INSANE: Williamsburg Park Doors WELDED SHUT To Keep Children Out; Thousands Protest Just Blocks Away [VIDEOS]

Thousands of protesters gathered on Sunday in Brooklyn in support of "black trans lives"

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The NYC Parks Department was in Williamsburg on Monday morning, and were seen welding the doors of shut at the Middleton Playground (Lynch Park) – to make sure that children shouldn’t be able to play in the park.

Meanwhile, besides the fact that many parks around the city are being used all day long (as documented previously by YWN), thousands of protesters were permitted to gather in Brooklyn on Sunday to support “black trans lives”.

Reporters will be unable to ask the Mayor about this on Monday, as all previously scheduled events for the Mayor – including his daily press conference – have been cancelled. According to multiple reports, Mayor Deblasio is suffering from a stomach ache today and will be staying home.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What’s the hiddush. For the last millenia, we have always been the unprivileged, whom the privileged feel they have a right and duty to persecute. It was the non-discrimination in America (back when American was great) that was exceptional. The Democrats opposed that exceptionalism, so why are we surprised.

  2. Can’t wait for all the Williamsburg bashers to start their rants about “Dina d’malchusa” and “chillul Hashem”
    Most Williamsburgers don’t even have a backyard to play in, and Prospect Park was teeming with people yesterday, so please think before you criticize your fellow Jew.

  3. do not worry, our local politicians and askanim are on top of the situation and are working day and nite for us . just vote for this and that one LOL.

  4. I have a non-Jewish business aquaticance who lives near the frum parts of Williamsburg. He is very liberal and not the type of person to ever take the side of Williamsburg Chasidim, Yet to my surprise he told that even he is so appalled by the obvious double standards and persecution of Williamsburg Chasidim by NYC that he feels he has to make mention of it

  5. Playgrounds are closed all over the city, in my neighborhood in South Brooklyn, every single one is closed. Why should Williamsburg be any different?

  6. Why are the playgrounds shut? There’s going to be a 2nd through 5th wave as they let the Democrats “rally” in the streets and let all travelers in from all over the United States who live in states that have done NOTHING at all but claim to be conservative christians and that was enough for them.

  7. Just took an afternoon run. Passed by three playgrounds in my neighborhood all of them were closed not a single child in them What makes the people of Williamsburg think they are so special that they feel that they can trespass on city property. I am glad it was welded shut they should keep it like that until the end of the summer.

  8. JakeL June 15, 2020 1:19 pm at 1:19 pm
    Time to move OOT. More freedom in the midwest, for example, here where I live, BH.

    please use BP movers if u move,very nice people and do a great job

  9. This story is false. No, the park doors were NOT welded shut. The PLAYGROUND doors were. Yes, “many parks around the city are being used all day long”. That is because all parks are OPEN, and have always been open. They never closed. And no park in Williamsburg is closed either. All playgrounds in NYC are closed, so Williamsburg and Boro Park are no different. There is no discrimination, no antisemitism, just a policy which may be wrong and may be stupid, but it’s being kept consistently.

    You are of course completely correct to point out that protests for a cause the mayor and governor support are being illegally exempted from all regulations, while they are being viciously enforced on protests and rallies that the authorities don’t like. When health “experts” tell us that anti-shutdown protests are killing people, then they turn on a dime and say that BLM protests are fine, and then turn again and say that Trump rallies are once again killing people, we know what game is being played.

    And since we now know (per the CDC “experts”) that the virus does NOT persist on objects, there is no reason for playgrounds to be closed. But get the facts straight. This is not antisemitism, it’s just stupidity.

  10. As rav avigdor miller wrote once printed here on ywn..”liberals are reshaim gemurim”

    weld prospect park shut then come weld lynch park

  11. To, WgFPD2: Just wondering if you know that there aren’t too many families around the city with as many children per family as families in Williamsburg have. Furthermore, what’s the difference if the playgrounds are closed elsewhere? If it’s a double standard, it’s a double standard. If so many protesters can be together, often without any face covering, why can’t children play? In any case, we don’t need to answer for other people who sit with their 1-2 kids, watching TV, and compare them to 12 kids in Williamsburg, of which a majority don’t have any digital entertainment.

  12. WgFPD2
    And I’ve seen them open; what is the difference between Prospect Park and Williamsburg??
    Dumb Chassid hater that you are. They hate you as much as they hate me, – if your’e Jewish that is.

  13. Maybe this is a good idea. Let the protesters get sick, as they are nothing to lose, yet the Jewish children have value, therefore we must stop them from catching the virus.

    No, you have not seen any playgrounds open (except the ones that people broke into). There is no difference between Prospect Park and Williamsburg. All parks in Williamsburg are open, just like Prospect Park. ALL PLAYGROUNDS IN PROSPECT PARK ARE CLOSED.