WATCH IT: Trump Releases Video Of ’60 Minutes’ Interview That he Walked Out Of


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President Donald Trump followed through on his threat, or promise, to release video of his interview with CBS News journalist Leslie Stahl before it is set to air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night.

Trump was interviewed by Stahl at the White House on Tuesday, but abruptly ended the interview after 45 minutes, declining to participate in a scheduled walk-and-talk that would have included vice president Mike Pence as well. Later that day, he said on Twitter said that he was “considering” posting the White House’s copy of the video interview, “so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about.”

On Thursday, Trump tweeted a link to about 37 minutes of the interview after CBS earlier Thursday released segments that it said occurred right before the president abruptly ended the discussion.

“You’re so negative,” Trump said. “You just come in here with this negative attitude.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This woman is soooooo kvetchy and annoying. The chip on her shoulder is so huge I don’t know how she fit through the doors of the White House?? What a nasty , lying, woman!! Why does the president do this???

  2. Poor Leslie, like a train parrot she comes with the same question gain and again hoping to get an answer she can use for out of context editing into her “report”. She is too dumb for Trump.

  3. Does the Trumkopf really believe this interview will help him with “suburban women”??? He only reinforces his will deserved reputation as a narcissistic, bullying and not especially empathic candidate. Yes, he can pivot and attack better than other politician in modern times but that may be his only “strength”.
    Watch when Lelie Stahl ask 5 different times “where is the new Trump health plan” you have been promising for 3 years. Each time he deflects with either non-answers or variations of ” we WILL do something great” or “we killed the Obamacare individual mandate” but never explains his plan. At least HHS Secretary Azar earlier this week when pressed, finally acknowledged that there “is no comprehensive health plan”, or at least none that the WH has shared with the Secretary of Health. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was slightly less candid when he said “we’re still working on it” but refused to say who was working on it, what it will include and when it will be released.

  4. What does Trump think people will see when they watch it? All I see is a whiny baby who tries to work the ref and bend the interview to his agenda and when that doesn’t work, he takes his toys and goes home. Someone please hand him a warm bottle and send him to bed.

  5. What a stupid and dishonest woman. After debunking Russian Collusion Hoax, after AG Horowitz Report, after discredited Steele dossier, after declassified documents and testimonies proving the whole thing was DNC and Hillary conspiracy she still claims that she doubts Obamagate which is the biggest political scandal of the history of US was real. She is ether a liar or stupid or both.This is CBC 60 minutes of lies.

  6. Why was Trump upset when she asked serious questions? No actual journalist would ask questions like Hannity does on Fox network or Chanel Rion on OANN. There is no “Obamagate”. A GOP Senate committee found no evidence of any wrongdoing. Trump believes if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it. He has no plan to replace the Affordable Care Act if it’s struck down by the Supreme Court in November so those with pre existing conditions will be without insurance. After 4 years he has not put forth his fantastic healthcare plan.

  7. I have listened to many Trump interviews including the first debate where I felt trump did himself a disservice by the way he answered. In this interview I can’t believe this lady is a professional. From the beginning of the interview she sounded like some nudnick at a town hall meeting.