UPDATED: Heshy Tischler Taken Into Custody, Angry Protest Outside Reporter Jacob Kornblu’s Home [VIDEO]


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Heshy Tischler was taken into NYPD custody, Sunday night, just an hour after Simchas Torah ended.

Tischler announced on Friday that he was informed that he would be arrested on Monday morning, and was told to turn himself in to the 66 Precinct.

Sources tell YWN that police feared that a large crowd would show up at the NYPD 66 Precinct on Monday when he would turn himself in, and decided to preempt that.

The New York City Police Department Warrant Squad tells YWN that they took Harold “Heshy” Tischler into custody. He will be charged with inciting to riot and unlawful imprisonment in connection with an assault of a journalist (Jacob Kornbluh) that took place on October 7, 2020 in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, a large crowd gathered outside the home of Hasidic journalist Jacob Kornbluh, screaming “Moiser” (informant) and calling for him to be ousted from the community. Some chanted “No Heshy, No Peace!”. According to a recording from NYPD radio, Kornbluh called police saying he is in danger.

Kornbluh, who writes for The Jewish Insider, claims that at last weeks protest in Boro Park, he was punched and kicked by an angry crowd who screamed at him, calling him “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

Video footage from two nights ago shows Tischler cornering Kornbluh, calling him a “Rat” and a “Moiser” and encouraging the crowd to do the same – exclaiming, “Everyone say moiser!”

People can be heard yelling “min darf eim hargenen” (We need to kill him).


  1. I truly believe the reason that he’s being jailed, no matter what we hear, is because he insulted the first הונט of New York City and that is NOT an arrestable off offense.

    That being said, just because you have a megaphone and a big mouth, does not mean you represent the people.

  2. Why aren’t the wicked filthy police social distancing from Heshy Tischler? They are breaking the law by not social distancing from Heshi Tischler, in addition to violating his civil rights.

  3. Why can the police arrest someone if there is freedom of speech? This is unconstitutional…very mean that theyblier to him as well about date of arrest.

  4. Police took an oath that they will protect the constitution…police should be answering to authorities that can’t make such an arrest. There is freedom of speech.

  5. In the interest of preventing Chillul Hashem, BP badly needs someone respectable and polished looking and sounding like Dov Hikind, to be a spokesperson. We DONT need anyone All Sharpton-ish to speak for us.

  6. Why do yidden continue to make martyrs of these dumb, publicity-seeking meshugaim?? We don’t need to respond to idiots like deBlasio by publicizing the antics of this foul-mouthed “activist” who contradicts the guidance of our rabbonim and askanim and projects such a disgusting image of yiddeshkeit to the local and national media.

  7. I cannot understand which idiot In the police department thought that pulling this stunt of breaking their agreement made any sense. any intelligent person should know that you don’t abuse the trust with the few people who actually support you. I mean you can say heshy is wrong but this is both disgusting and incredibly stupid a great example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. When i see this i stop wondering why police are so hated now in america i mean gosh seriously how dumb can you be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Let’s get the protests scheduled this week please. I’m not a fan of this guy but massive civil unrest is called for in the wake of the insane anti-semitism being paraded around by government officials in Brooklyn.

  9. DrYidd, what a horrible thing to say. How do you know Hazal wouldn’t have praised him?

    Truthseeker1, incitement is not protected speech. But they were wrong not to honor the agreement to turn himself in, which they would never have done to anyone else.

  10. We can expect an open Ed from Ezra freidlender And other askunim that will explain why we are wrong and we have to suffer so they can get their attention power ……l

  11. He incited a riot and that is an offense! Why there is a double standard, that’s a damning question! Sharpton doesn’t get arrested when he incited riots. He was never arrested for his shenanigans by Tawana Brawly etc. But us Yidden are held to a higher standard as we should be.

  12. Where were all you nice people when he was inciting a crowd to hurt a fellow Jew. It is against the law to yell fire in a crowd. Can we try to remember we are in middle of a worldwide pandemic which has taken so many lives of people we love.

  13. @DrYidd In the times of Chazal and even after that this would be the case with your beloved Blumenthal and his gang:

    רמב”ם, משנה תורה, הלכות חובל ומזיק פרק ח’ הלכה י

    מותר להרוג המוסר בכל מקום ואפילו בזמן הזה שאין דנין דיני נפשות. ומותר להרגו קודם שימסור אלא כשאמר הריני מוסר פלוני בגופו או בממונו. ואפילו ממון קל התיר עצמו למיתה. ומתרין לו ואומרין לו אל תמסור. אם העיז פניו ואמר לא כי אלא אמסרנו מצוה להרגו וכל הקודם להרגו זכה.

