Flatbush Shomrim: SIX Criminals Arrested For Various Crimes In Under 12 Hours


Perhaprs it’s the new bail-reform law or not, but Flatbush Shomrim has been working overtime to keep the community safe.

In under 12 hours, 6 criminals were arrested for various crimes.

It began at around 2:30AM Thursday morning, when volunteers on patrol witnessed a well-known suspect breaking into multiple vehicles on East 28th Street near Avenue R. The man eventually tried stealing a car and had already started the motor. The NYPD’s 61 Precinct responded and took the man into custody. He was in possession of around 5 pairs of high-end sunglasses as well as other items that he had stolen from the vehicle.

On Thursday at around 11:00AM, the Shomrim hotline received a call reporting a man who had broken into a vehicle on East 27th Street near Avenue J. Shomrim responded and found the man walking on Avenue J towards Nostrand Avenue. He walked into Bash Pizza, took a fire extinguisher and walked outside the store where he began spraying it into the air. The NYPD’s 70 Precinct arrived and promptly took the man into custody. YWN notes that the viral rumors on social media that this was a hate crime or that the man sprayed the extinguisher into peoples faces inside the store, are 100% false and typical WhatsApp fake news rumors.

Just minutes later, Shomrim received a hotline call reporting packages being stolen on East 28th Street near Avenue S. Shomrim arrived and witnessed three suspects in two vehicles stealing packages. They were followed while the NYPD’s 63 Precinct arrived. They were taken into custody on Schenectady Avenue and Avenue J. Both vehicle were impounded as well. In this incident, the caller had incredible footage from their “Ring” camera. Shomrim suggests that residents get security cameras on their homes.

At around 2:30PM, Shomrim volunteers spotted a vehicle with a driver who have been plaguing area shuls with burglaries over the past few months. Shomrim is aware of more than a dozen shuls that were burglarized by this suspect. Shormim received many reports of this suspect engaging in other crimes as well.

Additionally, Flatbush Shomrim has continued their foot patrols following the recent uptick in anti-Semitic attacks.

Shomrim has dozens of volunteers patrolling the streets of all neighborhoods while the community is asleep, and are responsible for many arrests that many never get to hear about.

Shomrim reminds the community to always call 911 immediately if you see something suspicious, and then call your local 24 hour Shomrim hotline. The Flatbush number is 718-338-9797.

(YWN World Headquarters โ€“ NYC)


  1. There’s no reason that Shomrim can’t post the name and photo of the shul burglar since he’s been arrested for a crime. Such posting would deter future crimes by this perp.

  2. Nice work. Will any of these perps spend any time in detention, or will Cuomo and De Blasio make sure they walk free with rewards for committing crimes?

  3. unfortunately all their hard work was for naught,these filthy maggots will be out the next day,released by the criminally insane marxist leftist America hating so called judges appointed by the criminals and gangsters of the DemonRat party,who are running and destroying all of the big cities in this once great country of ours.

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    My friends its high time to start packing our bags and getting the hell outta here,and going back to our one and only God given homeland who is waiting for us with open arms

  4. Minor crimes are like minor heart attacks: Crimes against someone else, someone else’s heart attack. These crimes don’t seem so bad to me, because MY car and packages were not stolen, MY house was not burglarized.

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