Woman Arrested For Trying To Attack people With Hammer On Manhattan Street


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A woman was arrested by the NYPD after she was allegedly attacking people with a hammer on a busy Manhattan street on Tuesday morning.

A video posted on Twitter, shows a woman being held down by the NYPD near Rockefeller Center.

The caption on the video read, “Woman was attacking people with a hammer just now in NYC 48th street Rockefeller. NYPD got her.”

It did not appear that anyone was injured in the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Given that de Blasio is going to anyways have her released, it would be more useful just to attack her with her own hammer [A.K.A. giving a taste of her own medicine] instead of wasting time & money arresting her.

  2. Too bad she was in NY. If she would have tried this stunt in any state where people have the right to carry a weapon the police wouldn’t have to hold her down.. She would be down and out forever. No fuss no muss.

  3. @shloimieB
    Apparently not, being that she seems african american, although it is possible that she is Ethiopian jewish or a convert. Why do you ask?

  4. Terrorists do not use hammers. Neither to assassins. This suggests she is insane. Is it proper to report on a fellow human being who is making a fool of themselves in public (and if NYPD is treating her as a criminal and not a meshuganah, that is itself a scandal).