  14. רמב”ם, משנה תורה, הלכות חובל ומזיק פרק ח’
    הלכה ט
    אסור למסור ישראל ביד גוי בין בגופו בין בממונו, ואפילו היה רשע ובעל עבירות ואפילו היה מיצר לו ומצערו, וכל המוסרו ביד גוי בין בגופו בין בממונו, אין לו חלק לעולם הבא.
    הלכה י
    מותר להרוג המוסר בכל מקום ואפילו בזמן הזה שאין דנין דיני נפשות. ומותר להרגו קודם שימסור, אלא כשאמר הריני מוסר פלוני בגופו או בממונו ואפילו ממון קל, הרי התיר עצמו למיתה. ומתרין בו ואומרין לו: אל תמסור! אם העיז פניו ואמר לא כי אלא אמסרנו, מצוה להרגו וכל הקודם להרגו זכה.
    הלכה יא
    עשה המוסר אשר זמם ומסר, יראה לי: שאסור להרגו, אלא אם כן הוחזק למסור הרי זה יהרג שמא ימסור אחרים. ומעשים בכל זמן בערי המערב להרוג המוסרים שהוחזקו למסור ממון בני אדם ולמסור המוסרים ביד הגויים לענשם ולהכותם ולאסרם כפי רשעם. וכן כל המיצר לציבור ומצערן מותר למסרו ביד הגויים להכותו ולאסרו ולקנסו אבל מפני צער יחיד אסור לאוסרו. ואסור לאבד ממונו של מוסר ואע”פ שמותר לענשו, שהרי ממונו ליורשיו.

  15. Instigating protests in our communities is WRONG on so so many levels. It causes a tremendous Chillul Hashem, and there is no simple atonement for causing desecration to Hashem’s name!

  16. We need nightly rallies. I like the group that was screaming no Heshy no masks. If everyone took off their masks until Heshy is freed we would get results.

  17. Why do you call Blumenthal a moser? in March – April there were many well meaning people saying that people who opened up shuls, got together for Pesach are causing people to die. On May 11 Lag Bomer I was walking the streets of Boro park. I was shocked to see people dancing holding hands at that time. I’m not that type to call people Roschim but I did think those people were possibly causing other to get sick.

  18. whether Heshy Tischler is my taste or not, he is saying loudly what everyone is thinking. the anti-semitism by dems are aaaawful! however as yidden in galus it was all innappropriate.
    dear velicher choosid: never ever ever should one jew be happy to hear that another jew is locked up.

  19. So the best offense on Tishler is that, Y aren’t we treated as Sharpton and all the other rebel rousers? Whata CHARPA AND A BUSHA!!! And then we wonder why we’re so hated?! Calling cops despicable names when they follow orders “even if we dont like it” is a brazen CHILUL HASHEM! He established a new norm of taking it to the streets. Jews have NEVER done that!
    I was in the park with my kids and a white female turned to me and said “u guys don’t follow the restrictions and spread the virus and then u protest against the police״. I was floored. While it stung, she was telling the bitter truth.
    People are still dying from the virus and Heshy Tishler UNMASKED screams into the face of officers. While arresting him mayb isnt the answer but he sure should be ostracized by EVERY SINGLE DECENT MAN.

  20. When people’s lives are in danger it is absolutely not mesira – people are spreading this disease and it is infecting and killing old people, the same way it isn’t mesira if there is a child predator or a ganav – you call the police. R Yitzchok Zilberstein put out a psak to contact the police if someone refuses to wear a mask in public – it is risking other peoples lives. R Asher Weiss paskened that such a person may be a rotzayach b’shogeg. People must realize this is no game. I’m not saying to live in fear or yell at people who dont listen, but make them aware that they may be helping the spread which can result in someones death if refuse to wear a mask and social distance. The biur halacha in hil tisha baav says wrapping ones nose and mouth helps stop spread of a magaifa, so in case you dont trust science fully- the chafetz chaim you can trust! And it happens to be a halacha in shulchan aruch taht we are chayiv to listen to the doctors when they something. and i think its common sense that social distancing prevents germs from reaching one another. May Hashem send us the vaccine soon! Maybe with the zchus of bein adam lchaveiro and protecting each other bubbies and zaides from this terrible thing Hashem will send us the vaccine.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my comment, just sharing some thoughts!

