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Satmar Thanks Rabid Anti-Semite For Offering To Pay $15,000 Fine For Secret Wedding

A Satmar twitter account @HQSatmar (“Satmar Headquarters”) tweeted their thanks to an individual for offering to pay the $15,000 fine given to them after making their “secret wedding” in Williamsburg.

The Tweet reads “THANK YOU! Our Congregation appreciates the gracious gesture of @TruNews of donating $15k to pay the harsh fine imposed on our Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmar by @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio which discriminated against #ReligiousFreedom & Liberties.”

The issue is, the individual offering to pay the fine is a rabid anti-Semite named Rick Wiles.

Wiles has been saying vile anti-Semitic things for years. He gained national attention during the Trump impeachment hearings when he said that “Jews are deceivers” who will “do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” while arguing that the effort to impeach Trump constituted a “Jew coup.”

“That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country, they kill millions.”

No reason was given why Satmar “graciously” accepted this evil mans donation.

Here is the video of Wiles giving his donation, followed by an anti-Semitic video rant by Wiles.

Another individual named Joel Fischer, who identifies himself as a “community leader” also heaped praise an this anti-Semite.

“On behalf of the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY. We’re thankful for @TruNews of donating $15k to pay the harsh fine imposed by disgraced @NYCMayor. Freedom will prevail,” tweeted Ficsher

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yiddishe Kapos in Aushwitz and other concentration camps accepted favors from the Nazis yemach shemoi. They acting the same way. My goodness!

  2. I would take the money too. Satmar is trying to show that even the Jew haters believe that deblazio and caumo are out of line. That’s why you take the money so you can make this point in public. We all know satmar doesn’t need the money. So it’s not the money it’s the principle

  3. you have no problem putting up photo shopped pics from satmar descending from a plane from years ago
    it cost much more for you to have apic of satmar holding your check

  4. 2 things:
    They don’t know who this guy is.
    He’s giving the money to prove that Jews only care about money, and to show he’s happy if they C”V kill themselves by continuing this behavior because he wants less Jews in the world.

  5. Dear editor : Would you please stop your hate and smear campaign against Satmar or any other fellow Yid ? Enough is enough !

  6. You have to excuse the Satmars as they have no knowledge of who Rick Wiles is and since they don’t use the internet there is no way they could have learned of his statements.
    Wiles statement is the first time I’ve ever heard that when the Jews take over a country the kill millions of people. Perhaps the beneficiaries of his gift can ask Mr Wiles what country the Jews have taken over and when the Jews killed millions of people.

  7. yaakov doe – Yea RIGHT! They don’t use the Internet LOLOL.
    Ummmm…. they thanked this nazi on a satmar TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!

    Get a grip buddy.
    They are just as wired up (if not more) than you are.


  8. Seeming chilul H’ plain and simple. These chasunahs cost in the hundreds of thousands, they couldn’t come up with 15 thousand of their own money!? Collect two bucks from each of the prospective attendees.

  9. To the ehrliche CR posters who say the poor Satmar are ignorant of who Rick Wiles is because they don’t use the internet, please tell me you rocket scientists, how do they send emails or tweet their thanks and appreciation for the donation? Do they use messenger pigeons wearing furry little shtreimlach?? Those who planned the original chilul hashem (aka “wedding”) showed their stupidity and recklesness. Accepting this “donation” from one of the most vile anti-semites in America is beyond belief and reinforces why their is so much contempt here for the Satmar.

  10. Satmar does not have a Twitter account.


    Fake news.

    And the YWN is only too happy for an opportunity to bash Satmar.

    Shame on you!

  11. Hello happy people! Someone is succeeding in sowing the seeds of machlokess between people. I have nothing for Satmar but they are entitled to some respect. Before believing everything from everyone, look at the pictures. That creep has different hair length and color, from one video to the next. Then one day he is with a beard, but when he conducts the previous interview he doesn’t. Then when he claims to have given the cheque the beard has gone again! Is it a stick on beard that you buy from the Purim costume store? Then the Rebbe hanging on to the cheque. Did he really do that? Somebody is up to no good and the whole story is a scam to cause hatred. Vehazaidim MEHEYRO yikoraisu. If they are taken away quickly, they cannot continue causing trouble.

  12. Unfortunately, he has facts to back him up.
    Chuck Schumer, the democrat who helped lead the impeachment is Jewish.
    Bernie Sanders, who is a leader in the democrat socialist movement is Jewish.

    They might not be “amisecha” from a religious Jew’s perspective, but the secular world doesn’t discriminate between different types of Jews.

  13. I have to say you people are pathetic. All of you. Do you think they won’t check it out? You people are also pathetic it’s disgusting,

  14. Hhm. This is interesting. Perhaps the realization of the abuse of power through covid, makes people realize we need eachother to stand up against it; as it can eventually impact everyone….As they say, my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  15. This is not an official twitter account from the kehila just a random ליידיגייער, who already did a lot of damage with his stupid tweets.

  16. Yaapchik, next time you need to call hatzolah, or use Bikur Cholim, don’t contact them, they were founded by Satmar chasidim

  17. satmar twitter, is a private guy ,who tweets what he wants he’s laughing with 15G do u think for one minute he asked satmar gaboim they run institutions in the 100’s of mil annually .

  18. If you think you’re better than Satmar, now is your chance!!! Hit the comments and say how you are better because you worship anti-Semitic sports players.
    I don’t think anyone believes that Satmar supports anti-Semitism, and everyone realizes that Satmar doesn’t take a vote of it’s 100,000+ members before that one random person sends out a bizarre tweet, so why all the sensationalism?

