Baltimore: Attempted Gunpoint Robbery Inside Khal Chassidim Shul On Friday Night


Baltimore Police need help identifying two suspects wanted in connection to several robberies that occurred in the northwest district Friday.

Police say, around 7 p.m., two suspects entered the Khal Chassidim Shul on Park Heights Avenue, pointed a gun at a man and attempted to rob him.

After a struggle between the victim and suspect, the two suspects fled the building.

Police are also investigating two other robberies that occurred in the same area, one on Clover Road and the other on Park Heights near Glen Avenue.

Police believe the same two suspects are responsible for all three robberies.

Baltimore City Police have increased patrols in the community and are asking people to report any suspicious activity.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. OK here is the real story: two black men held somewhere up at gunpoint a few blocks away from Khal Chassidim Shul. They fled and we’re apparently looking for somewhere to hide from police. They came by the Khal Chassidim Shul where it was about a half hour after davening had ended. Two men were left in shul learning. One was a Chabad guy and the other a Kollel Yungerman. One of the ganovim stood outside and started gathering up sodas in his arms (!!) And the other went in the shul. He saw the two Yidden and said something. The Chabad guy rushed at him and punched him, apparently in the face. The ganav struck him back and started to run outside. Meanwhile the outside ganav dropped the three Sprite 2 liter bottles and started to go inside to help. At that point they both ran outside and started to flee. But one of them actually went back to grab one of the Sprite bottles. Apparently he was thirsty! They walked away and held up some other goy a few blocks away. NOT a hate crime. Lesson: go home right after davening and make Kiddush for the wife and kids.

  2. Major lesson: Keep the door locked. It’s not rocket science.

    Minor lesson: Don’t insult the mayor of my city. I’m going to vote for the other guy, but the one who’s doing the job now is doing his best with a bad situation he didn’t create. And if you don’t live in Baltimore yourself, zip your lip.