Man Who Helped Stop Monsey Attacker REFUSES $20,000 Award Due To “Zionist Organizations”


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The man who helped catch the suspected Monsey attacker back was recognized Thursday night at an event in Williamsburg, not just for his heroic actions that day, but also for refusing to accept money from “Zionists”.

Josef Gluck was supposed to receive a $20,000 reward from the Jewish Federation of Rockland County and the Anti-Defamation League. However, Gluck told News12 that “after consulting with his rabbi, he decided to reject that money because he says it comes from Zionist organizations that don’t represent the beliefs and values of their community.”

“I was not willing to offer my soul for $20,000”, Gluck told News12.

Instead, $20,000 was raised from community members and presented to Gluck at a ceremony in Williamsburg on Thursday night.

YWN notes that another man, a despicable self-hating Jew named David Feldman, who has kissed vicious anti-Semites such as Ahmadinejad was also invited to this event and was  interviewed by News12. The home of this man burned down two months ago in Monsey. This individual is well-known, as he constantly meets with Jew haters and anti-Semites across the globe, and is seen in most of their videos at protests around the world, speaking for the cameras. He has been photographed hugging and kissing terrorists that call for the destruction of Israel, including the leaders of Iran.


  1. Chossid Shoitah. While Mr. Gluck may be a hero, he and so many others have no clue how the Federation in Rockland have been sticking out their necks defending the Chassidishe community against the Pete Bradleys of the world, but to name a few. Now, when the entire Monsey community needed all the help it can get whether from the Federation or the ADL, wasn’t the time to play politics. You don’t want to accept the money, that’s your business, you could have donated it to numerous causes in town, but the fallout from this myopic publicity stunt, was a lost opportunity to create a Kiddush Hashem.

  2. Why does YWN produce any news story that is defamatory to a Yid? If his shitta isn’t congruent with most of the Klaal, that’s his shitta. Why YWN must present it with its usual negative spin is incongruent with Toras Hashem. It’s shameful and wrong and serves no positive purpose other than to promote disgust for other Jews! This will not gain you access to Gan Eden.

  3. what does feldman have to do with gluck? why mention it? Here you have a person who is refusing a nice sum of money which I’m sure he could use, all because he is following the psak of his Rebbe. Would you have the conviction to do that? To refuse money from any organization? Or would you construe some heter for why it’s really ok?

  4. A self hating Jew means someone that hates Jews, not someone that hates Zionists. You’ve got the definition mixed up since I don’t think that this Feldman hates Jews, or else he wouldn’t have been at an event which honours Jews…

  5. Another correction: Gluck did not “help stop”. he single handedly stopped the whole attack .Give credit where credit is due, whether or not he has different political views then you…

  6. From all the shuls in NYS HaShem directed this mad man to attack the place where they think Israel shouldn’t exist because Jews are safe in the diaspora. Go figure. If this wasn’t a warning from Shamayim then i don’t know what is.

  7. ooooooh, he is soooooo idealistic. and I thought that all the stupid idealistic people were on the left with the liberal looneys…..
    Well we learn something new every day…..

  8. There is an endless parade of people who look just like this guy coming into my shule every day and shnuring for my Zionist gelt and unfortunately they don’t seem to have the same problem with integrity as this individual does.

  9. But these filthy traitorous self hating NETUREI KARTA sewer rats like the late Moshe Hirsch (shem reshaim yirkav) have no problem receiving money from bloody anti semitic murderous terrorist organizations like the PLO as was revealed that the late sewer rat Moshe Hirsch recieved a monthly salary from the PLO as a minister for Jewish affairs

  10. We should continue ignoring these things for the sake of avoiding machlokes and hillul Hashem until this movement grows and things get worse. Then we won’t be able to ignore it anymore and the hillul Hashem will be greater. Great plan.

  11. IDIOT. If it wasn’t for those “Zionists” you’d be in the oven now. Don’t ever come to visit the Medina . You are not welcome. Enjoy the current uprising against the Jews. Don’t call us.

  12. So he is being true to his beliefs.
    That is very inspiring.
    I may not agree with beliefs, but it is a lesson I can learn from.
    Thank you for reporting it.

  13. Good for him, how many people would have the integrity to say no to $20,000 when it comes from a source his rebbe tells him not to accept it from. Very unfair to imply that he has a connection in any way to people who embrace Ahmadinejad .

  14. Don’t mix up the 2 there were machlokes between our gedolim, if it was permitted to take money from the medina, then there is a cult called natura karti.
    The problem by not taking the money is that there are so many that look at this as a chilul hashem. so if he asked his rabbi then he surly needed to listen to him, but the question is. Was this something that should have been out on the news or kept qiutely

  15. To all the pro responders… the issue isn’t that he didn’t accept the money, he is welcome to do whatever he likes. The issue is to go on TV and create more hatred to Klal Yisrael and to Etretz Yisrael, is unforgivable and a tremendous Chilul HaShem. The Satmar Rebbe (r Yoel) was approached by a Sonai Yisrael politician who shared the rebbes hatred for medinas Yisrael (r”l), but he was wise enough not to support him. When his chasidim asked why, he explained. I hate zionists because of their Goyishkeit, he hates them because of their Yiddishkeit.

    While I do not agree at all with his Hashkafa, he was wise enough not to display it to other haters.

  16. I don’t understand why people are so impressed that he is serious about his convictions, there are so many bad people that are just as serious even to the point of killing themselves.
    The main question is if what he did is smart and right or dumb and wrong.

  17. What’s the big deal he got the money anyway. To all that are disgusted with his public display and behavior ask the shnorrers from Satmer if they support this behavior and if they do tell them to collect from “their own” . Personally I think their behavior on multiple fronts causes as much chillul Hashem as the secular Israeli’s but the big difference is the secular Israeli’s put their very lives at risk and work hard to pay for those that only take . If he truly wanted to make a kiddush Hashem he would have taken the money and publicly given it to tzedaka because of his shittas but these guys are so fake that he couldn’t turn away the money so the “leaders” arranged this bizayon.

  18. 2 questions Did he know he was getting 20k from his friends before refusing the money?
    Would he have taken the money from Hamas if it was offered?

  19. He didn’t refuse the $20,000 .. he refused the $20,000 from the Federation and the ADL …he actually grabbed the 20,000 with both hands from the poor yiddelich from Williamsburg…
    He has a very strong connection to the Rasha Feldman and Feldman was at the event in Williamsburg when they gave Feldman his $20,000 ….Feldman invited the media to this even to bad mouth the medinah …
    to say that he refused the $20,000 … a lie ..