anyone caught doing antisemitic crimes him and his family would loose all government handouts eg food stamps, hud, wic etc. it would stop it on a dime.

  34. 3 points
    1) Mr horowitz has edited to his viewpoint. : untrue, he clearly has a guy who says it is wrong.
    2) There may be some truth to jewish landlords being abusive: In reality jews are hardly the only owners of real estate, in the poor community of black people, there are many who look for some ‘other’ to blame their problems on. Jewish landlords are perfect for that. when in reality, no one deserves anything in life besides his g-d given rights, that does not include free housing, everything costs money and you cant decide that your landlord should give you more than what you bring in, because, news flash, that called slavery. (forcing one to do things for another at his own detriment)
    3) Jews shouldnt be ostentatious: The complaint has nothing to do with being ostentatious. And no, owning an up to date car isnt ostentatious, its called “available lease” or “reliable used vehicle”. The notion that if we drive anything other than a 2010 car with a spoiler and chrome hubcaps we are fair game for attack to to being ostentatious, is absurd. Ditto for living in a two room apartment or a a s bedroom house for 8 people. ( yea, its allowed to be 2 per r0om, and another for a married couple to come on shabbos)

  35. History repeats itself
    Their neighborhoods were always scary
    We cannot blame all AA but gotta keep our distance because some can become dangerous
    My driver is AA very good guy & I have AA partners but we have to be careful with whom we don’t know

  36. They think we have it all going for us

    (1)jews don’t own real estate.there are some jews in the real estate business and they have buildings.almost everyone who owns buildings have mortgages on it.why don’t they go in to real estate as well…

    (2)the reason they won’t find orthodox jews homeless and run down apartments is because Orthodox jews help each other and collect money for their fellow brothers let them do the would be a great idea if some askunim will show them how to help each other it would be a big Kidush Hashem

  37. It is interesting to note that all attacks are happening in New York. Why NY? Because that is where the Jews have the most power, money, and success. They flaunt their wealth, their behavior toward the goyim are often arrogant. In a nut shell Hashem is sending a message to Jews in NY, keep a low profile. Dont antagonize the goyim as it just creates hatred and violence toward all Jews

  38. Dont you think Yaakov Avinu A”H knew what he was talking about when he told his children למה תתראו?
    רש”י – למה מארה עצמכם כאילו אתם שבעים
    עיין כלי יקר דברים ב פסוק ג.
    What those שחורים were saying were prophetic words that were said long ago by our forefathers and great luminaries hundreds and thousands of years ago. Rabosai, wake up.

  39. I know you all practice a religion called anti-semitism paranoia but you have to consider that there’s much truth to their complaints. Most of the worst slum lords in NYC are Jewish. Nearly all of the vulture capitalist firms are run by Jews. It’s mostly secular Jews, who have done quite a job of ruining the country. If gentiles complain about it, that’s not antisemitism. Did you know Jews ran the slave trade in the early Medieval period:

    “The current scholarly consensus is that the Jews were the major slave traders in the early Middle Ages. The Christian world would not allow Muslim infidels to traverse and trade freely in its territory. The Christians living in Muslim countries were also a tolerated minority; however they were bitterly divided into sects and it is doubtful whether one group would lend sufficient help, if any, to Christian traders of another sectarian persuasion. The Jews, however, were a tolerated minority — and a reasonably monolithic one — with an international network of contacts: communities that would welcome, house, and advise them during their stay. These local co-religionists could further serve as intermediaries between them and the different populations through which they moved….Recently historians, most notably Michael Toch, have begun to challenge vigorously the scope of Ashkenazic Jewish involvement in both international trade in general and in the slave trade in particular.” Dr. Haym Soloveitchik, Yeshiva University, Collected Essays II (Portland: Littman Library, 2014), p. 136.

