WATCH IT: Flatbush: Kosher Cafe In “Red Zone” Ticketed By Inspectors Interviewed By Tucker Carlson


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Mixed Greens Cafe, a Kosher restaurant in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn, was one of the hundreds of businesses in the “Red Zone” visited by inspectors this week. But Mixed Greens received a citation for having their doors open, and doing takeout ONLY – as required by regulations.

A viral video tweeted by NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch showed the manager of the restaurant arguing with the inspector over why he was being issues a summons if his doors were open.

Online viewers quickly came to the restaurant’s defense, asserting that the inspector had wrongfully issued the summons.

On Wednesday night, the owner of Mixed Greens, Jacob Green, was interviewed on Fox News by Tucker Carlson.

Green says the outpouring of support was overwhelming, with many people ordering online and patronizing the store.

Green thanked Councilman Deutsch for being instrumental in having the summons rescinded.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Does anyone know how to start some kind of movement with fundraising to start fighting back on this general approach to corona?! Micro clusters? Data being manipulated for some preconceived outcome? With so many upset, how do we join with our non Jewish neighbors and fight back?

    We need the right to choose how to protect ourselves. The government can “advise” and “educate” but thats it.

    If this doesn’t stop; they will be emboldened and start intruding on our life in a major way.

  2. This injustice is just one of many. And now that there was media attention to this establishment, it is unlikely to have similar publicity to the other victims of this anti-Semitic oppression.

    I suggest that any such occurrences should be recorded. The names and ID’s of the offending agents should be noted, and the complaints to the city agencies and our devoted politicians should be cc’d to all of our frum media plus social media. There should be consequences to such abuse.

  3. Google this clip about the Governor’s hypocritical brother, also by Tucker Carlson.

    “Tucker Carlson reveals a letter to CNN anchor @chriscuomo from the management of his New York City apartment complaining about how he refuses to wear a mask.”

  4. My next lunch ordered out will be from MIXED GREENS!
    It is my prayer that all these edicts and attacks on our community will come to an abrupt end!
    And to Mr DeBlazio, keep your apologies they’re worse than anything you’ve done in the past!
    May G-D help us survive this craziness!

  5. You must have doors and windows open and fresh air circulating. Fresh air defeats the virus. Closed rooms are not good. Ventilation was a key factor in successful countries. These clowns are becoming dangerous to health and safety now.

  6. The problem is these inspectors have no training whatsoever and even the ones who have training are having the wrong training. They have no saychil whatsoever and if you watch the videos, 95% that I can’t even speak a sentence of English correctly!

  7. n the 1960’s there was a severe water shortage in NY. I remember the signs, “Save water!”
    My brother in law lived on the lower East Side, in the same building as the Gadol Hador Rav Yosef Henkin ZTL.
    They ate together in a communal Sukkah and as a young Yeshiva bachur, he had the honor of assisting the aged Rav Henkin with Netilas Yadayim. As my brother in law was ready to pour the water on his hands, what did the Gadoil Hador say?
    “Be careful, not too much water, there’s a shortage”!