WATCH: News12 Reporter Blaise Gomez Says Kiryas Joel Yeshiva Open; NY State Police Say It’s legal


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The following is from the Facebook page of News 12 reporter Blaise Gomez.

YWN notes that Gomez is well-known in the Jewish community, running round trying to find stories in the Jewish community. Many of her stories prompt hundreds of anti-Semitic comments on her social media platforms and make their way around other hate outlets in Upstate NY.

“We saw children at windows inside the United Talmudical Academy in Kiryas Joel this morning – despite the state’s executive order, closing schools in New York. Following our arrival, other children walking toward school, with books in hand, or being driven in were turned away by several men standing outside. A viewer also sent us a photo of children standing outside UTA this morning, which I will post in the thread.

“We have calls out to County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Kiryas Joel School Superintendent Joel Petlin for comment.

“**UPDATE** State Police arrived while we were here and said they do not have the authority to go in the school to confirm if children are inside and why. The troopers further stated that schools are allowed to stay open for childcare purposes, and that even without knowing why children are here, it’s a legal loophole that makes it difficult to enforce the executive order.”

Sure enough, as of this YWN story there are over 200 comments on her Facebook page. The following is a video on her Facebook page followed by a small a sample of what the rest of the 200+ comments say.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. NY State Police Say It’s legal ?. Only in a fascist state Police decides on legality of yeshivas or other religious institutions.

  2. all these reporters and yes, hizzoner , mayor deblazio do this out of love. albeit tough love. it seems that the Holy Torah is really a thorn in their eyes. nobody really complained when the beaches, because that is OK with the Yetzer Horah. interesting to watch as to who id complaining.

  3. they are unfortunately right. There is NO reason they should be open! They are creating MORE chilul Hashem. and they SHOULD be closed down with serious consequences so more people dont follow in there footsteps.
    I work in boropark and they opened up cheders…. What the heck is goin on!!!!! i think the chasidish community is ignorant or just…. idk what. they need to wake up! bc they are making a chilul Hashem for all of us!

  4. Enough of all this hate and Kfira !! If you wanna know real daas Torah I’d advise you all to listen to what R Pinchos Frankel had to say by calling 712-775-7029 access code 775011825# recording #79

  5. What on earth is going on. That’s two in 24 hours, what an embarrassment they are bringing to us. The damage will be deep and last for years.

  6. The Chasam Sofer writes that the only way to combat a pandemic is through getting together and learning torah. Over all generations, yidden were moser nefesh for torah and B”H that we are doing the same now too..

  7. The chasiddishe community has the closest thing to herd immunity, hence the lack of any subsequent outbreak be it after 2500 attended a funeral or the opening of Shuls etc. I also believe that it’s the least likely place for anyone to get the virus as almost everyone you speak to has had it already.Not that I condone the lack of social distancing. (Just some food for thought)

  8. I defended the mayor for the Jewish community comment for exactly this reason. Whether right or wrong there are people looking for any reason to attack our community we don’t have to help them by doing these types of things.

  9. Just like all other communities, the Jewish people are also allowed to have daycare centers open. There are hundreds of daycare centers for everyone around the city besides the Jewish people .

  10. please have someone teach you the meaning of chilul hashem. opening a shul or cheder is not chilul hashem, on the contrary, whereas going to the authorities is a grave aveira.

  11. Headline is misleading, police said they have no way of knowing if its illegal, they didnt say iys legal. You know its illegal

  12. What exactly did they do wrong here ???

    Yes , IT is a legal to send away kids for a few hours a day , And we should , and may utilize it …

  13. The FACT is that covid 19 does not cause death to children under 18, so this is a LIE what the mayor and others are constantly saying that “this is for the safety of our children” if that was true, then schools should be closed for every flu season.

  14. 1. Are having students learning in a yeshiva now posing any danger to anyone?
    2. Are all of the governor’s executive orders legal?
    3. Did this reporter do this story in the interest of protecting people or to promote more anti-semitism?
    4. Should yeshivas be allowed open and how can that be achieved “legally”? Where is the state legislature?

  15. Bochur from lakewood- I would like to listen to Rabbi frankels speech but the recording told me the shiur is password protected. Any ideas?

