CLASH AT CITY HALL: NYPD Arrests Protesters As Council Votes To Defund Police By $1 Billion


Police arrested 3 demonstrators as officials clashed with some protesters calling for the defunding of the NYPD at City Hall Park Tuesday morning hours before the city’s budget is due.

NYPD Chief of police Terence Monahan told the media that one of the arrests was a graffiti attempt.

One officer was also assaulted but suffered minor injuries, Monahan said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m a little confused. Why doesn’t Deblasio allow the peaceful rioters into city hall? What could his concerns possibly be? Also, why so many police outside? Can’t one, maybe two, social workers be positioned there to deescalate any situation?

  2. Shouldn’t we demonstrate how the budget will affect the safety and security of the public by not having police there to protect city hall???

  3. why not shut the NYPD down ? they stand in the way of crime. sometimes it becomes too difficult to steal those large TVs, cops are in the way, so get rid of them. simple solution – no ?

  4. Did they order the cops to make a few arrests to give off the impression that the police still have the capacity to do the job despite the billion dollar cut?

  5. Who cares? let the unappreciated cops go home, and these animals ransack City Hall. The occupants are useless anyway. Let them be subject to there own doing.