  21. And besides,
    Did our avos do this ever. In europe the gzeiros were this bad and far worse but we yidden accepted it as from Hashem, a sign that we must fix ourselves. I feel this stuff here shows lack of btachon, not to exclude my own weakness here, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into justifying protests like this.
    If anything be moser nefesh to make private minyanim and talmud torah, like the tana R Akiva, not this nonsense.

    Until mashiach comes he goyim will not ever truly respect us, to not realize this is the mistake of the zionists – some of them had good intentions, but at the end of the day eisav soneh es yaakov, we can only turn to Hashem, no councilman/mayor/governor/president has any real power. We yiddin have the power to talk straight to Hashem and He does answer as I’m sure we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.
    Stay strong yiddin, gutten moed!

    I hope no one feels offended by my post, just sharing my thoughts on this stuff!

    (yes i copied and pasted my comment from the other article, because i feel im making an important point over here!)

  22. BTW don’t know what’s true or not if indeed kornbluth is a moiser than it’s very not pashut he may have had something to do with heshys arrest putting aside heshys retorick a moiser is not a simple thing and in the case that he is a moiser he should be נרדף עד שעול תחתית again I don’t know the facts and the media outlets are not reliable however the matter should be looked into

  23. YITZ… you are treading on very dangerous ground quoting הלכה that one may kill a מוסר. What if someone just does that? it will be you who is the רוצח. Why? Because you did not quote the definition of when it is considered מסירה. From what I’ve read and seen there is no way that if a person puts other lives in danger by not confirming with COVID 19 safety measures put into place by health officials and that person is reported to police, not to be slaughtered or put away into jail but purely to prevent that person or persons to spread the disease further and possible put people into ICU who may eventually succumb, should be rated as a מוסר? Have you gone out of your mind ? Or am I missing something ? Have all those stupid idiots and ליידיגייערס who protested last nite given a thought that some of them may become infected because it’s more important to protest than preserving life. We are dealing with פקוח נפש issues. How dare you incite רציחה ?

  24. Where oh where is a thoughtful leader when we need one? Yes, they are hateful (Tweeting how many tickets were handed out but making special mention of five “religious congregations is an objective example) but we need to have a productive response. A bunch of people yelling without a coherent message is really not helping our cause!

  25. Why hasn’t de Blasio already ordered Heshy Tischler’s immediate release in line with all other prisoners’ releases.
    As for Heshi:- If he said he was demonstrating for Geiger Floyd, there is no way police would have arrested him.

  26. Didn’t Cuomo suspect the bill of rights? So under Dina Malchus Dina he’s allowed to arrest anyone who disagrees with him as a Mored be-malkus??? This is 2020!!! Freedom is such an old fashioned 20th century concept.

  27. Yitz: Agree that this guy is a disgusting face to project to the goiyeshe world of responsible yidden seeking to balance public health and religious rights but I wouldn’t go so far as to promote violence against him. Let the legal system proceed and see if they can sustain their burden of proof to show he incited rioting

  28. @yitz
    one who goes around and spreads a deadly disease is a Rodief, involving authorities to stop him from doing so does not make him a Musser.
    he did the right thing.

  29. why do they have to continue the chilul hashem. what they they/he did the other day, embarrassing another jew in public the way they did it was disgusting enough. he was arrested for a reason

  30. 1. This was the least violent protest I’ve seen this [secular] year. De Blasio’s Anti-American riots caused more damage than a small number of pashut yidden. The Anti-Police riots done by White Leftists and Black Supremacists may have caused over a million times more damage to property in America.

    2. You have empty shuls but crowded planes. That’s a strange double standard.

  31. To the comment saying not nice words about NY Police:
    You are out of your mind. We really do not know all of the true facts, so you can’t judge anyone.
    Also look at the bigger picture, the NY Police helped us really a lot and many many times. This one time you don’t understand why the Police did what they did.

