WATCH: NYPD Releases New Footage Of Hasidic Man Punched In The Face On 13th Avenue


The NYPD has released additional footage in an anti-Semitic attack on Chanukah i9n Boro Park.

As YWN had reported, on Wednesday, December 25, at approximately 1:00AM, a 40-year-old Hasidic man was walking in front of 4723 13th Avenue, when an unknown individual approached him and blocked his path.

The victim attempted to let the suspect pass and proceeded to walk around the suspect, when the suspect punched him in the face before fleeing on foot, eastbound towards the intersection of 13 Avenue and 48 Street.

The victim sustained a laceration to his lip but refused medical attention.

The suspect met up with two of his friends who were waiting and who were watching the attack.

The unidentified individual is described as an adult male, with dark hair, light complexion, medium build, approximately 5’8″ tall. He was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans and black sneakers.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He should’ve returned the thug a blow to the third power, knock him down and then take off – regardless of the two cowardly friends and the distance.

  2. The goon jumped a turnstile-a reminder that Deblablah and his cronies are against broken windows policing which would prosecute crimes like that- and would lead to stressing idiots like this guy before they do something violent