AG Barr Coming To Boro Park On Tuesday For Anti-Semitism Meeting, Not ONE Orthodox Jewish Elected Official Invited


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Attorney general Barr is scheduled to visit Boro Park on Tuesday, where he will meet to discuss the rise in anti-Semitism and recent string of hate crimes.

According to a tweet by ABC reporter Alex Mallin, the “A.G. DOJ spox tells ABC that AG Barr will be traveling to NYC tomorrow to meet with Jewish leaders in Borough Park to discuss anti-Semitism and ways to combat it. The visit follows a series of attacks and acts of intimidation in several of NY’s Jewish neighborhoods back in December.”

YWN has learned that the meeting will be held at the Boro Park Jewish Community Council.

Interestingly, YWN has confirmed that not one of the four Orthodox Jewish elected officials representing the Brooklyn Jewish community was invited to the meeting. This includes NYS Senator Simcha Felder, NYS Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch, and NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger.

In fact, three out of the four knew nothing about this when YWN reached out to each of them.

Additionally, not one major Orthodox Jewish organization such as Misaskim, or Shomrim – which is literally on the front lines dealing with every single hate crime – was invited.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It looks to me like (a) Barr and the Trump administration have no knowledge of New York Jewish politics, and (b) don’t care about frum voters because they think frum voters have no where else to go.

    Be sure your best friends are friendly.

  2. Absolutely right,they should not be invited ,they are all members in a anti-American traitorous America hating DemonRat party,that party is an enemy of the USA and an enemy of Israel and has morphed into a virulent anti Jewish and anti Israel marxist party,and no Jew especially frum Jews should belong in it

  3. No doubt the officeholders weren’t invited because they’re democrats, this administration has no interest in working with others. As far a Misaskim etc, it just demonstrates incompetence.

  4. this is not a news story you all know the cell numbers of bpjcc if you want to attend as a public official why dont you call directly making a press embarrassment frum on frum is bizyonos

  5. TO chugibugi I vote Republican or Conservative but I am a registered democrat. In New York the one who wins the primaries usually wins in November. I want to at least pick the lesser of the two evils of the democrats. Of course, if it’s a frum candidate running in the Democratic primaries What am a gaining be registering as a Republican?

  6. this has nothing to do w barr they reached out to bpjcc – and the politicians are upset at bpjcc why they dont have a seat at the table again the headline is misleading – so they chose to embarrass a frum struggling org. for politics they could easily call and get in

  7. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple:
    Most of our politicians acted attention hungry and wanted viral videos so they POINTED FINGERS and ACCUSED all top officials attending any of their meetings (in front of camera) for not SHOWING up enough before and why they are popping out of their holes now, they were to extreme in their statements so AG BARR doesn’t want to risk a viral video of him being made a fool.

  8. After reading the some of the idiotic comments above (aka all the Dems are closet ant-Semitic communists, etc.) its surprising that Barr would want ANY yidden at the meeting, especially if this type of hyperbole is indicative of their potential intellectual contribution to the planned discussions.

  9. Excellent news. The US AG will meet the real leaders and rabbonim rather than the politico big shots and organizations that think too much of themselves themselves.

  10. Who cares?! It’s a waste of time anyway. Learn a blat gemara, and that will do exponentially more than this meeting. The only reason to attend this thing is shalom malchus.

  11. Really painful and embarrassing, ?
    The emperor politicians have no clothes
    the administration & AG Barr care very much for the jews but realize how little these fellows matter to their own supposed constituencies

  12. AG Barr is interested in helping. These politicians are great public servants and for the most part they are top rate! We need them and they’re very good. This session isn’t indicative of anything other than visiting the community and hearing from the people. It doesn’t need the electricity of the elected officials. They’re needed for other things! However, nobody should seek to diminish all that they tirelessly do and accomplish for our community. They’re more dedicated than any other politician in the country; hands down.

  13. A search shows that in March Barr met with Agudah in Rockland County. I saw no mention about elected politicians attending. In other words, Barr is focusing on the topic of concern instead of allowing it to be hijacked by partisan politics and politicians (a concern more serious now than then due to the media diversion to impeachment and related junk).

  14. real scoop; this was arranged by niederman ( gets credit for that kind of clout) bpjcc just let him use their conference room which is limited to about 10 seats

  15. Who are the machers behind this meeting. In the past we have been lead astray by these big shots who have their
    Own agenda that do not represent the best interest of the klal. These same people helped DeBlasio And other inept politicians get elected. How has that worked out for us?

  16. To be fair Chaim Deutsch has been a bit better and stood up and voted on principle against the political winds and hoity movers and hackers on a couple of occasions .
    Felder has also done so some years back before he sold himself to get back into party graces.

  17. Where do Shomrim or elected officials come in? The AG was trying to reassure the community, and for that no shomrim member was needed. Nor was any elected official, who although might do great Askunes for the Klal, they still aren’t leaders. Had the Anti Vaxers used Shomrims letterhead for their messages YWN wouldn’t have felt the need to come out…