Number Of Israel’s COVID-19 Fatalities Surpass 1,000

Sheba Hospital

Israel’s Health Ministry reported 2,349 new coronavirus cases on Motzei Shabbos. There are currently 26,283 active cases, with 439 seriously ill patients, of whom 128 are ventilated.

Fourteen additional fatalities were recorded on Shabbos, raising the death toll to 1,007. Israeli has now reached the grim milestone of being the 49th country in the world to suffer over 1,000 coronavirus fatalities.

There are currently 877 coronavirus patients hospitalized in Israel’s hospitals.

Israel’s largest city of Jerusalem passed its own grim milestone on Friday when it became the first city to pass over 20,000 coronavirus infections.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


    Deaths from or with COVID-19 in EY since March ’20

    Age Group Deaths %
    70-90 601 62.00%
    90-102 194 20.00%
    50-70 150 15.00%
    30-50 20 2.00%
    5-19 5 1.00%
    Total 970

    Under 70 175
    Under 60 65

    Population of Israel: 9,199,700
    Deaths from cigarette smoking induced cancer since March ’20: approximately 4,000

  2. PleaseStayCalm, apples and orangutans…. You count only deaths and omit infections, in which EY has one of the world’s highest rates in population. You overlook the two-month lockdown, without which the death count would have been much, much higher. And you liken it to smoking-induced cancer, which one can more-or-less avoid by not smoking. Tell us how do to the same with COVID-19. You do deserve credit (not) for not blaming it on Bill Gates.

  3. Thanks again, PleaseStayCalm!
    But WHY oh why are they closing down the economy and the schools???
    So much suffering!
    And in the USA, the government CDC (Center for Disease Control) has published a study that 90(!)% of those who are listed as corona deaths had an average of 2.6 OTHER comorbidities. Meaning only c.10,000 died from the novel corona. Nor to minimize the fact that 10,000 people died, but that is no reason to close down an economy and a school system, from kids who are not affected and do not transmit the disease!!
    In USA, I truly believe there are only two reasons:
    (1) the cost of a vaccine will make BILLION$ for big pharma.
    (2) keeping the economy closed makes it harder for Trump to be Re-elected.
    But why Israel? I really don’t get it!

  4. Time for Gamzu to solely focus his efforts on outlawing these despicable large protests & demonstrations, if he is really serious about curtailing Corona rather than curtailing the Religious.