  32. If a person masers a רודף surely he is doing the correct thing על פי תורה. Imagine a Yid breaking into your house with a weapon,are you not allowed to call the police? Are you considered a מוסר? These riots and especially intimidation and harassment towards a family where police protection is required, is that considered behaving על פי תורה? Has Boro Park sunk so low that no one says a word whilst the world looks on at the ugly scenes unfolding? It’s pure madness and anarchy and above all a massive חילל השם

  33. אנשים שרואים מישהו מפר את הוראות הבריאות וחוששים כי הוא מסכן אנשים, ומזמינים משטרה, אני תומך בהם במאת האחוזים, כי הם עושים זאת לשם שמים, המשטרה תגיע תטפל ותקנוס אם צריך, אבל זה לא יהפוך לפסטיבל הסתה נגד כלל החברה החרדית, זה בדיוק כמו ההיתר להתקשר למשטרה אם רואים גנב או שודד, מנגד לפרסם סרטון ברשתות החברתיות כדי להראות ‘הנה החרדים מפרים הוראות’, זה לא עוזר לאף אחד, ורק גורם יותר נזק

  34. Obviously I cannot judge, since I don’t know what this journalist apparently did/wrote, but it seems very wrong to me. Why should a fellow Jew be kicked and beaten because of his job? And how could someone say ‘we need to kill him’? If the Beis Hamikdash were still here, one could, almost definitely WOULD be put to death for killing another person. Why do any of us deserve to decide when we think another’s time should be ended? I hope whoever was there is reading this and maybe thinking about what they did. Yasher Koach to everyone who agrees this is wrong.

  35. To YWN: Ref.: comment “147”
    The New York Police deserves many many thanks from us.
    Please moderate the comments.
    Maybe 147 should look at the mirror and then say a comment.

  36. I don’t get this whole arrested thing all of you are talking about, isn’t this NYC? Won’t he be released on his own recognizance after filling out the appropriate paperwork by the time everyone sees these comments anyhow? I may sound sarcastic but am I actually wrong?

  37. If you shout into the faces of police without a mask on, you are lucky you weren’t tasered or shot. These police are doing their job. They weren’t the ones who decided when/how to effectuate the arrest of this idiot. They have to go back to homes where they may live with elderly or immune compromised family members.

  38. What Heshy did was wrong. If you have a problem with another Yid, talk to him. Have a meeting with him and Rabbonim. Don’t create a lawless mob and intimidate. So dangerous. I’m happy the NYPD can do something about this; it protects all of us from mobs and lynchings. That being said, I don’t like the whole Covid restrictions approach either. But what Heshy did is completely the wrong mehalech to go about it.

  39. We all know that this is an intensification of Galus. This isn’t something that we should be blaming individuals for. Yes masks, no masks, no protest, yes protest – whatever your opinion, we need to stand together in all of this. Anti-Semitism is at an all time high, from every political angle, from the conspiracy theorists, the anti-Zionists, academia, government, press. As of 2018, the most recent publicly accessible statistics, Jews faced 56.9% of all religious based hate crimes in the US at only 2% of the population (FBI). That’s 4 times the hate crimes faced by the next religious minority. Of those, 25% were attacks on identifiably religious persons. We need to come together and stop the senseless blaming and hatred. Wear your mask outside and in establishments, (even if you don’t believe – we live in an olam hafuch) and stop demonizing other Jews.

  40. for all these people who think we need some leader other than heshy (as in a more moderate toned down indidual) go ahead find someone else to lead the protests but until you find other person to lead heshy will be running the show. (i am completely avoiding discussing whether you should support heshy or not that is irrelevant the point is he will be the undisputed leader of the protests aas long as all other potential leaders don’t get involved) (there is a reason that simcha felder joined heshy cutting locks off of parks ONLY after heshy started doing it himself )

  41. @Your Friend
    Our ancestors did not protest, because it was considered treasonous; punishable by a long prison sentence or murder, often with a generous amount of “blame” endured by the rest of the community. Our issues aren’t identical to what they were then, and America affords freedoms that weren’t upheld in Europe. We are incredibly lucky to have our rights supported.
    However, I could tell you with absolute certainty that our ancestors did whatever they could under the circumstances. They didn’t just “accept the decrees as an aspect of galus” they did their hishtadlus, too. Was it the right way to go about this situation? Perhaps not. Most likely not. But no, you don’t just sit back and take it.

  42. I believe that most of us can agree on one thing, that Heshy needs a few more screws. I mean I can’t handle the fact that he believes he is doing the right thing by drawing attention to himself like that. Heshy is the last person we need out in the world walking the streets.

  43. this piece of garbage he must of been a big amm hauretz in cheder and got beaten up twice a day by his rebbes. so this stupid kornbluh nebech thinks he is taking revenge!! nebech nebech!!!