WATCH THIS: Florida Police Respond After Parrot Cries, “Let Me Out!”


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When someone in a Florida neighborhood heard chilling cries and the words “Let me out!” they dialed 911.

Little did they know the cries were that of a 40-year-old parrot named Rambo.

After the call, four Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies pulled up and questioned a man who appeared to be repairing a car in his driveway. The Palm Beach Post reports that when the deputies explained their concerns, the man smiled, then told deputies he’d introduce them to the perpetrator. When he returned with the parrot, the deputies burst out laughing.

The man told officers that he taught Rambo to scream “Let me out!” when he was a kid and Rambo lived in a cage.

PBSO officials could not be reached for more details. The agency did tweet a link to a video Saturday, saying, “Our deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued.”



  1. They let the guy go without investigating further?
    What if there were really a kidnapping victim in the house?
    This story is weird. I can’t imagine they just took his word at face value. That doesn’t seem like very good police work.

  2. @mommamia
    It is good police work. with the only evidence being a weird noise, and that being deemed non-threatening, what further cause have they to harass an ordinary citizen? It would be illegal.

  3. I agree with you @mommamia22 however, its possible that after it screamed that to the dispatcher, the parrot started babbaling Other gibber, which would reduce suspicion.