Jewish Man Stabbed In Hebron Over Shabbos


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Moshe Greenblatt, a 22-year-old Otzma Yehudit activist who was spending Shabbos in Kiryat Arba, was stabbed by an Arab as he was walking between Kiryat Arba and Me’aras Hamachpela.

The terrorist tried to flee the scene but was tackled by a Kiryat Arba resident who bravely struggled to subdue him until IDF soldiers arrived at the scene and apprehended him. The Arab was then transferred to security forces for questioning.

MDA paramedics provided emergency treatment to Greenblatt at the scene and evacuated him to Shaare Tzedek in Jerusalem in moderate condition.

“When we arrived at the scene we saw the victim walking, fully conscious with a stab wound in his shoulder,” MDA paramedic Chanoch Zelinger said. “We immediately brought him to a mobile intensive care unit, provided initial medical treatment including bandaging and stopping the bleeding and evacuated him to Shaarei Tzedek in moderate and stable condition.”

Greenblatt was interviewed from his hospital bed by Israeli news outlets on Motzei Shabbos and said that Boruch Hashem he’s improving, adding that he’s thankful that the knife blade broke as he was stabbed, preventing the Arab from stabbing others.

On Shabbos morning, an Arab woman in her 50s approached Border Police officers at Sha’ar Shechem in the Old City waving a knife.

The woman was subdued by police officers and a civilian and was transferred to security forces for questioning.

Israel Police said that an initial investigation revealed that the woman was emotionally disturbed and decided to end her life and [for that purpose] went to Sha’ar Shechem and waved a knife. The police officers didn’t shoot her because they understood the situation and subdued her instead of killing her. The police are relating to [the incident] as a suicide attempt rather than a terror attack.”

On Friday morning, hundreds of Arabs who were praying on Har Habayis began chanting about murdering Jews and other nationalistic statements as they were leaving the mosque.

Riot police were summoned to the area and dispersed the crowd.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)