WATCH IT HAPPEN: Stolen SUV Plows Into MTA Bus In Brooklyn; 14 Injured


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A stolen SUV crashed into an MTA bus, sparking a chain-reaction crash that injured 14 people in Brooklyn Thursday evening, police said.

The tan Toyota Highlander slammed into the occupied MTA bus after driving through a stop sign near East 87th Street and Avenue M in Canarsie around 6 p.m., the New York Post reported.

Watch the footage below of the accident happen, and then the second video taken at the scene seconds after the crash happened.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Actually Deblasio should be sued for all the injuries for allowing these animals to roam the streets. Its like an owner of a zoo who sets his animals free to wreak havoc, will be held accountable so too de blasio should be held accountable

  2. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone call De’blasio, Cuomo, AOC ASAP!!!!!
    1. A white officer cuffing a black man!!!!!!!!!!!!! All he did was Steal a car an injure 14 people.
    2.Plus, the perp and victims were all black, so it’s permitted (black on black).
    3. If it weren’t for the police chasing him (per commentary on video) this never would have happened.
    4. Must arrest the guy taking the video who mentions “black on black crime”.

    Once again we need to thank G-D for Hatzolah. [over 5 minutes for FDNY response]. We should never need them.