HORRIFIC DISCOVERY! “Shaimos” Found Inside Soles Of Hundreds Of Pairs Of Slippers In Uman [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A Breslover man visiting Uman made a grisly discovery while purchasing a pair of slippers.

The man decided to have the slippers checked for Shatnez, and inside the sole of the slippers, pages from Seforim were found stuffed inside.

The man decided to investigate this further, and found hundreds of pairs of slippers that were made this way, and were for sale in stores in and around Uman.

(YWN World Headquarters- NYC)


  1. keep on going to this jewish blood soaked country keep on pumping jewish money into their economy
    as uman has become the biggest mitzvah of the century
    superceding the 3 averos chamurus
    sick people
    we have become a religion of segulas and kaballah
    everything but a blatt gemara

  2. If after repeated episodes of physical verbal assaults on those attending the annual new age festival in Uman haven’t deterred tens of thousands of Nachmanites, why would a minor episode of shaimos in slippers be a relevant factor. They will probably rationalize it by saying, “Well, its probably a supply chain issue with the regular provider of linings for the slippers and anyway, its NO big deal, since B’H, there was no shatnes”

  3. what do you expect from ukrainians? they hate us and tolerate us only for money….
    bring R. Nachman to Israel and stop giving money to antisemites!

  4. As a Breslover this will convince me not to buy slippers in Uman but if course will not stop me going to Uman. In fact it helps to explain why we go specifically to Uman. We already know that Uman is the darkest place in the world, the centre of the Haidemak massacres, the haskala, massacres by German forces. The big lake we do tashlich at was a place thousands of jews were killed in WW2. Rebbe Nachman says we need to bring light into the darkest place. It is because terrible things like this happen, including this disgusting painful episode with the slippers, that we need to go there to bring some light. It means so much when a simple jew comes to Uman and says tehillim, or cries out to Hash-m about this slippers episode or tries to find the good in another Jew. Uman Rosh Hashana- a new light emerges in the darkest place.