WATCH IT: Orthodox Jews Interviewed On Official Trump SnapChat Account


A group of Orthodox Jews made it to the official Trump SnapChat account on Tuesday.

The group were filmed at the Trump rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

In 2017, Trump became the first U.S. president to formally join Snapchat.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These boys have the appearance of being yeshiva boys given their age , albeit not by their dress. I wonder if their menahel gave them permission to go to such an event?

  2. “Together we will make America wealthy again… We will do this by cutting food stamps, Medicaid, CHIP, and other social welfare programs [on which many frum Jews rely]. Because only poor people need this help, and poor people are losers. Meanwhile we’ll cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans, since they’re rich, and rich people are winners!! America cares most about winners, not losers!!!”

  3. @m you’re talking like people are born rich or are born poor and have no mobility. In truth, people are born into various circumstances, which do affect their level of wealth, at least to start with. However, they can change their status from poor to lower middle class, from lower to upper middle class, and from middle class to wealthy, etc. The opposite is also true. The problem is that currently, being poor is incentivized by food stamps, medicaid, section 8, etc., causing poor people to not want to make more money since they are afraid of losing their benefits. Meanwhile, wealth is deincentivized, which can slow the economy, since those who are poorer or middle class don’t want to work to become wealthy.
    So yes, in a sense rich and middle class people are winners. Through siyata dishmaya and hard work, they win their money. Meanwhile, poor people are forced into dependence on the government so that they’ll keep voting Democrat in order to stay afloat.

  4. @M The point is, that if you are wealthy you don’t need food stamps. When the President boasts that x number of people are now off-food stamps, that means that they are now earning much more money, have a job, and a life!
    So, you would rather take bribe money from Nadler and the Reshoim in democratic party?

  5. lkwdstrong – from your comments I take it you’re an upper middle class person that doesn’t care very much about poor people, including many in our community. Have a happy life!