Boro Park Shomrim Apprehend Man Who Smashed Windows Of Multiple Shuls & Jewish-Owned Businesses


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Thanks to the fast response by Boro Park Shomrim, a suspect who smashed the windows of multiple Shuls and Jewish-owned businesses, was taken into custody early this morning.

It began when Shomrim received a call on their hotline at around 4:30AM. The caller stated he had just witnessed a man throwing a rock through a storefront at 18th Avenue and 48th Street.

Responding Shomrim volunteers canvassed the streets until they found a man on 18th Avenue and East 2nd Street matching the description of the suspect. The caller was brought to the area, and positively identified the suspect. The NYPD was called, and the man was taken into custody on Ocean Parkway and Avenue H.

Meanwhile, the Shomrim hotline began ringing from various store-owners – and at least two Shuls in the neighborhood – reporting that their windows had been smashed. Shomrim retrieved security-camera footage from multiple locations, and sure enough, it was the same suspect responsible for all the incidents.

He has been charged with vandalism; it does not appear to be hate-related at this point.

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  1. Congrats to Shomrim. They are unarmed, don’t shoot, don’t choke, but they get bad (but innocent until proven guilty) guys anyway. They could teach the NYPD a few things.

  2. He is probably out already so he can break more windows. In the old days you throw him through a window. Breaking shuls is only vandalism since when. Where are the hate crime charges. Where are our politicians.

  3. it indeed is not hate . we have come to learn of a new type of love called Tough love’ coined by crazy deBlazio. nobody does something like this out of hate.use your brains.

  4. @huju That’s comparing apples to bananas. You obviously don’t live here, or don’t follow current events (read: M”N). Shomrim summons NYPD to apprehend the suspect. If NYPD acted as Shomrim, who would NYPD call to apprehend suspects, the National Guard?

  5. Huju: you may have missed the point. The term “tough love” has been around forever. But the way Deblassio uses the term is something new.