Op-Ed: Yaffed Uses “Solidarity March” To Sow Hatred And Anti-Semitism


Today’s Unity rally was created to show Jewish solidarity, to bring Americans together for a common cause – the fight against anti-Semitism.

The need for the event is obvious: visibly Jewish people in the New York metropolitan area are attacked for their religious identity on a near daily basis, sometimes resulting in death, רח”ל.

Americans must unite to help destroy the bane of our society. Americans should march together to show our commitment to Religious Freedom.

Our community has a diverse spectrum of political beliefs. The progressive Jew is no less Jewish than the conservative one and vice versa. Political views do not define us.

Although we have different opinions about some very important issues, we all agree that attacking orthodox Jews for their religious identity is wrong. It would be wrong for us insist that only those who align with us politically can march with us in solidarity. That would defeat the point and send the wrong message. We are all against hate.

YAFFED as an organization has no place in this show of unity. They are directly responsible for the recent onslaught of negative press against Orthodox Jews, the very type of Jew that is victimized, bullied and the reason for this march. Headline after headline portray the Orthodox Jewish community as illiterate, a cult-like group that abuses their children by not exposing them to a public school curriculum.

YAFFED not only co-sponsored the event, they used it as an opportunity to further their cause. During the event they encouraged participants to learn more about their work, to continue undermining our yeshiva education system. YAFFED proudly marched, holding their signs, declaring themselves “advocates” for orthodox education.

YAFFED isn’t our political enemy. They are a threat to our religious existence.

It’s a travesty to give YAFFED a platform in which they can claim solidarity with their religious brethren when their entire purpose is to tear us down. This isn’t just about a political difference; this is about lending legitimacy and aid to the enemy of the Orthodox Jew.

Yitzchok Kaufman for @exposeyaffed

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. Imagine blaming an organization that is trying to better the frum world by blaming them for the anti-Semitic murders of other Jews. Oh wait. That’s exactly what this writer just did.

  2. Mam
    Imagine rebranding a anti-religious organization that is responsible for countless negative news articles about frum Jews as trying to better the frum world. Oh wait. That’s exactly what this writer just did.

  3. This article is a mistake. Yaffed was not a sponsor. Maybe Yaffed claimed they were a sponsor and printed their own signs, but they were not.

    Look at the pictures in YWN’s own article: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/featured/1819135/25000-join-solidarity-march-against-hate-noted-askan-chaskel-bennett-defends-chassidim-in-passionate-speech-video.html Yaffed is not on any of the posters.

    Also, you can check the UJA’s listing of sponsers here: https://www.ujafedny.org/marchnyc/ . Yaffed is listed on the very bottom only as an “attending organization.” Perhaps this further exposes the fraud that Yaffed is, but lets not confuse that with that will the well intentioned organizers.

    So the writer should be clear that his gripe is with Yaffed, and not the organizers of the march.

  4. The ads that I saw did not list Yaffed as a sponsor. This was just an attempt from a few individuals to legitimize their organization. Who is involved the the organization other than Moster and R. Lieber?

  5. It is UJA Federation we should be looking at for their atrocities against anything religious or Frum. It is they who sponsor and feed the energy to YAFFED. It is the secular Jew, unfortunately, we suffer from for generations. Usually, those that know better and feel guilty for not being better or for leaving religion behind are the ones that blame the Frum Community .
    I know that putting blame is not going to move us forward but we need to call it out as it is. Yaffed is an offspring of UJA Federation . They provide funding for HATE. Several years ago they aired a ” so to speak, PANEL, to discuss the Frum Community. They intentionally did not invite any Frum person to represent the Frum Community. The entire Panel was produced and done only for HATE. When I questioned why the subject matter for discussion didn’t have representation the answer was that they tried but couldn’t get anyone to come. They will LIE to push their hatred and agenda. ! Let us all call UJA to stop funding HATE.

  6. @MAM
    So if i go to your house pull you out of bed throw you to the ground and say give me 20 push ups. (yea i know it didnt sound like its gonna end in push ups). You wouldnt call the cops on me? after all its for your own benefit! We all need more exercise in our lives. And even if you already exercise! Wouldnt another 20 push ups a day go a long way?
    Or maybe, just maybe, you would imagine that you yourself are the one in the best position to figure out your exercise routine… Now thats YAFFED

  7. As quoted: “It’s a travesty to give YAFFED a platform in which they can claim solidarity with their religious brethren when their entire purpose is to tear us down.”
    Would this statement not be hypocritical of the fact that the author of this article has done just that; has given a platform and the publicity of a hateful organization? like this?

  8. At this rate, it seems like Mam is a professional troll. He/she always leaves inflammatory comments while never defending his/her points when people point out their stupidity and debunk them. It’s almost like Mam thrives on attention and outrage.