GET PAID TO SNITCH: New Bill Would Pay New Yorkers To Rat Out Illegal Parkers


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A new bill in the City Council would pay people to rat out drivers who park illegally.

Council Member Stephen Levin, of Brooklyn, said the measure would give someone a cut of the fine if the illegal parker is found guilty.

If someone reports a driver parking illegally in bike lanes, bus lanes, crosswalks or sidewalks they’d get $25 from the fine, which the bill would raise from $115 to $175.

“Placard abuse remains a scourge on our city streets despite repeated efforts to bring it to an end,” NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson said Thursday in a tweet. “This new bill would give New Yorkers the power end placard abuse through real time crowdsourced reporting and appropriately harsh penalties.”

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. Boro Park, beware. This will make the discussions about moisers and Covid-19 look like kids games. At last people will be able to earn great incomes in Boro Park. Will the rewards be tax free? Will you have to declare “reward” income when applying for Section 8 or food stamps?

  2. This is an attempt to go after cops who have easy access to placards that allow them to park in spots us lowlife citizens are not allowed to park in. This is not intended for someone to call in and snitch on their neighbor who didnt move their car for alternate side. That will come after a couple of years that this level of ratting on neighbors becomes “the norm”.

  3. If I snitch on a black, does that make me a racist? If I snitch on a homosexual, does that make me a homophobe? If I snitch on a Muslim, does that make me an Islamophobe? We would need to hear from the Thought Police first. I think the councilman had in mind, Whitey. With President Harris coming in, this is meant to be another way to beat down and punish the middle class WHITE male.