POGROM IN UMAN OVER SHABBOS: Ukrainian Thugs Attack Jews, 4 Evacuated To Hospitals


A group of about 30 Ukrainian thugs went on a rampage close to midnight on Friday night in Uman and mercilessly beat Jews outside the tzion of Rav Nachman.

Witnesses say that the Ukrainians were running wildly through the street looking for Jews with knives and clubs in their hands.

One Jew who spent Shabbos in Uman told Kikar Shabbos: “I returned from the kloiz and I see that they’re beating every Jew who ‘dared’ to look at them or say a word to them. It started with an insignificant dispute between one of the local Ukrainians and a Jew. The Ukrainian involved in the dispute called his anti-Semitic friends to come and beat up Jews.”

“The police did show up at the scene but didn’t lift a finger to help the Jews. They just stood by and watched what was happening, while the Jews were being beaten up. What they did do was prevent the dozens of thugs from entering the tzion.”

“Four Jews were taken to the nearest hospital on Friday night as a result of being beaten by the Ukrainians. On Motzei Shabbos they returned and the fighting is now at its height.”

Shlomi Elisha, director of “Shemira Ukraine” told Kikar Shabbos: “Due to the many incidents in recent months, we’re funding a commando unit which will protect us and our streets from the Ukrainian thugs. We have no more expectations of the Ukrainian authorities.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. jews have no business in ukraine

    the ukrainians murdered al of us 75 years ago
    but we still go back
    for what
    go to israel and daven there
    this mishigas has got to stop

  2. Sorry but they are known to hate and historically kill Jews. If you go knowingly putting yourself in harms way. Then you deserve what you get

  3. Haven’t the Ukrainians asserted that they’re the Jews’ best protectors and they were even infuriated at the notion that Jews were asserting how brutal the Ukrainians were in the prelude to the war and certainly during the war! The Ukraizians are Ukraizians.

  4. The Ukranian president is Jewish. You would think he would raise a finger here, but of course, whenever Jews come to power they forget their people.

  5. I have always thought it stupid for Jews to go to Uman! The Ukrainians are among the worst antisemites..
    Bring R Nachman here to rest in Israel and don’t give money to the Ukrainian antisemites!

  6. Maybe they need to hold public meetings with the locals to find out what bothers them. My guess is that having your town run over by foreigners who speak a foreign language erect huge signs in a foreign language, hold loud and late gatherings etc etc is enough to lose their love. When in addition there are building and traffic violations, advertising violations, garbage negligence, plus giving back little to the town coffers it’s no wonder that the Uman population feels violated.

  7. Why not just not go to Uman? It’s not like there is any inherent holiness there. The Rebbe’s burial site can easily be moved to E”Y.

  8. sadly the only reply I can send is the horror I feel towards the gentiles around the world and especially in Ukraine, the most evil of all countries___

  9. It’s hard to take the headline seriously after the editors seemingly oblivious perspective on the El Al article. Not sure what to believe anymore from this site . Although I can certainly believe the Ukrainian locals perpetrating such an act the credibility of this website is in serious question.
    We take an international flight on Thursday night and attempt to arrive three hours before Shabbos- and the headline has to scream that it’s all El Al’s fault . Pretty pathetic .

  10. Unfortunately this brawl started by some Jews who got drunk on Friday night and went into the street and picked a fight with a local Ukrainian. My information from local Jews is that it was BH no pogrom. The Jews in Uman must understand that even though there are Hebrew signs it is not Eretz Yisroel and should behave accordingly.

  11. its a big mistake for jews to go there because of danger. This is what I advocate: 1) there is no halocho to travel to kivrei tzadikim in times of danger. 2) the best weapon is economic sanctions. If no one would travel to Ukraine for 1 year and the ukranian govt’ will realize the financial loss , they would implement on their own strict security for the Yidden. We are stupid for aiding their economy with them not caring about our security.

  12. The whole Uman thing has nothing to do with Chasidus or Yiddishkeit so this is what it leads to- עבירה גוררת עבירה. Instead of stopping this insanity we are bullied into silence and allow people to get pulled into a new religion that worships a dead person who claimed to be Moshiach.

  13. HOW CLOSE… does one need to be to the kever in order to be at the Kever of Rav Nachman or any other kever in the world of any other Tzadik or any person anywhere anytime? How close? Can I be in NY and daven at a kever in Ukraine? or can I be in London and daven at a kever in Morrocco, or Brooklyn for a kever in Long Island? Or daven at a kever in Jerusalem when I’m standing in Montreal or Hawaii? What is the rule of proximity? Because if the rule is that that there is no distance that distances you from the Inyan of davening at a kever then technically I should be able to stand anywhere in the world and daven at any Kever. Maybe. Perhaps. Why not?