GLARING DOUBLE STANDARD: No Enforcement In Non-Jewish “Red Zone” In Brooklyn [SEE THE VIDEO]


This video below says it all.

It was taken today, October 15, on Fillmore Avenue and Marine Parkway at the Marine Park basketball court.

Zero compliance. No masks. No social distancing whatsoever.

Yet – there is no Sheriff, no Police, no DOH, no DOB, no FDNY, no media. NO ENFORCEMENT WHATSOEVER.

Is it because these are non-Jews playing in this park? Or is it because just about every single NYC inspectors is busy shutting down Shuls and Jewish-owned business?

Why during a pandemic only some communities lose their constitutionally protected rights while others don’t?

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I don’t disagree with the message. But to set the record straight this is in an orange zone. Not a red zone. One side of Fillmore is red the other orange. This can be easily verified online.

  2. Double standard is when its the exact same situation…..if you see a bunch of jews playing basketball and that gets shut down then you have something…

  3. The answer is obvious.
    When life is miserable for all, the Jews are to blame.

    Let’s not get so comfortable in Galus, and let’s start make Shalom between our friends.
    We need more Tsdekah, Torah, and helping the needy right now!!!
    Trump is not our savior.
    At this moment, it is clear that Hashem is our last resort and we must plead with all OUR hearts to him.

    The Chasom Sofer writes that this will be a good year for Klal Yisreal.
    Let’s remembrance this is all temporary and we must believe in Hashem that things will be better very soon!


    Maybe if our hearts stop focusing on politics all day, and start to love every Jew, Life would be a lot better!!!

  4. To answer the glaring question is because we are in galus and jews have become far too comfortable especially in Brooklyn. Its interesting to note why the jews of Detroit, Chicago, Texas , Passaic, Teaneck, Englewood are not being targeted. In a community such as Brooklyn where the attitude is we own the place, hashem is clearly telling them otherwise.

  5. You can thank the “Jewish” doctors, and news reporters, and everyone else who was just trying to save lives, for reporting us to the government and putting us on their radar.

  6. In order to compare apples to apples you have to show the exact same behaviour in another community getting now ticket as compared to the exact same activity in a Jewish area getting a ticket. No one in our neighbourhood is playing basketball. Are you able to find stores that are open in their neighbourhood where they are getting a ticket?

  7. Maybe we shouldn’t bring attention to this because at least the kids have the parks open now . If they haven’t thought of it let’s not bring it up

  8. “At this moment, it is clear that Hashem is our last resort” Hashem IS and WAS our ONLY resort. Sometimes we forget, and he sends a reminder.

  9. In an Orange zone, non-essential gatherings are limited to 10 people (whether indoors or outdoors). Is gathering defined as everyone inside the fence, just those actually playing?

    Either way, there should be mask enforcement because clearly there is no social distancing going on. Mask wearing is a state mandate and has nothing to do with zones.

  10. our key argument is NOT babyish ” why can he do it & not me”… rather its that the gov data is way off & school is essential everything else is noise…

  11. Its interesting to note why the jews of Detroit, Chicago, Texas , Passaic, Teaneck, Englewood are not being targeted.
    Is it possible there is more compliance there? I believe those communities are much stricter about wearing masks and social distancing. For sure the Rabbanim in those communities have implemented guidelines in there shuls and are very strict . I doubt there were any levayos or large weddings in any of those places.
    Also, they are not in NY. The states they are in are not coloring any maps.

  12. Its not the BASKETBALL. Its not the RED ZONE or ORANGE ZONE. We Jews are being targeted for being Jews. Its the obvious yet we have NO choice in the matter but to LISTEN UP AND BEHAVE as a Galus Yid should. The Torah way is to bow our heads and comply as Yakov Avinu did, but our hot heads, claiming to represent us, have put us in a deep sour mess and this will unfortunately be hard to clean up.
    We have lost today a few “teiere Yidden”. May this be a a wakeup call to us physically and emotionally. COVID isnt a joke. It kills albeit much less lethal than it was but one life is one too many.
    Lets just oblige and do our very best to restore G ds name in our Machne and may Hashem help us all.

  13. This is why many Yidden are not wearing masks. It seems to be more politics and anti semitism right now than a true health concern. Were ever you go (out of B.P. and other jewish neigborhoods) you will many non-jews without masks. People are confused and are not taking anything seriously. A lot because if the double standards we are seeing.

  14. We’re not being targeted because we’re Jews, we’re being targeted because we vote Republican. That’s why Jews who vote Democrat are being left alone.

  15. ONLY 75 Years Ago…. WOW WE FORGET QUICK.
    Are We Headed For A Prgrom… What did it take before the war to start a Progrom? A bunch of youths would start beating up yidden walking in the streets and it escalated from there. The police did not interfere during the attacks, beatings and property damage. One attack brought the next. Read the history books.
    One word from an elected official that the ‘Hassids” are to blame for the rising Covid deaths and the mobs are ready. All those youths that were rioting in Manhattan just a few weeks ago. Where are they ?? Sitting at home doing nothing. Bored… Looking for an excuse… Let’s tone down the chutzpa, before the chutzpa reaches the other side.