FIGHTING BACK: Senator Lindsey Graham To Trump: “DON’T CONCEDE” [VIDEO]


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Senator Lindsey Graham backed him President trump on Fox News this Sunday morning with Maria Bartiromo.

Graham appeared on Fox – which has called the election for Joe Biden – to say, “This is a contested election, the media doesn’t decide who becomes president. If they did you’d never have a Republican president forever, so we’re discounting them.”

“If Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there’ll never be another Republican president elected again.”

He concluded the interview by declaring, “Trump has not lost. Do not concede, Mr. President, fight hard.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We absolutely concur with you Senator Lindsey Graham!!
    President Donald Trump was duly reelected, and Biden & his wicked cohorts stole an election which they did not win by legitimate ballots.

  2. right, do not concede, but only if you can present proof of voter fraud.
    and even that is not enough. The only thing to stop the democrats is to open criminal investigations into each documented case of voter fraud, bring charges, take it to trial, and convict. Nothing less will dismantle this crime syndicate.

  3. I hear him! I fear that the stakes are not on his nor is momentum. Sadly he gained a reputation to blow things out of proportion and truths are not his thing either. So when there is a real wolf and this time there is, his claims of fraud simply will not grip even though they are true – like the boy who cried wolf. When the wolf really did come, no none believed him anymore! This election was really robbed from him. But, he must remember, the country is tired of his shenanigans and they’re not throwing him any line!

  4. as long as he doesn’t have to participate in the headache of all the lawsuits and court injunctions that trump team has to deal with its easy to give encouragement moish chizukstein

  5. This is all about raising money to pay down their debt. Embarrassing. Trump says the media can’t call election but he also said he wanted election called the day of election. Who did he think would have called the election on election day? Many of the close states did not start counting mail in votes till the next day. If they were allowed to begin counting the mail in votes which are legal votes, many of which were cast and received before Nov. 3, on Tuesday evening Biden would be leading.

  6. I totally agree with him. A huge percentage of mail-in ballots were fraudelent and that’ precisely why the Democrats fought tooth and nail to allow absentee ballots because they knew they will never win with legal votes as is most likely with in-person voters. But even so, not having to present ID is utterly ridiculous. Voting is a legal process and voters shuld show ID to prove eligibility.

  7. Can the unnamed publisher of this website stop with the “fighting back” nonsense? No one is fighting anything. As one Republican called it, these lawsuits are “tweets with filing fees.” They’re all being thrown out. What Rudy and the other D-list attorneys are ranting about is not what’s written in the lawsuits.
    Rudy: There were not election observers!
    Judge: Were there election observers? The whole thing is being broadcast, we see them standing there.
    Trump lawyers: Yes, there are election observers.
    They don’t allege any facts… because there are no facts to allege! If you’re going to claim there are 40,000 “fraudulent” votes in Pennsylvania then you have to say what’s fraudulent about them and how you know THOSE specific 40,000 are invalid.
    Actual Republican election lawyers (Ben Ginsburg, etc.) have called this nonsense and worse.
    There are real systemic problems with the election system. Systems vary widely by state and county. Large population centers are underfunded leading to long lines. There is no automatic, universal registration. There is poor system for keeping up with where voters have moved. Many states want to make it as hard as possible to vote, treating it like a privilege rather than a right.
    Do you know why Republicans will never win another national election (they lost 7 out of 8 of the last popular votes for president)? Because Republicans have no ideas to run on and no solutions. They are doing everything to appeal to Trump’s 40% base, and nothing to bring the rest of the country into the fold. Their policies disgust most Americans and are counterintuitive to their own political fortunes. 60% of Americans support a woman’s right to choose. More than 60% support allowing gay marriage. More than 60% support some form of universal healthcare. More than 60% support a $15 minimum wage. More than 70% support DACA. More than 90% support universal background checks on gun sales. Try winning votes in the forum of ideas rather than trying as best you can to prevent people from being able to vote at all.

  8. @OrechDin
    there is no “forum” of ideas. The ideas you mentioned are the leftist progressivist “achievements” of this century and are antithetical to the Torah values. Another problem with your post is that it’s no 60/40, it’s about 50/50 and it does not take much to flip. The satanic left has had great successes while standing on the shoulders of their progressive fore-bearers such as FDR. One of the reasons for this pitiful state we are in was a change in immigration law that favored 3rd world immigrants over europeans. The academia played a role as well and there are many other reasons. The bottom line is that the majority in this country stands for moral depravity has very little to do with a “forum” of ideas, rather it has to do with taivas and lowest desires such coveting the wealth that this country had ammassed, etc.

  9. Your adulation of Trump is Avodah Zara. He is only a shaliach. Obviously Hashem decided that it’s time for him to go. Why are you holding onto him by force? Let him go! Embrace the new guy that Hashem has sent our way.