PHILLY NIGHT TWO: 1,000 BLM Rioters Loot Walmart, Target, Dollar General And More [VIDEOS]


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A second night of unrest in Philadelphia took place Tuesday night over the police shooting death of a Black man, as 1,000 looters began targeting businesses, police said.

Looters ransacked a Foot Locker, Rite Aid and other retail stores. At least one vehicle was set on fire.

The Philadelphia Police Department warned people to avoid the Port Richmond area where at least 1,000 looters were ransacking businesses that included a Burlington Coat Factory, Target and Dollar General.

Videos posted to social media showed people running out of a Walmart with clothes, electronics and other merchandise. Some showed stores in disarray as looters grabbed various items from shelves and left. One person was seen hauling away what appeared to be a washing machine.


  1. These violent thugs HATE law and order, they HATE this country, and they HATE all humanity. They should just make a huge bonfire and jump right in and be done with all this virulent hatred and killing.

  2. How can one argue that their lives matter if no one else’s lives matter! A bad person with a long rap sheet of arrests for crimes pulled a knife and was taken out by those who are charged with protecting us citizens and the response by those who want us to agree with their cause is to burn cars and loot stores if innocent people! Why should their lives matter if ours don’t!!

  3. BLM is a racist organization and the blacks themselves are acting like lawless hoodlums. How can anyone have respect for a black person if they act this way?

    I feel bad for them that their culture is so morally bankrupt that they are happy to riot (meaning to steal and destroy property) at the touch of a feather dropping.
    If the blacks want equality, act like the whites and stop the culture of rioting, looting and stealing.

  4. I would understand perfectly well, if they ransacked every police precinct in America, and burned every police car in America, but what have Walmart, Target, Dollar General got to do with this police shooting? To the best of my knowledge, these companies never endorsed police shooting black people. Where is the מידה כנגד מידה?

  5. Did they not read last weeks Parshat Noach about Gezel (hamas) and what happened afterwards, but that does not pertain to Bnai Cham i guess. What Yichos. Disgusting .

  6. Until we designate riots as domestic terror and recommend lethal force, this savagery will continue. I wish the politicians who support this terror to become victims of it.

  7. How ironic it will be that the Trump supporters will be shocked that we will have another 4 years of this law and order when Trump is re-elected.

    We need a president who hasn’t crossed off his list of Americans anyone who did not vote for him.

    We need a president who hasn’t crossed off of his list of Americans the 1000 people who will catch covid19 today and die in a month.

  8. This reminds the cat and mouse story. A cat was being thought to eat with a knife and fork but at the test when it saw a mouse, all its teachings disappeared going after its instincts, after the mouse. Similarly, when an opportunity comes to loot, all civility flies out the window.

  9. Dear BLM’S
    IF BLACK LIVES MATTER….WHY ARE YOU PUSHING THE AGENDA THAT BLACK DEATHS MATTER???? Stop promoting it by not instigating violent and armed crime!

  10. That was not a riot. That was Biden’s elections rally. Political analysts wonder why Biden attracts so few people to his rallies compared to tens of thousands at Trump’s rallies, this one proves them wrong.