WATCH: Ex-Convict Ehud Olmert Joins Abbas To Denounce Trump Peace Plan


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and former Prime Minister and convict Ehud Olmert held a joint press conference in New York on Tuesday where they denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan.

The televised address came just hours after Abbas said the U.S. initiative strengthens “the apartheid regime” during a fiery speech at the United Nations Security Council.

Olmert and Abbas held negotiations during the former’s term as prime minister. Olmert was forced to resign a decade ago ahead of a corruption indictment that later sent him to prison for 16 months.

In a nothing but laughable statement, Abbas said he “wishes to resume negotiations with you, Mr. Olmert, under the umbrella of the International Quartet.”

Perhaps Mr. Abbas needs to be reminded, that Mr. Olmert is no longer a Prime Minister. Additionally, he might need a reminder that it was he (Abbas) that walked away from those negotiations.

“The only partner in the Palestinian community that represents the Palestinian people and has manifested that he’s prepared to negotiate,” Olmert said at the onset of his speech. “Unfortunately, we didn’t reach an agreement,” he added, referring to the 2008 talks that ended abruptly after corruption charges against the former prime minister surfaced.

“He [Abbas] is a man of peace, he is opposed to terror and therefore he is the only partner that we can build [peace] with.”

Ambassador Danon issues the following video message in response:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Mr Olmert should be sent right back where he came from. Private Citizens have no business getting involved in Foreign Policy. It’s a crime in every “normal” country. As a side note, if he couldn’t get the job done as PM he definitely can’t get it done as a convicted offender. Please stick to something you can actually get done (except breaking the law)

  2. Lol. On the same page that you’re celebrating the lack of education reform, you write that someone is an ex-convict? Does that mean he is no longer a convict? I have no opinion either way on the man I’m just amused by the grammar.