OUTBREAK IN BALTIMORE: More Than 50 Bochrim At Ner Yisroel Yeshiva Have COVID-19


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Dear Parents and Talmidim

As of tonight over 50 of our Talmidim have tested positive for Covid-19, and many more have been exposed. We expect this number to climb. So far all the cases have been mild, with many Talmidim feeling only few if any symptoms. Each case is being monitored to ensure the best health outcome.

We are working closely with the Baltimore County Department of Health. On Friday we tested the remaining students and staff, and the results are still pending. Once we have the results we will let those who need to isolate or quarantine know. Additionally we will update our parent body tomorrow on what our current numbers are.

The Baltimore County Department of Health defines Quarantine as a full 14 days and Isolation as a full 10 days. Attached is their Self-Quarantine Guide.

Additionally the Yeshiva will be open over the entire Bein Hazmanim providing food and accommodations for all Talmidim who have remained on campus.

We are Mispalel that this outbreak be contained and that those who have the virus not suffer any ill effects.

Wishing you a Gmar Chasima Tova

Rabbi Beryl Weisbord – Mashgiach Ruchni
Rabbi Sheftel Meir Neuberger – Menahel
Rabbi Simcha Cook – Menahel HaMechina

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Sadly they had not been wearing face masks nor social distancing, and with everyone filing past all the Rebbeim 1st nite of R’H, as if nothing is different this year from other years.
    Of-course they implemented face masks & social distancing now, but too late.
    Even more scary, the venerated Rosh yeshiva, Rav Aharon Feldman shlita, 89, having been amongst these Talmidim including R’H, it is scary to say the very least.

  2. People think they can out smart the Virus baltimore was patting itself on the back see! we are so careful and we havent had any cases, silly all your doing is prolonging it you cant escape it same thing in eretz yisroel the lockdowns are just prolonging it

  3. Baltimore should pat themselves on their back. The community, for the most part, has dealt with the virus the way it should. The yeshiva sets itself apart from the community and makes its own rules and standards. Unfortunately, the yeshiva has now placed the entire community at risk. But this is not the Baltimore community’s fault.

  4. All Yeshivas should immediately become a bubble and keep the boys in the dorms until Chanukah. I know they will miss their families but it’s not worth mixing communities from Lakewood, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Florida… When the boys go home and then back to Yeshiva for Simchas Torah covid levels will rise in all communities. Keep bochrim in a bubble in Yeshiva it’s too risky to go home for Bein Hazmanim. All affected should have a Refuah Shelaima and Hashem should restore all communities to good health. Just thoughts of a mother of a Yeshiva Bochur.

  5. I hope both of you noticed the numerous “al cheits” regarding how we use are “mouths” and I assume you are both familiar that written lashon ha’ra qualifies as lashon ha’ra as well.