WATCH: The Kosel Stands Almost Empty due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus on Erev Shabbos Vayikra 5780


A live report on the desolate silence as the Kotel stands almost empty due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Residents like Old City tour guide Tzvi Satt @secretsoftheoldcity try to maintain a presence there all the while abiding to the social distancing guidelines.


  1. who cares about the kotel which is just an outside wall to Har Habayit. The Shechinah is alone on Har Habayit. There is no one there to visit him. We have an obligation to bring the Korban pesach this year which will surely stop the Magefah but jews have been too complacent all these years. Wake up people. Hashem wants his mikdash built even without Mashiach אמר רב אחא זאת אומרת שבית המקדש עתיד להיבנות קודם למלכות בית דוד (ירושלמי מעשר שני ה:ב. Its quite simple וַיִּבֶן שָׁם דָּוִד מִזְבֵּחַ לַיקֹוָק וַיַּעַל עֹלוֹת וּשְׁלָמִים וַיֵּעָתֵר יְקֹוָק לָאָרֶץ וַתֵּעָצַר הַמַּגֵּפָה מֵעַל יִשְׂרָאֵל. Please wake up and come to Israel. There is no Halacha that says you can stay in Golus until Mashiach.