Neturei Karta Participate in Parade Supporting Palestinian Prisoner and Suspected Terrorist [PHOTOS]


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The Committee for Palestinian Prisoners organized a parade in support of Palestinian Prisoner Maher al-Akhras who is on the 87th day of his hunger strike and has called for solidarity with sick prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Maher, who is currently in Kaplan hospital in Rehovot, was arrested in late July under the accusation that he is a member of a violent terror group. For over two and a half months,  Maher has been on a hunger strike in protest of his detention without trial by Israel.  Authorities have indicated that Maher will most likely be freed by the end of November when his administrative detention period ends.

The parade was organized in partnership with the Prisoners Club, the Committee for Families of Prisoners in the Hebron region. During the parade, Palestinian flags were waved and photos of Maher and other sick prisoners were displayed and waved. Calls for their release were chanted as were slurs against the military rule of the state.

Head of the Palestinian Authority in the Hevron district place full responsibility on Israel for the health and life of Maher and the other ill prisoners, claiming that the hunger strike has ruined his health.

Additional supporters of the protest parade joined in an “eiruv rav” fashion as members of the Neturei Karta movement joined the parade in solidarity with Maher. Members of the movement held signs supporting Maher and in solidarity with the Palestinian cause against Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It is weird and freaky to see Yerushalmis gather with Palestinians. Can they even read the Arabic on the sign they’re holding? If not, they don’t even know what they’re advocating ??!!
    Not all these freakies are wearing masks, btw.
    With this bizarre scenario, and the goings-on in Brooklyn…we are hurting ourselves!

  2. I’m not sure about what is going on here. I’m not at all a Neturei Karta fan, but this protest sounds somewhat legitimate. After watching how the Israeli gov’t treats innocent Chareidim vis-a-vis COVID-19, I find it hard to justify them detaining someone, even a Palestinian, without trial or anything (if they hate Chareidim, I hope they hate Palestinians even more). What does it mean that he’ll be released when his “administrative detention period” ends? It sounds like he’s not really a prisoner, no? If that’s the case, maybe all frum yidden should protest along side the Palestinians, not just Neturei Karta. They’re holding him with vague (and probably not acceptable, given how they treat Chareidim lately) excuses, something all citizens should find unsettling, even frightening.
    But of course, given Neturei Karma’s track record, their joining the protest is probably not for the right reasons anyway, but in this case it’s hard to condemn them…

  3. רודפים I’ll bet these guys have an album of newspaper stories and photos of themselves protesting. That is the biggest proof that they are not לשם שמים

  4. Frum where bull you are a cool aid drinking member do admit it and stop playing games
    Those that assisted the nazis Where killed and tried as traitors. These low life’s are not different how do they support themselves by being on Iran’s payroll