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WHAT A JOKE: Pelosi Hands Out Golden “Impeachment Pens” From Silver Platter [VIDEOS]

“The House’s hour is over,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared Thursday in a floor speech slamming Democrats for putting on a “partisan performance” celebrating the signing of articles of impeachment by handing out souvenirs and posing for smiling photos.

To critics, the tone of the event seemed celebratory — a far cry from December, when Pelosi wore black and insisted on the House floor it was a “solemn” day before the Democrat-controlled body voted to impeach the president on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress allegations. Later, she even cut short two rounds of cheers from Democrats when the articles were adopted.

In a contrived signing ceremony Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) signed the articles of impeachment, one letter at a time, using golden pens delivered to her on a silver platter – which she handed out as souvenirs, McConnell said:

“After weeks of delay, the Speaker of the House decided yesterday that a trial could finally go forward. She signed the impeachment papers.

“That took place, at a table with a political slogan stuck onto it.

“And they posed afterwards for smiling photos.

“And the Speaker distributed souvenir pens to her own colleagues, emblazoned with her own golden signature – that, literally, came in on silver platters. Golden pens on silver platters. A souvenir to celebrate the moment.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

24 Responses

  1. I would propose that after the senate aquittal President Trump should make a 3day victory parade and banquet and invite the trio . That will be the proper response to the silly spectacle of aunt Nancy

  2. Handing out signing pens is a tradition.Our current President and presidents and legislators before him have been carrying this tradition forward for decades. LBJ handed out framed signing pens.

  3. Amil Zola:
    But not to commemorate events that are supported to be “somber and sad”, as this imbecilic witch herself called it.
    So, at best, it’s hypocrisy at it’s peak.

  4. AZ: Yes, its traditional in a celebratory mode. However, after going to the House Floor tearfully proclaiming what a sad and solemn moment this was in American history, Pelosi and her Chevrusah sat down for this Photo Op with high fives, smiles and yucking it up…..I’m hoping the Senate takes the impeachment effort seriously, but the Dems seem to be using effort opportunity to sabotage their own efforts.

  5. Zola:

    Nancy repeated her totally empty statement about how this entire charade is a “solemn” process. She is celebrating this as no one before ever did. This just serves as another indication that this is her statement of victory, true to her partisan obsession in her political career. This is the disease that the Democratic Party has inflicted on America, and it is time that we stage a revolt against this. It undermines everything that democracy means.\\I wish these Dems the grandest of defeats and downfall, and will do everything in my power to unseat every one of them.

  6. The only reason Moscow Mitch is upset is because the American people have taken back Democracy and declared Trump an impeached President.
    He has to defend a President that has committed crimes and obstructed justice and make believe that he is following the constitution while doing it.
    This is the republicans in the senate’s last hurrah. In 2020 they will be gone.

  7. I disagree with hershh, #1, in one point! The Senate should throw out the document as soon as it’s delivered and return the poked mockery of the seriousness of the issue at once! Don’t even let it sit overnight! This shows what they’re all about! Poking fun at what must be a most serious event!

  8. Why is it a “joke” any time pelosi does anything, but trumps second grade antics and tantrums that fly in the face of decency are praised and goaded?

  9. jackk,
    Those were rotten democrat politicians, not American people, who declared Trump an impeached President.
    They created this whole “Ukraine scandal” out of thin air for purely political purpose to influence the upcoming presidential election in their favor. That’s why Zero republicans voted for this garbage. Even few democrats did not go for this partisan impeachment coup.

  10. Tomorrow the earth will quake under Pelosi and her followers and they will all be swallowed up. Tomorrow history will be made when these evil R’Sha-im will drown in their sorrow. They will be no more. All the evil will people will be begging for mercy that is if they have the time before they are swallowed up deep into the underground caves of the earth where they shall go and not return EVER!

  11. Pelosi isn’t a joke – she’s a deranged partisan political puppet who would do anything to stay in power.
    Trump – he’s funny. And, Americans actually favor a president who focuses on the economy, on decreasing unemployment rates, who secures the borders and puts their interests above those of illegal aliens, who knows how to successfully employ the carrot and stick approach when dealing with foreign nations. Imagine that.
    I think we just might see Trump win the 2020 elections. Now go to your safe spaces and cry, liberals.

  12. Sad that these Democratic goofballs are running the house. No question Trump’s a great President, and the Republican led Senate will do it’s job on this impeachment joke. BUT, i’m still wondering where’s the condemnation from on top against the Rockland County Republican vile antisemitic video??? And if the Washington Republicans were in Rockland would they have acted different?

  13. Pelosi is the saddest statement defining America and Americans, a robust thief and the daughter of a thief, a mayor and a friend to the Mob…..defining Nancy is like defining a Women of the Street

  14. Senile Nancy should be paid a visit from the secret service. The golden” pens she used for signing were clearly in a shape of rifle ammo cartridge. Could it be a hint to Deep State to assassinate the President if this impeachment hoax fails?

  15. > chareidi amiti

    The real answer is because Trump is an entertainer – he actually starred on entertainment TV (not that I myself found it entertaining). His antics are that of an entertainer and any rational person treats it as such. BUT, his policies are that of common sense. The Democrats are (for example here) mere hypocrites and liars, and in general gone completely nutty – like championing the idea that anyone can decide their own gender and change it as many times as they want and they label anyone who disagrees as EVIL. So us “EVIL” people (the “deplorables”) resent the way they look down on us and push us around.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is a legend in her own mind. Never has the economy been so strong. Nancy Pelosi, what do you not understand here. You are a hypocrite, insecure politician, politics is no longer your playground, retire with dignity if possible. Let the president continue do his unbelievable work for the American people, which by the way, not you or any other democrat will ever be able to achieve. Remember, In angels are perfect, btw, you are from perfect.

  17. So glad she is “borrowing” money form Social Security to waste on a silver platter and gold pens with her signature on them!!!

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