Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe Instructs Closure of All Mosdos In Eretz Yisroel


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently spreading wildly again in Israel, the Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe has decided to take a more stringent stance than the government and instruct his Chassidim to close all of the educational institutions throughout the country in a similar fashion to how they acted during the first wave of the virus.

In a letter that went out to all of the Chassidim the Rebbe wrote that due to the increase in confirmed cases of the virus, his followers should adhere to the following list of instructions.

1: Everyone should be on their utmost guard in every way possible so that you don’t Chas Vesholom infect someone else especially when heading to daven or to work.

2: Everyone must wear a mask at all times that covers their mouth and face and is securely fastened and one is not to remove it until you return home.

3: All of the educational institutions including, Talmudei Torah, Yeshivos Ketanos, Yeshivos Gedolos, Kollels Seminars, and kindergartens, will close and switch to learning remotely by utilizing the system that has been established.

4: The Batei Midrashim will stay open for davening only. A limit of 20 people will be allowed at each minyan. After davening no one should stay in the Bais Medrash for any reason.

5: It is highly recommended to return to porch minyanim.

6: One should not visit their parents inside their homes, or visit others in their homes. People should act the same way they did during Pesach.

7: It is best to refrain wherever possible from participating in celebrations. Those who are holding a celebration should invite as few people as possible.

8: People over the age of 60, or others who are in a high-risk category, or people requiring isolation, should not leave their homes for davening, nor for using the mikveh, nor should they join a crowd of any kind. They should daven in open spaces only according to the warnings issued by the Health Ministry.

During the first wave, the Karliner Chassidim were among the most stringent people in the entire country.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. At least one voice of reason and wisdom in a widening sea of ignorance and denial. The government should mandate immediate closure of all mosdos, religious or secular and return briefly to a Pesach level alert until they get a handle on this new outbreak.

  2. Still afraid of something that does not qualify based on Historical Halachah as a plague, responding to politics not plague reality! A plague is something that kills people in numbers that is substantial when did you see someone die in the streets of this.

  3. @Gadolhadorah
    And then you had to come along and drown it out.

    There may be wisdom in going the safest rout, there also may be wisdom in utilizing other methods.

  4. um buddy you saw new york during the outbreak? that doesnt constitute a plague to you?
    also @gadolhadora the capsule system is great and has an extremely low infection rate so theres not much of a reason to close the ones that properly adhere to the guidelines