BASEMENT JOE: Trump Doing 3 Rallies Today, As Biden Stays Home – Just One Week From Election


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The November election is just about one week away, but Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has no campaign events scheduled on Monday, even as President Trump heads to Pennsylvania looking to erase the former vice president’s lead.

Trump’s back-to-back rallies in Allentown, Lititz and Martinsburg, Pa., come just eight days before the Nov. 3 election.

Trump is slated to travel to Pennsylvania this morning for three campaign rallies. The president will kick off the day with remarks on the American workers at a rally in Allentown. From there, Trump will head to Lititz — population 9,369 — for his second rally of the day, which is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. EST.

Trump will conclude the spree of rallies in Martinsburg, about two hours west of Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania is a crucial battleground state that Trump narrowly won in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. But an average of polls from RealClearPolitics shows Biden with a 5.1 percentage-point lead.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. Hey there Mr. Trump, just cuz you’ve got the energy!! Don’t make fun of the old man who needs a nap! He simply hasn’t got the energy! Let him sleep!

  2. Remember the term Typhoid Mary?

    Now we have Trump the Super Spreader, bringing the Corona Virus to his rally attendees.
    Total disregard for human health.

  3. Sleepy Joe should stay permanently in his basement for ever & ever:- Unless of-course he wishes to be locked up with Hillary in Prison, which would be a great environment for these 2 miscreants, and in case they would be lonely in prison, of-course they should be joined by the other miscreant Obama.

  4. And if you were Biden at an advanced age and marginally ahead in the polls in most key states, why would you go out and do big rallies that will obviously put people at risk. He is doing fine using the limited number of appearances and doesn’t want to end up in Walter Reed. The Trumpkopf obviously is in a full panic mode and running around the country screaming about “hoaxes”, “lock him/her up” and “turning the circle” on covid (whatever that means). His Chief-of Staff Meadows, now admits we have “lost the battle” to restrict the spread of the virus and only hopes we can keep the body count as low as possible.
    Stay in the basement Joe and listen to your Frank Sinatra albums and let the Trumpkopf do his “YMCA dance”.

  5. Fakehadorah, one of the reasons senile “10% Big Guy” Bursima Joe is hidden in the basement is to spare him from daily embarrassing gaffes . One day poor Joe thinks he is running for US Senate, another day he thinks he is running against George Bush.

  6. I don’t care if you are Democrat and all (and I do understand party loyalty) but it is totally ludicrous to be voting for the Commander in Chief job, for someone that is senile and most of the time doesn’t know: where he is , what he is running for or who he is running against. Plus all the corrupt dealing of his (using Hunter as the front)
    There is a reason huge amounts of money are being put into his campaign – the powers that be know he is totally controlled buy his funders.

  7. REMEMBER: Its not Joe, its Kamala Evil AntiSemite Harris who will gain office once Biden is proven incompetent. AND THEN THIS COUNTRY WILL REALLY HAVE IT WITH ANTIFA, BLM, AND ALL UNRULY MOB ANARCHISTS RUNNING RAMPANT.


  8. To 147: I am curious. Were you chanting “Lock her [Hillary] up” when Trump was first elected? And why would anyone chant it now, after 4 years? Does it occur to you that maybe there is no legal basis for locking up Hillary? I personally think there probably is, but she is good at covering her tracks, statutes of limitation may have run, and Trump is terrible at running a Justice Department.