  19. Very interesting. YWN calls this man a Jew hater, yet he clearly stated in his video, and is putting his money where his mouth is, that he is paying their fine to stand behind “Christians, Jews and Muslims” so they can pray.

    That doesn’t sound like Jew hatred. That sounds like decency.

    Perhaps if Jews would dissociate themselves from “liberal Jews” who are JINOs, Jews in-name only, and would similarly dissociate themselves from Zionism, which is literally at-Jewish to its core, perhaps then the gentiles would better understand that Judaism is the Torah, with which they have no problem, and not the liberal assault on humanity by some JINOs.

  20. How on Earth can some people here label this gentile a Nazi when he just paid a $15K fine ON BEHALF OF a shul, as opposed to the Nazis who DESTROYED shuls?

  21. the Satmar community hereby wishes to express it’s deepest gratitude to Agudas Yisroel and to Rabbi Ch. D. Zweibel and the entire legal team for their superb effort and success on behalf of tbe entire Frum community. We wish them success in all their endeavors.
    Rabbi Moshe D Niederman
    UJO of Willamsburg

  22. To all commenters PLEASE do not make a Goy angrier than we all know he already is. Why the headline?? It’s just making it worse. Clearly, he has said things in the past that you don’t agree with but waving it in his face won’t help matters. On the contrary, it might stir his wrath even more. No need to strengthen this. We all know “esav soneh lyaakov”. When he does something that upsets you, anti-semite, when he does something nice (albeit with ulterior motives), anti- semite again. It just isn’t necessary.

  23. It’s laughable that people think that Twitter account is actually managed by Satmar. Someone opened and decided to call it Satmar HQ it could be me!

  24. It seems to be a serious problem of Loshon HaRa and machlokes to disparage a whole community like this. Will everyone please cool it?

  25. Again, the guy is obviously not a “rabid anti-semite” if he just paid $15K on behalf of a shul. The obvious answer to the seeming contradiction between the two videos you posted is that he was addressing JINOs in the “Jew coup” video, not real Jews.

    It just illustrates how unfortunate it is that some Jews have allowed JINOs and Zionists to hijack and totally misrepresent what is a Jew.

  26. STOP THE NONSENSE HATE AGAINST SATMAR!!!!! does anyone see anything that satmar is accepting the money??? or even said thanks??? the twitter account hqSatmar is a personal twitter account not representing anyone of cong’ yetev lev!!!

  27. If you want to criticize the Satmar community for a Twitter massage sent by @HQSatmar you claim the wrong people…..
    @HQSatmar have no authority in the Satmar community but it looks like they do on social media platforms, rather Satmar Congregation leaders do not have any official social media account.

  28. and by the way is there any ISSER to take money of an anti semite? i think that mostly holocaust survivers did take the vidergutmachung money from the natzis… didn’t yidden take the money all the years from all the pritzim and officials that even killed jews for their anti semitisem?? but to compare it to take money of the tzyoinm is wrong when there is a ISSER to take money of jewish apikorsim!!! but again there is no any official statement or comment from satmar about this money i just like to see how all the haters are jumping up when they see the word satmar (just like the anti samites when they see the word jews) with all their hate and nonsense without looking into it…..

  29. @hakatan I agree with you one hundred percent how can you call him a natzi if he’s is giving money to Shul as opposed to destroying it?

  30. First of all, we all know that Satmar will take money from whoever gives it.

    Second of all, it’s not really a סתירה anyway. This person hates the liberal Jews, and with good reason. He gave the money to Satmar specifically because they stood up against the liberals. So I don’t really see an issue here.

  31. @HQSatmar has as much ownership of Satmer as I do of BMG in Lakewood. ZERO PERCENT!!!
    What a joke, Fake News at it’s best (or worst).

  32. Yomam valayla
    You are 100% correct. He means jews like
    Chuck Schumer, the democrat who helped lead the impeachment, and
    Bernie Sanders, who is a leader in the democrat socialist movement and nebach nebach all the others like them. Its very clear that he meant them.

  33. Will the YWN apologise for slandering a community like this?

    Or will they continue with their sloppy journalism, and cheap sensationalism?

  34. I just listened to an hour of Zev Brenner’s interview with Rick Wiles and I’m still shaking my head trying to figure out what could Zev possibly have been thinking when he made the decision to give this rabid anti-Semite an hour of free publicity? Yes, its important to expose the vile hatred he espouses. But instead, he gave Wiles a global podium to expand on his prior conspiracy theories and add some new ones (aka the Mosad collaborated with Jeffrey Epstein, Jewish genocide against Palestinians, the Israeli assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist was a deliberate effort to start a nuclear war in the mid-East etc. ). Worse, at least half of the callers claimed to be yidden who supported Wiles’ conspiracy theories. Zev may have meant well but he should have shut down the interview after the first several minutes. This was totally crazy

  35. I took a look at this guy’s website (TruNews) and, as suspected, it is not a news channel, but a vehicle for the promotion of extreme evangelical Christian material (Christianity being the “New Zion”, etc.). These people have one agenda in mind and one only, and that is to advance the idea that Judaism (and Islam for that matter) is obsolete, and that one day all “correct thinking” people will be converted to Chrisitanity.

    Anything this man or his movement appears to say or do for the good of Yidden in the mean time is pure deception, and we should be calling it out, not lapping it up.

    With all due respect to my friends in Satmar all of whom are wonderful individuals.

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