YWN CHALLENGE FOR CUOMO: Release The Data So We Can See Current Infection Rate!

(Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP, File)

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For the past several weeks NY Governor Cuomo has insisted that the restrictions he has imposed on Frum neighborhoods are solely based on the science and the data. On Friday morning, his health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker publicly contradicted him.

Dr. Zucker admitted that “there is no specific percentage or threshold to determine when an area should be designated as an Orange or Yellow Zone, as it is a nuanced process that takes multiple factors into account and not solely the positivity percentage.”

Translated into plain English, that means that neighborhoods with higher positivity rates than frum neighborhoods do not have the same restrictions imposed upon them by the Governor.

The Red Zone restrictions are no different. Here is what Dr. Zucker said about Governor Cuomo’s red zones:

“An area may be placed in a Red Zone if the following factors are met:

– The area is a defined geographic area (which may or may not align to geopolitical or other common geographic subdivisions, such as county, zip codes, or contiguous neighborhoods . . .

– The Department, in consultation with the local departments of health, finds that it is in the best interest of public health for the area to be placed in Red Zone status.”

What this means is that a Red Zone is whatever Governor Cuomo says it is.
(Commissioner Zucker’s declaration is HERE)

Now that we know that the new restrictions we have had imposed upon us are not driven by data or science we need to ask, what is behind them?

Yeshiva World News has a challenge for Governor Cuomo: Release the data so that we can all see what the current infection rates are. No more 14 day rolling averages. Release the actual numbers each day for each zip code. We will publicly post the data exactly as it is given to us.

We are waiting, Governor. The ball is in your court.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Posturing.

    Read the court briefs from the cases brought against the state by Aguda and the Catholic Church. The state has the discretion to make decisions regarding public health.

    File a suit under the Freedom Information Act, review all the data. But the bar is so high in second guessing the state during a public health crisis that you’re wasting your time.

    I’d suggest changing the conversation to supporting the small businesses and working families that are being crushed by this. Trying to outsmart the governor, or worse outmaneuver him politically, is blowing up in our faces.

  2. you cant see per zip code but you are able to see the daily per county result (usually with a 2 day delay covid) it used to be way easier to find the site


    it has been trending down in king county for the last week where it should have been going up since the shuls stayed open over yom tov which has not happened

  3. Coronavirus cases in Westchester are now their highest since June, 50 people now hospitalized, six deaths last week (see the article just up on Lohud). Not a word from Cuomo. No red zones, no lockdown, no fines being issued, nothing.

  4. What has to be challenged is primarily the 5G rollouts and existing legislation that continue to allow weakening of human immune system responses through governments setting liberal standards for irradiation by technology and the environment generally.

    Cellphones are a Class B carcinogen when held to the ear in particular. Look on the Health-related screen on any cellphone for sources and realize this is a highly politicized topic. Independent testing research in other counties confirm cellphones should actually be classified as Class A carcinogens.

    Wi-fi is another culprit. We have to hard-wire our internet routers and not rely on wireless connections where possible. In the USA, there is no medical classification for ‘radio-wave illness’. It is a valid ailment in Russia though, and this category of symptoms is taken more seriously in other parts of the globe as well.

    Thanks to Sigmund Freud, electricity sensitivity became considered as a psychosomatic ailment, rather than a bodily one, and is treated with psychotropic drugs, while anxieties nonetheless continue to be expressed through peoples’ nervous systems since this is how we tend to deal with electrical excesses within the body.

    In other places in the world, people are guided to stay away from electrical appliances and of course high-dissipating EMF devices. This is also why wearing masks and vaccine-therapy are also essentially empty answers.

    There are many resources that document these perspectives in contemporary books and also online.

  5. correction- the governor has discretion. reminds one of Stalin. this should not be in America. this crook will never give this up only if ordered by the courts . America wake up before it’s too late. it might already be too late.

  6. Here is the actual data that you requested – actual 7 Day COVID 19 Infection Rates Based on data from NYC DOH on 10/12 and 10/19 – don’t take my word for it check it up for yourself- this is the link https://bklyner.com/nyc-zip-code-covid-rates/

    Ozone Park in Queens (11416 zip code) Infection Rate was 19.38% as of 10/19/20
    Hunts Point in the Bronx (11474 zip code) Infection Rate was 7.53% as of 10/19/20

    Both these (non-Jewish) areas are totally open but the Jewish areas with a 7-8% Infection Rate as of 10/19/20 is totally closed down.

    Gov. Cuomo – please explain to us how there is not a double standard???

    Why is this not all over the Jewish media?

  7. Cuomo should not even be allowed to talk. He doesn’t care about health one bit. He sent all the people with covid to the nursing homes and caused many deaths. And he is trying to tell us how to keep people healthy?!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you yeshivaworld. I’ve been talking about this since this all started. The positive case rates in our communities are avarege, we are not in the highest bracket at all. The masks are not what lowers the infection rate and King Coumo cannot swallow that fact, together the fact that so many Jews hate their own brothers and sisters with such sina and they encourage and goad him and DeBlasio in their msission to destroy us. Of course these Jews are supposedly acting l’shem shomayim….

    Now I can see how sinas chinum bought the churban and how there were kapos during the Holocaust. History is repeating itself in front of our eyes.

  9. So YWN is challenging caumo?? I’m pretty sure caumo doesn’t read yeshiva world news. So not too smart YWN. You want to beat caumo just don’t listen that’s all. Your afraid of the government? Maybe read some holocaust books and see how they stood up to their “government” regarding their Torah and mitzvos and maybe you’ll get some inspiration

    Moderators Response: Whose caumo?

  10. ever since Matan Torah, every problem is the Jews’ fault. these go……. adhere strictly to the halacha Eisav sonei L’ Yakov. even the governor of NY is no different