AUDIO: Satmar Rebbe Slams Recent Protests In Boro Park

File image of the Satmar Rebbe

Yesterday, The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Hagaon HaRav Aaron Teitelbaum addressed the Boro Park community, where he slammed the recent protests that were held in the community.

“We don’t make any protests in the streets. And you are not permitted to make protests in the streets. This doesn’t accomplish any good, and only does the opposite!”, the Rebbe stated.

“Yidden are in Galus. We have to know we are in Galus. We must to continue learning Torah, but not to make any protests in the street Chalila!”

“Praise unto the person who doesn’t follow in the ways of the evil.”

The Rebbe stressed that Limud Hatorah must continue at all costs, and ended his speech by saying that it is his Tefillah and Bracha that the restrictions will be lifted very soon, and we will be able to go on with our lives.

Listen to the audio clip below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Remind me again, please, is this the same Rebbe that was protesting in the streets of Manhattan against the Israeli government???? So, it is only prohibited when it is against something you don’t believe in, otherwise it is OK. Sort of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. No better than the liberal politicians!!! – video from the satmar protest in NYC

    Moderators Note: No. It’s not the same rebbe.

  2. With all due respect, it’s a bigger problem in golus to drive the latest model expensive cars, build very large houses and mansions and live ostentatiously. And being quiet about the discrimination against us makes the haters bolder. We do need to speak out and expose the hypocrisy. People can have different opinions, but if you’re using golus as a reason to say we should be quiet then I say living lavishly and building huge condos in previously suburban areas causes much more hatred against us.

  3. Not clear at all!!

    For the past 50 years Isn’t Satmar at the forefront of almost all the Jewish protests throughout the world??!!

    So why is the Satmar Rebbe suddenly twisting things around?!

  4. For many years this has been the position of Satmar.
    People forgot it because it has not been stressed enough recently.
    I am glad to see that it is being brought back to the forefront.

  5. Of course you are only allowed to protest against a country inhabited by almost seven million Jews and is called EretzYisroel ,not only are you allowed to protest,but allowed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly in disseminating vicious anti Israel propaganda and telling the world Jews have no sovereign rights to the land of Israel.
    (Its an organization called Nutrina,supported and funded 100% by both Satmar factions)
    And of course,when the Israeli P.M was here a few years ago begging congress not to let Obama make his murderous deal with Iran,then it was perfectly alright to write letters to all the N.Y. congressmen that frum Jews support the President and we are loyal citizens to the country we live in.
    Yeshiva world published that letter back at that time ,you can do a google search

  6. Moderates: that may not be him in the video. But he supports certain marches in NYC and many marches in EY.

    So he should be one of the last to denounce others who decide to protest differently from him.

    PS Grada, I’m against the protest too, but I’m against all protests and I’m man enough to say that I simply don’t know which is right/wrong. But for someone who does support crazy protests, to come out and say this, is hypocritical.

  7. The issue of demonstrations in a democracy has been debated for years before this Rebbe was born. There is no clear and singular opinion from a large spectrum of Gedoli Yisroel that Yiden should not exercise their legal rights given to them in a democracy. He is entitled to his view and so are other Gedoli Yisroel. Ironically, and contrary to the Rebbe’s current stance, Satmar Rebbes in the past have practiced demonstrating. There is another issue here that was also a strong debate in the past. That is should Jews fight back when being attacked by their enemies. The famous Jewish uprising in Ghetto Warshaw during world war 2 as an example. (Though admittedly an extreme one, especially compared to silly inspectors…)

  8. He should be condemning the BLM protests and all the looting that goes with it.
    Until he gets his priorities correct, stay out of this mess.
    He should instead focus on studying & teaching הלכות יום-העצמאות ויום-ירושלים

  9. It was the position of all gedolai torah of all ages that the way to deal with the anti-Semitism is by anything other then CHUTZPAH.

    Chutzpah, against anti-Semites never solved the problem of anti-Semitism.

  10. Satmar often protested against the Zionost state and their acts against the torah.

    Satmar never protested against Goyim and/or any nation. It’s actually one of the oaths that “Sh’lo Yimredu B’Umos… (Kesubos 111)

  11. Why doesn’t he say WEAR MASKS? Where in the Torah does it say a jew / a chasidishe yid can’t wear a mask. This one thing that makes us stand out from everyone else. I know all the excuses. But none of these excuses will be able to explain why we have to stick out like a sore thumb. In addition, do we need non jews or jews saying because of our actions they were forced to close their business. JUST WEAR A MASK.

  12. Let me get this straight. . Satmar frequently protests against the Zionists in Manhattan and Washington. The Admor also does not call out the massive and often violent protests in Israel that happen on a regular basis by Haredim including his followers . Yet now he says that “you are not permitted to make protests in the streets. This doesn’t accomplish any good, and only does the opposite!”,? If protests truly do not work then why has Satmar invested so heavily in this tactic ? The protesters in Boro park who turned on fires are a bunch of bochurim who likely learned this “art” from the Satmar Affiliated kanoim in meah shearim. But he only sees fit to call out Boro Park?!!

  13. I’m not getting why some people are confused. The rebbe said not to make “meheemos” in the street, i.e. wild unorganized protests, but if it’s llegal and properly organized that’s something else

  14. The Gemorah said (Kesubos 111) when Hashem sent us to Goles, he made us swear to him three things, and one is that we will not fight against another nation.

    That means that the whole idea from when Israel started till today, which had included a lot of fighting with Goiyem, was against Hashem. Therefore, A yid should be protesting on other Jew who are doing something against the Torah (and that is what Satmar protesting against Israel was all about) vs. protesting against Goyim will be a sin the same as the Israelis are doing, which is fighting with Goyim.

    This is what he said clearly, that we are not allowed to fight with the Goyim as long we are in Goles.

  15. Some facts here for all of you
    This rebbe called the people protesting in Israel without dass Torah, sukrikim.
    Protesting against a secular government is the problem in galus, and when a Jewish government is stopping us from learning, is when he organized a protest, which looked very different to the one in bp.
    And please listen to the audio before you comment, ywn didn’t translate the whole thing.