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Dr. Shimshi Zimmerman just released an urgent message. Dr Zimmerman is the Medical Director of all of NYC Hatzalah, the Medical Director of Lakewood Hatzalah and the Medical Director of Boro Park Center.

Please take this urgent message serious as it is Pikuach Nefesh! Dr Zimmerman says Hatzolah is seeing younger and healthy people in critical condition intubated, on respirators in the ICU’s. Multiple people have already died from within our community. The ICU’s are full to capacity.

“Do not go to Shul! Do not gather for small Minyanim in backyards and driveways! Please practice EXTREME social distancing!”

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please be advised Maimonides hospital is running very low on testing swabs for Coronavirus and will now be able to only test patients who require admission to the hospital.
Dr. Shimshi Zimmerman
Dr. John Marshall, Chairman Emergency Medicine

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Meanwhile, the Satmar Williamsburg Kehilla in Kiryas Yoel hung up posters that Kriyas Hatorah will be in the outside yard of their Batei Midrashim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. tell this doctor simply ” AT THIS POINT THERE NO CORONAVIRUS DEATHS AMONG OUR CHARADE COMMUNITIES ” and he should stop putting our communities in panic!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all have our family doctors and personal Rebbes and every charade jew should follow their own guider in Ruchniyos and medical advice, the Deaths he is talking about ware PANIC HEART attack !!!
    use this as a warning that a new ”CHARADE HATZOLAH” will be established if this does not stop at once !!!!

  2. Rabbosei!! It is as obvious as can be that one major area that we need to fix up is our Tefilla. If we are still davening the same way as before the virus hit our community then we need serious spiritual help. That may very well be one of the BIG messages that Hashem is trying to tell us. He IS trying to get us to daven better. MUCH BETTER. We don’t realize how much our “little” Tefillos accomplish. It’s not a time for humility. OUR TEFILLOS COUNT – SO WE MUST DAVEN AND WE MUST SAY TEHILLIM. What else are you doing sitting around at home?? May Hashem listen to our Tefillos in this Eis Tzara L’ Yaakov. Vhu Rachum Yechaper Uvoin.

  3. every single Posek in America, based on the unanimous agreement of every single doctor in the United States has stated the dangers of the coronavirus, and Paskened that no on should Daven in a Shul or Minyan. (YWN)
    YWN ones & for all stop spreading lies & hate among us!

  4. This is insanity. In the same instant the medical director of Hatzalah is pleading with yidden NOT to hold even small group davening inside or OUTSIDE, the gaaboim at Satmar announce they will go ahead with their davening and karisas hotorah but in the outside courtyard. What will it take for these fools to get the message and protect the lives of their tzibur.

  5. You read stories about the war when people fled from Poland to Hungary and tried to warn the yidden living there bout the Nazis ym”sh. Not only did they not believe the warnings, but the ridiculed the people who tried to warn them.

    It is so painful to see a similar thing happening here. Death is on its way, chas vshalom, and those who were hit first (ChHina and Italy as well as the CDC and WHO) have sent us warnings, but so many people not only ignore the warnings, but they laugh.

    Is anyone laughing now? Just the opposite. Read it and weep: “Hatzolah is seeing younger and healthy people in critical condition intubated, on respirators in the ICU’s. Multiple people have already died from within our community. The ICU’s are full to capacity.”

    If you don’t wake up and change your behavior NOW, you are contributing to this plague and you have blood on your hands. Because this is just the beginning of this outbreak. Just the beginning. Daven that it shouldn’t be so, and take ACTION so it shouldn’t be so.

  6. There is a story of the Ben Ish Chai which is helpful rather than sensational and frightening.
    The Ben Ish Chai once encountered the malach hamaves outside the city, and the malach hamaves told him that he was on his way to the city to bring about an epidemic.
    The Ben Ish Chai asked him how many people he was going to kill, and the malach hamaves replied: 5000.
    Indeed, shortly afterwards there was an epidemic in the city, but the toll was 15,000.
    Upon meeting the malach hamaves again, the Ben Ish Chai complained, “you told me you were going to kill only 5000, while 15,000 died!”
    The malach hamaves replied: “I only killed 5000 – the other 10,000 died of the fear…”