  40. The world, sadly including many Jews, have lost the ability to see others as people. It’s not about excusing violence. It’s about understanding where their coming from and trying to fix things. It’s about understanding the way Blacks have been and are treated in America for hundreds of years. It’s about understanding Black/Jewish relations over the past century, the good and bad. It’s about understanding Americans have always hated outsiders moving in and it has often led to violence. It’s about understanding how Gentrification has often led to violence.
    You can keep screaming about Antisemitism, but is that going to change anything? Politicians say the hate has to stop. How? By demanding they stop hating? Everyone seems to be complaining but no-one seems to offer any solutions. Anyone can scream Antisemitism. It’s the real people that will step up and actually do something about it. Sadly, with the attitude of so many here, there’s just going to be more violence and bloodshed. Blacks and Jews talk PAST or AT each other. No-ones talks TO each other. When communication breaks down, war always follows.

  41. Git Meshige:

    כשמך כן תהלתך

    Jews are not flaunting their wealth. Celebrities do that, and these same Jew haters rally around them and worship them. Where do you witness the arrogance? I can share stories that I witnessed where others treated black employees like garbage, and these employers were not Jewish. Some were also black. Your generalization that Jews antagonize blacks is a huge lie, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Not everyone is perfect. I never antagonized a goy, neither black nor white. Why am I victimized? Has anyone identified any such antagonism by any of the Jewish victims? These hate crimes are not payback for anything. They are hate and jealousy (more the latter). Jews do not cause the violence that victimizes them. The perpetrators do. And until these perps can experience appropriate justice, the mayor y”sh will keep rewarding them and sending them back to repeat the crimes.

  42. This is stupid! “Rising rents and housing costs increase hatred.” is just a random example I am going to use. How about the whole state of Florida, California, Atlanta, Eastern Europe. The cost of living goes up everywhere. Even in parts of Texas, apartment rates will nearly DOUBLE in a year where no one can afford it.

    I never saw any massacres anywhere else in the country or the world because someone finally realized a fact of live. Cost of Living goes up quickly sometimes.

    There is nothing here about “flauting” anything or the need to lay low. This is the same as a college professor talking about and crying about “checkpoints” oversars while he himself is getting frisked and wanded to go to a Christmas Movie with no complaints (true story, not exaggerated), or any other level of hypcrocracy. This is bigotry and racism plain and simple. Nothing these folks are complaining about is anything that is exclusive to them, or any group. Get over it.

  43. Come, fellow Yidden, let us reason together:
    This video is edited to make it look like all blacks are Antisemiten. This point of view is dangerous, from three categories:
    1. ACTIONS: I have a friend whose mother is a black goyeres. His sister, who is special needs was accosted by a group of “Frum” yidden who started chanting “A Shvartze cannot be a yid. Your mother’s geirus is pasul.” V’ahavtem es hager”- this endangers the ability to keep that mitzvah for black geirim and their children. I also personally witnessed a frum yid yesterday scream at a black person “N***** , you are trying to kill us. You N**** Nazis need to be reenslaved-I saw a video where you admitted you want us all dead”. What a chillul Hashem this video caused
    2.SFARA: If these attacks were being carried out by Neo-Nazis, would we have a chashash that all white goyim are neo-nazis? If not, what’s the difference.
    3. NAVI: The Navi says “Are you not like black people to me, says Hashem”. There are multiple shitos on the passuk, but sof davar hakol nishmah, Hashem made that diyuk! Think about that! Out of all the Goyim known at the time of bayis rishon, Hashem chooses to make a diyuk between us……..AND BLACK PEOPLE!

  44. How are these comments any different than the Rockland County GOP distributing a hateful video that claims Jews are trying to take over. All that can be assumed is that the hate being spread by tRump and White Supremacists and some conservatives are fueling this hatred. Sure there is the leftist BDS saying Israel is an apartheid state but these ideas about Jews owning all the real estate and all the businesses is an exact repetition of ideas spread by no other than people in the GOP! Here is some info on that if you are not aware of it: