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SOCIALIST DEBLASIO’S NYC: Weekly Shootings Soared A Shocking 358%!

It’s a good thing Socialist NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio got rid of all those dangerous plainclothes anti-crime cops last week, and a good thing DeBlasio called for “defunding the police”.

New York City shootings over the last seven days skyrocketed by more than 358 percent compared with the same time period in 2019, from just 12 last year to 55 in 2020, according to NYPD data News 4 reported Monday.

A total of 74 people were wounded in the 55 shootings, at least 19 of them injured in more than a dozen shootings across the five boroughs on Saturday alone. Most of that gunfire was in the Bronx; four of those shootings were in Brooklyn, two in Queens and one in Manhattan, the NYPD said.

Those numbers include a 24-hour period on Saturday that recorded about two dozen shootings in that time frame, the NYPD spokesperson confirmed.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Monday morning that skyrocketing shooting numbers are “just the latest symptom” of a much bigger problem.

“I hope I’m not the only one – it takes a long time to turn a ship – that sees the iceberg directly in front of us,” Shea told NY1 on Monday morning. “We’ve been trending this way for a while.”

“We had a hundred shootings in May – first time we hit that number in probably five years. We were trending up before COVID hit on shooting,” he said. “The shame of this is I’ve been warning people since November or December that this is coming. A month or two ago, I told you that there is a storm on the horizon.”

Shea emphasized the need to have “hard conversations” about quality-of-life issues and said, “nearly every shooting” that occurred over the weekend involved marijuana, alcohol and dice games.

“We cannot step away from quality of life policing. And we also need to support our police officers that are out there doing a very difficult job,” he said. “We cannot expect the police to go out there and fix laws that are broken. We cannot stop our way out of this problem. We need bad people held accountable and right now we have a lack of accountability.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. not to worry, we need to correct a racial issue going back 400 years. let them steal burn, and let’s not forget it’s all our fault

  2. A socialist would want all the shootings to be by the police. He is really a capitalist, encouraging private sector murder and mayhem.

  3. And like de Blasio said of himself, he’s the one of the greatest mayors this city has ever had. Him, Lindsay, Beame and Dinkins! And he’s right! It’s just he translates the word “greatest” differently.

  4. gitt, even if your premise were true (which it isn’t), and the UK’s lower murder rate were the result of its lack of liberty (which it isn’t), what holiday are we Americans celebrating a week from this Shabbos? Yes, we will be thanking Hakodosh Boruch Hu for our liberties, honoring our founders who went to war to protect those liberties, and pledging to go to war again if necessary to defend them. Liberty is more important than human life, and we are willing to kill as many people as it takes in order to prevent anyone from turning this back into the UK. Any attempt by the government to ban guns will immediately spark the next civil war, and you will not win it.

  5. I’m not sure I completely agree with akuperma, but he’s close to the truth. It is important to realize that people use the s-word (that is, “socialism’) too much. DeBlasio has never advocated that government own the means of production. If he does not want that, he is no socialist. In fact, I cannot think of any Democrat who advocates government ownership of the means of production. No Republican, either.

  6. Mr Wilhelm also “didn’t have enough” police to protect, after Chanukah string of Anti Jewish attacks, but “found” plenty in his childish vengeful wild behaviour to attack exclusively orthodox Jewish areas, only because he was upset.

  7. After tragedy of Floyd’s killing. Came another tragedy. The all out anti police incitement. The demonization of ALL police is so sinful as well as dangerous.

  8. Bozo has completely lost control of the city. Between the daily protests, the nightly fireworks barrage, the shootings, burglaries and crime in general up up and
    Up he should just resign and fly off to Cuba where he belongs. Stores who were looted in midtown are not restocking because they worry that the cops are ignoring any calls that might involve a chokehold.

  9. this filthy traitorous America hating sewer rat is not a socialist,but a bona fide communist bolshevik,moreover unfortunately the new DemonRat party has been hijacked and taken over by extreme leftist socialist America haters,and if God forbid that demented hair sniffing pervert Biden get’s into the white house,it is all over for this once great nation as it is obvious that this guy is suffering from the onset of dementia or alzheimers and will not serve for long and will be replaced with his vice president who will be either that angry communist Elizabeth Warren or that extreme black America hater Camela Harris,

    my friends if God forbid that happens ,we better start packing our bags and go back to our God given land of Eretz Yisroel;

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