  16. To hershh
    The law about congregating whether you or I agree with it or not was made to protect our lives. This law was not rescinded. Therefore anyone opening up a yeshiva at the present time is not only violating the law, but is violating dina dmalcusa dina, violating the laws of vnishmartem meod lenafshosachem, and causing a massive chillul hashem. In addition askanim are involved behind the scenes to help for certain inyonim. These types of actions only hurt our cause.

  17. I think what everyone here is saying is that- True childcare is legal permitted, but, if its in a Yeshiva, where they might teach something useful, it becomes illegal. Because the State only meant that children should be running around the school building, or running around a newly opened beach or crowding in a park to watch an air show, Not G-d forbid reading a book or listening to someone else talk. No, that would spread the virus, especially if its the “Hasidics”.
    Just remember that when you ask the governor to enforce life preserving regulations on the most pro life community, you are calling on someone who (famously) announced “if you’re pro life, you don’t belong in New York”!

  18. For once and for all- doing a mitzvah can never be a chilul Hashem! Only an avaira is. Some people have forgotten since it has been so long that learning and davening with a minyan are actually mitzvos hence no chilul Hashem! Stop screaming chilul Hashem and maaras ayin! If you do you are a misguided ignoramus!

  19. 1. Chillul H’!!! And hisgarus be’Umos!
    MosheinGolus, hershh and company, if a group of frume Yidden were to (c”v) hold up a bank in broad day light, you would claim it is no chillul H’ — just some anti-Semites and self-hating Jews condemning the Yidden for trying to make a living.

  20. To DovidApt (and all those trying to listen to R’ Frankel’s speech)- Im sorry but it seems that the recording has been locked. I dont know who did it. If I have any other way to listen to it I will try to update you. #A_shud

  21. Update: You can hear R’ Frankel’s Speech by dialing 212-444-1900 and then after listening to the ad entering 643105# There is a clip of a Dr. speaking and then the rav’s speech. It is abt 40 minutes long but well worth it. UMITZVA LEFARSEM!!

  22. I’m sure they are doing nothing wrongs, however I am sure this little shiksala is busy harassing people!

    She should have a misa mishuna!

  23. Mommy 10 (and Moshe Unger), It is a danger for children to be near each other because they can get the virus without having symptoms themselves and then potentially pass it on to someone who is vulnerable and could ch”v die. That is why children are in quarantine too and that is why the government closed schools.
    The above fact notwithstanding, that lady is out to get the Jewish community. Day care is allowed to be open for children of essential workers.
    A wish for all:”v’nega lo yikrav b’’ahalecha”

  24. If you listen to the actual recording here (which I’d much prefer YWN to give only the audio of, not the video!!) the reporter describes was told by a parent that only select private tutors active. So that is completely within the rules.
    And she herself says how she saw staff members turning parents away.

    So, not knowing anything about this reporter or the great context, I wouldn’t have thought this report is particularly pejorative at all. Though her attitude in it is slightly. But the comments obviously reveal clear anti-Semitism.

    This is due, partly, to the unfortunate reality that people’s perception of an article (or more) are dramatically shaped by their interpretation of the headline alone.

  25. As working with Healthcare centers I saw that she has symptoms of the corona virus and is the biggest carrier running from one place to another .I called in her office snd they said she does not have it but they did not have proof.

  26. > ah yid

    Using your point I would argue as follows:

    What law? This is an executive order, not a “law”. The actual “dina dmalcusa dina” is the Constitution of the United States, and if this executive order violates the provisions of the Constitution of the United States, then following the executive order violates “dina dmalcusa dina”.

    “vnishmartem meod lenafshosachem”
    Who says this is an effective “vnishmartem meod lenafshosachem”? Plenty of highly qualified experts disagree with this. I took enough pre-med courses in the university to understand their point as they argue just like my professors at the university argued.

  27. let it be clear- the concept of dina dmalchusa dina is only on monetary issues. when they close a school or a shul – you don’t listen. if they make laws that are aimed at Yidden, even unofficially, no dina dmalchisa. if they ignore open beaches but close chadorim you can see against who these laws were made.

  28. Just in case you didn’t know… Chilul Hashem refers to when a Jew disobeys the Torah…. Not when a Jew is learning torah when the government disallows it..