COVID BRAINSTORM FROM AOC: Government “Needs To Pay Everyone To Stay Home”


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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., suggested Thursday that the U.S. “pay people to stay home” to curb the spread of coronavirus.

“To get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home,” she tweeted.

Fellow Socialist “Squad” member Anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., had another suggestion: “We need to send every American a check until this crisis is over.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. She is asking that congress approve the same measures they did in March.
    Is that a brainstorm? Or Radical?

    People are still out of work and need money to live.

  2. My husband and I are ready to redirect our tax dollars for her to stay home and not further jeopardize the liberties and rights of all Americans.

  3. You mean like Canada UK, France and practically ever other country which has the decency to help their citizens get through this virus healthfully and financially??

  4. Why put words in her mouth? She did not say everyone. People having the virus must be encouraged to stay home not to infect others but they cannot affkrd it.

  5. We need to send this rabies infected Marxist sewer rat to a insane asylum for the criminally insane,on second thought she is already inside an insane asylum called the house of representative presided by that demented alzheimer diseased DemonRat Nancy Pelosi

  6. I’ve been staying home for months, as my company has shifted to remote operations and I work from home. I’ll take a check from the government, no sweat, AOC. Thanks!

  7. I have even better suggestion:- You 2 girls join sleepy Joe in his Delaware basement & stay put there for ever, & let President Donald Trump who was duly reelected, continue his wonderful work.

  8. She was beyond stupid before getting elected. Some may have expected her to get educated on the job. By now, at least a little saichel might have gotten in by osmosis. Sadly, she hasn’t moved an iota in IQ. She is ineducable. I find it puzzling how she managed as a bartender with so little intellect.

  9. She is right. People shouldn’t need to endanger others in order to earn a living. Money can always be paid back dead people cant be brought back to life. If only the so called right to life crowd would care about the elderly and infirm.

  10. Putting aside your (unnamed editor of this website) disgusting lies and partisan hackery, what is wrong with this plan? This is exactly what Trump and Republicans were doing in March. This is what should have been done universally from the beginning. A short term 2-4 week shutdown and lockdown to eliminate the virus, while making sure people and businesses have money to survive. No 19% unemployment. No 30% drop in GDP. Everything is paused.

    This is what I dont get about you (unnamed editor)… half your articles decry the mass deaths from COVID in your tiny part of the Jewish world and herald doctors and rabbis that encourage safe practices. And the other half condemn as anti-semites and communists anyone that actually has a policy of demanding those very same safe practices. Why the double-standard? Is it the source? If Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (that’s her name, not AOC) said that Jews should spend more time learning Torah and be strict about Shabbat observance would you condemn her as an anti-semite?

  11. A stopped clock is right 2x a day and this is a rare case where she is right. Shutting down the entire economy for a month would kill the pandemic.

  12. Does this proposal include doctors, nurses, hospitals workers, your beloved abortion clinic staff, police, firefighters, sanitation workers, transit workers, educators, food vendors, pharmacies. If not, then this half-baked hair brained idea just isn’t fair to these working stiffs who won’t get paid to loaf around. AOC its time to pour yourself another drink.

  13. I think she should take the same pay she is recommending for everyone else. For the duration she recommends people stay home, she should stay home too. She should not take a paycheck for that time, only the amount being sent to everyone else. This goes for all politicians who call for businesses to shut down. They should stay home too and their paychecks should be cancelled for as long as they keep businesses shut down.

  14. 1. IF Covid19 was a serious threat to public health (for people under retirement age), such as Ebola or Smallpox or Bubonic Plague, this would be a very good idea. As it is the government is destroying the livelihoods and assets of much of the population through its unwise policies. A capitalist approach would have the government pay people to stay home (though to make this meaningful, those who choose to go to work need to be allowed to go).

    2. There is no way to enforce this.

    3. It would not be inflationary since people couldn’t spend the money (remember that for this to be effective essential businesses need to be closed, so no way to spend the money – and decreased demand results in lower prices).

  15. “This is exactly what Trump and Republicans were doing in March. ”

    Actually that is NOT what Trump and the Republicans did. Trump wanted to re-open at the peak of the pandemic and most Republican governors never did lock down. North Dakota now has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world because its Republican governor refuses to enforce restrictions and Trump has endorsed allowing the virus to spread unchecked.

    Fortunately in 61 days the nightmare ends.

  16. “That’s a capitalist notion”

    Which is why it is a good idea. But Trump and the Trump cult is opposed to free market capitalism. They want the entire economy to be under the direct dictate of the Dear Leader. That is precisely how Mussolini ran Italy, except that while Mussolini hired people who knew how to get trains to run on time Trump hires incompetents like his son in law and Scott Atlas.

  17. @CharlieHall a.k.a. Mr. Fakenews Drunkard, excuse my language, but where do you get your info from?

    “North Dakota now has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world”

    According to the liberal NYT, New York has a 1.5x higher death rate than North Dakota per capita (the death per case disparity is even higher).

    Gut Shabbos, and don’t drink and drive!!!

  18. @LamdanLLC

    The source is the Federation of American Scientists.

    Easily found online in about 10 seconds by simply searching “North Dakota COVID” .

    You could have searched for that yourself in the time you spent insulting @CharlieHall

  19. Reb Eliezer- She did not say “only sick people”. Her tweet as posted in this article reads “ To get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.” Not sure where you see her intentions clearer than the author of this article.
    And her fellow Rishanta Ilhan Omar ימ״ש wrote we need to send “every American” a check.

  20. The only money the gov’t. has is the taxes that the citizens pay to it. Where is it all going to come from? I am not staying home and don’t pay me to do so.